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My name is Charlie Kelly!

Posted over 2 years ago | Updated over 2 years ago

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Domestic Shorthair
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My story

Playful, Inquisitive, humorous and quiet. He is always interested in what is going on, and prefers that you not leave him alone in a room. He was found as a stray and named Charlie Kelly by his finders. They were not able to keep the little guy and they could not find an owner. We agreed to take him into our rescue. We had him to the vet for his shots and to be neutered. He got a microchip and was dewormed too. He is all polished up and ready for a forever home! He is photogenic and fun. He loves people and has learned to get on with the dogs really well. He does ok with most of the other foster kitties... but he wont put up with anyone bullying him. He gives it right back... and we feel he may have a bit of a dominant streak. He is generally very well behaved. He does sometimes get really excited and gets TOO rough with his play so he would not be a good match for young children. He could certainly be taught to be more gentle, and these little outbursts are not a regular thing. We feel he would prefer to be in a home with just one or two other pets. He is not particularly happy about his fellow foster cats. He feels a bit overwhelmed and prefers to have his humans all to himself. It is noteworthy that his tail seems to have been closed in a very heavy door and damaged (this injury was healed by the time we met him). There is a square crook in his beautiful puffy tail. You can almost see how the door closed onto it. He can be sensitive about it and we just respect his wishes that his tail be left alone. Somehow this adorable cat is still not adopted. We plan to start taking him to adoption events... as soon as someone meets him, they will see how cool he is. He would really be a nice companion for morning coffee and some nice music. He would probably pad along behind you everywhere you went and watch over your every move like a proper little helper should. I give it a week... you will NEVER let go of him. I am not only the director of the rescue, I am also Charlie's foster mom. I am speaking from a place of total adoration when I tell you that this cat has so much charisma and personality ... we feel like he deserves a middle name too! That said... please fell FREE to change his name. He does not seem to know his name is Charlie... although it is fun calling him Charlie Kelly, his namesake is a character in the show "Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia". If you look at a couple clips of this show/character, you will see a rather haphazard, sometimes unkempt, free spirited weirdo who plays opposite of Danny DeVito! It really is an accurate comparison to our own Charlie the Cat. It is not uncommon to hear soft meows and then see a little white arm slide under the door, blindly reaching around. He then gives up and languishes there for some time... hoping his guilt trip will buy him passage! lolIf you have read this far... something tells me you might want to meet this kid. I always tell people to follow their hearts. If you are thinking he sounds like a perfect companion for you, we suggest you reach out to us. We have updated his profile and if he goes to the adoption event this weekend, we cannot imagine he wont catch someone's eye! He is going to be a really great friend to the person that opens their life to him for the next 20 years. Are you interested in meeting Charlie? Connect with us by phone or email and lets get your application started!Last Updated 02/09/2021


Quality of Life Rehab & Foster Inc

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Ocala, FL 34475

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If you are interested in adopting one of our fur-babies, just drop us an email or give us a call.
We can set up a meet and greet for you and see how it goes.
Typically, our adoption fees are as follows:
Kittens: $150
Cats: $100
Special needs cat: $200
Large Dogs: $150
Small dogs/puppies: $250
Special needs dog $200 - $300

***Adoption fees can vary on a case by case basis. Most commonly, special needs animals or purebred animals carry higher adoption fees. This is done in an effort to discourage those that may be "adopting on impulse".

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Our available pets are fostered in a network of loving foster homes. We do not have a brick-and-mortar presence in the community, at this time. Foster homes are the magic behind what we do.
We are not a shelter. We are a foster-based rescue and outreach. We foster a small number of various species within a network of approved foster homes. We do our best not to take on so many as to affect the quality of life of those we care for (or our permanent residents/pets).

We happily offer to create adoption profiles for fostered pets and ask anyone who has a pet in need of placement give us time to find them suitable housing. We cannot help your pet if you have waited until the final hour to find it a home. We need time (where you "foster" your own pet) to search for a suitable forever home.

More about this rescue

Quality of Life Rehab and foster is a grass roots effort to increase the quality of life for all animals. We are especially concerned for those susceptible to entering our shelter systems and those abandoned or injured by run-ins with man. We believe it is very important to remember that an animal's quality of life must be put before it's quantity of life.

We also try to indirectly improve the quality of animals' lives by providing community outreach through education, foster, resourcing, and hands on rescue. Our rescue effort was founded in our own humble home. It has, since, grown to include dozens of foster families!

We are often unable to accept new animals simply because we are at capacity, as are our fosters. However, that doesn't mean we won't help you find a home for your rescued animal or pet. We are happy to assist anyone willing to foster their own animal with adoption coordination and pet publicity.

We will pick up injured or orphaned wildlife and care for it until it can be taken to licensed wildlife rehabilitators. We gladly perform snake (and reptile) removal (we LOVE reptiles) and they are NEVER harmed. Any indigenous animals we remove are relocated to an area that suits them.

We will also help with the TNR (sterilization) of feral cat populations in limited capacity. This is made possible through of Sheltering Hands, Ocala, FL.

*Quality of Life Rehab & Foster is a 501 (c)3 tax exempt public charity.