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My name is Dusty!
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New Zealand
3 years 9 months old, Adult
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Dusty is 3-year-old New Zealand who is the total package: funny, sweet, smart, spunky, and terrific at binkies. He is an independent, cool guy but loves to hang out with his foster family and other pets. He was rescued from a huge hoarding case with hundreds of other rabbits housed outside in horrendous conditions. He has been with foster homes for a long while learning to trust. He is no longer a nameless number in a cage but a star. Dusty is available for adoption to a loving, quiet home where he can free roam.

What is a REW?
REW ("red-eyed white" or "ruby-eyed white") rabbits are white rabbits with eyes lacking in pigment. The lack of pigment makes their pupils appear red.

What breed is a REW?
REW refers to any white rabbit with red eyes. Some rabbits may be born as a white rabbit with red eyes just through genetics. There are, however, two breeds of white rabbits commonly raised for meat that appear in the rescue. These are Florida White and New Zealand rabbits. Florida White rabbits can be around 5 lbs but New Zealands can weigh over 10 lbs.

What's so great about REWs?
REW bunnies are among the smartest rabbit breeds. They can be taught tricks, learn their own name and commands, and are very fast learners. In addition to their shining personalities, REWs also do not get the same ear and dental issues that are common in fancy rabbit breeds. If that wasn't enough, REWs are also among the cleanest rabbits and are typically very diligent with their litter box habits.

If they are so great, then why are there so many REW bunnies in the rescue?
There are a few reasons. REWs are often raised as food and are either dumped as strays by people who didn't realize how much work it was or can escape captivity. Another reason is because REWs also remain in the rescue longer since they are perceived to be not as "cute" and appealing as other breeds. Despite their glowing personalities, we have had REWs stay in the rescue for several years.

Think this rabbit may be a good fit for your single bun? Our rescue also offers bonding services for eligible single bunnies.

Not sure if a rabbit is right for your home? Fostering is a great way to learn about rabbit care or see if a particular rabbit is a good fit for you. We provide the materials and education; just contact us!

If you’re looking for proper rabbit supplies or would like to donate an item check out this list:


Southwest Florida House Rabbit Rescue

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Jennifer Macbeth
Naples, FL 33928

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We will ask you to fill out an adoption application and have an initial phone interview. We will then set up a time for you to meet some rabbits that might be a good fit for your family, home, and lifestyle. We will request photos of the space within your home where the rabbit will reside and arrange for a short home visit where one of our volunteers will provide a Bunny 101 training. This sets you up for success with your new rabbit friend! Rabbits are not a low maintenance pet and require a 10-14 year commitment. When given the proper environment, they are quiet, fun, and very loving. They make great companions!

You'll notice most of our rabbits are adopted as bonded pairs. Rabbits are highly social and need companionship to keep them healthy and from getting lonely. As human companions, we can only offer them so much. We find having two rabbits is not any more work than one and they are tons of fun to watch together as well! Our adoption fee is $80 for a single or $130 for a bonded pair. All our rabbits are spayed/neutered and litter box trained.

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We do not have a shelter but instead operate out of numerous fosters home in the Southwest Florida area and beyond. We can arrange a day for you to visit one of our homes to meet several rabbits of interest to you.

More about this rescue

Southwest Florida House Rabbit Rescue was founded to bring "Respect for Rabbits.” We strive to elevate the status of domestic rabbits in our society to the level of other indoor companion animals. Our rescue works with local animal services, community members, and rescue partners to rescue rabbits from abuse, neglect, hoarding, and abandonment. We are dedicated to saving the lives of domestic rabbits through exceptional education, advocacy, and adoption. Come support our mission to help these furry friends find a loving home!

We offer comfortable boarding, stress-free bonding, personalized bunny consultations for behavioral issues, and Bunny 101 training for current and aspiring owners. Contact us for fees and more information.

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