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My name is Poppet!

Posted over 2 years ago | Updated over 7 months ago

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Adoption fee: $250.00

This helps Quality of Life Rehab & Foster Inc with pet care costs.

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Domestic Shorthair
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My story

Here's what the humans have to say about me:

Do you believe in kismet? Do you have lots of spare time on your hands? Do you enjoy caring for others? If you answered yes to those three questions... then perhaps you have been led here. Poppet is such a special cat. She was rescued as a very small kitten from behind a furniture store. She had been severely injured somehow... her back broken and since healed. She ran so fast, despite her broken back. We were fortunate to capture her. She has undergone a great deal of rehabilitation and physical therapy. She has also been going for acupuncture and laser therapy for much of her time with us. She has had the love and devotion of several wonderful foster moms and she even has her own wheelchair. Poppet is a perfect little cuddle buddy. She is the cutest little "forever kitten" you ever care to meet. She is playful and brave. She is curious and smart. Determined and Unhindered. This kitten is a true inspiration and we dont know why she is not instafamous yet! Poppet really is amazing! We feel it is only fair to mention the daily care that she needs, so anyone that may feel interested in adopting her will know what kind of questions to ask :) Poppet is paraplegic, but has regained a great many of her faculties. She now eliminates her own bladder, though she sometimes need some help getting it completely empty (this helps prevent bladder infection). She will usually poop when you put a diaper on her... but you do have to do this periodically so you do not miss the opportunity. She will eventually poop even if a diaper isnt involved. She can climb just about anything and is far from disabled. She is growing up in foster care and that is sad. We all love her a great deal and she is OUR little celebrity... but we also want to see her finally bond with a mom (or dad) of her very own. A true caretaker. A forever companion. Someone that has the patience and capability to tend to her special needs. Though she may not be disabled... Poppet needs nursing care, even in its most modest form. She needs a caregiver ... she needs to be someone's little baby. If she does not have this level of care, her quality of life will decline. She deserves nothing less than a good quality of life. Her ideal mom (or dad) will understand this, as well. So we ask this kismet? Is Poppet looking for YOU?

Quality of Life Rehab & Foster Inc

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Ocala, FL 34475

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If approved, we will schedule a meet and greet. This is also usually the actual adoption. At that point, an Adoption Agreement is signed.

Additional adoption info

If you are interested in adopting one of our fur-babies, just drop us an email or give us a call.
We can set up a meet and greet for you and see how it goes.
Typically, our adoption fees are as follows:
Kittens: $150
Cats: $100
Special needs cat: $200
Large Dogs: $150
Small dogs/puppies: $250
Special needs dog $200 - $300

***Adoption fees can vary on a case by case basis. Most commonly, special needs animals or purebred animals carry higher adoption fees. This is done in an effort to discourage those that may be "adopting on impulse".

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Our available pets are fostered in a network of loving foster homes. We do not have a brick-and-mortar presence in the community, at this time. Foster homes are the magic behind what we do.
We are not a shelter. We are a foster-based rescue and outreach. We foster a small number of various species within a network of approved foster homes. We do our best not to take on so many as to affect the quality of life of those we care for (or our permanent residents/pets).

We happily offer to create adoption profiles for fostered pets and ask anyone who has a pet in need of placement give us time to find them suitable housing. We cannot help your pet if you have waited until the final hour to find it a home. We need time (where you "foster" your own pet) to search for a suitable forever home.

More about this rescue

Quality of Life Rehab and foster is a grass roots effort to increase the quality of life for all animals. We are especially concerned for those susceptible to entering our shelter systems and those abandoned or injured by run-ins with man. We believe it is very important to remember that an animal's quality of life must be put before it's quantity of life.

We also try to indirectly improve the quality of animals' lives by providing community outreach through education, foster, resourcing, and hands on rescue. Our rescue effort was founded in our own humble home. It has, since, grown to include dozens of foster families!

We are often unable to accept new animals simply because we are at capacity, as are our fosters. However, that doesn't mean we won't help you find a home for your rescued animal or pet. We are happy to assist anyone willing to foster their own animal with adoption coordination and pet publicity.

We will pick up injured or orphaned wildlife and care for it until it can be taken to licensed wildlife rehabilitators. We gladly perform snake (and reptile) removal (we LOVE reptiles) and they are NEVER harmed. Any indigenous animals we remove are relocated to an area that suits them.

We will also help with the TNR (sterilization) of feral cat populations in limited capacity. This is made possible through of Sheltering Hands, Ocala, FL.

*Quality of Life Rehab & Foster is a 501 (c)3 tax exempt public charity.