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My name is Polly!
I'm being cared for by
Miller's Rescue

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Domestic Shorthair
12 years 6 months old, Adult
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My story

Beautiful 11 year-old short haired black tortoiseshell polydactyl cat available for adoption!  This striking lady’s name is Polly – derived from the noun polydactyl which is a physical anamoly which allowed her to have extra toes – or we like to call them ‘mittens’ as she has thumbs on her hands. Some people call these types of cats ‘Hemingway cats’ as Ernst Hemingway owned several and many of their descendents still live on his preserved property in Key West, FL.  Polly has been cared for very well throughout her life, is spayed, and up to date on all of her shots.  She is a very sweet cat that likes to sit perched up on the bed or the couch and enjoy the view out a window or nap all day. She likes to meow and show her love, but enjoys her own space.  She would be best in a home without a lot of action, a home without children, and an owner who can show appreciation from afar as she is an independent cat and not a cuddler – although she does love to knead her front paws on her owner and lay next to them.  Her current owners two rambunctious boys in the home and Polly would like a calm environment to enjoy with a nice owner who can spend time around her  

Polly is a courtesy post and not apart of our rescue.


Miller's Rescue

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Charlotte, NC 28211

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Our fees are $50-$150 depending of the age of the kitty and the amount of vetting. Most of our adult kitties are $50, most of our kittens are $125-$150, which includes all shots, microchip and spay/neuter. We will send you an application, once approved, we will schedule a playdate with the animal. We do require a home visit. The animal then goes on trial for a couple weeks to a month. We want to make sure the animal is a good fit for your family. Even after the trial period if you can not keep the animal at anytime we will take them back into our program.

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We are a foster home based rescued. Therefore, the majority of our animals are in peoples homes. This is perfect for adopters who have very specific needs on the animal they adopt. We know our animals well, and what types of homes we feel they will thrive best.

More about this rescue

We specialize in healthy, fiv+ kitties. But do have other kitties in our program as well. Fiv is an immune deficiency which kitties get from fighting. Usually unneutered males fighting for territory, food sources and females. Once fixed and loved and fed daily the need to fight for these things disappears. Most of our fiv+ kitties are fostered with other non fiv kitties, and proven to be friendly. There are lots of myths and misinformation about fiv. To simply it, an fiv kitty is a kitty with a lower immune system. If they get hurt or sick it could take them longer to heal. Fiv does not cause disease, it is a secondary issue of how your kitty will react to primary issue. Most fiv kitties die from geriatric issues without any more vet care than other kitties. Here are some links to learn more about fiv