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Meet the crew of guineas we have for adoption! We currently have single adult males and some bonded pairs. If you are adopting a single male to pair with another boar, please be prepared to have 2 separate cages. Before inquiring, please do some basic research to make sure you have room and time for a guinea. Make sure you understand dietary needs as well. Guineas are considered “exotic” pets, and not all vets will take them. Vetting can be needed unexpectedly and can be expensive. Guineas should not be the sole responsibility of a young child. We are more than happy to help if you have questions!

Before adopting, you will need to provide pictures of your set up. There is an adoption fee as well. We only adopt to adults. Please don’t have your child text us. If you are interested in meeting and adopting one of our piggies, please text us at (702)366-6391.

Lenny- This big friendly guy loves nose scritches and fresh greens! He was surrendered when his family couldn’t care for him anymore. He’s not a huge fan of being picked up, but once he is he doesn’t mind some cuddles. He seems open to meeting a Guinea friend. We think he’s 2-3 years old.

Apollo- Apollo is a big handsome guy that was surrendered when his dad got deployed overseas. Apollo is extra shy with humans, but seems open to meeting other guinea friends. He wouldn’t be a great choice for a family with young children, as he’s an introvert, and prefers to not being handled (though he’s okay for a bit with a confident adult). He’s also picky about his produce- his favorites are leafy green lettuce and cilantro. He’s about 3 years old.

Teller- Teller has been with us for about a year. He is very shy and takes a bit to warm up. Teller has coarse hair and would be good for someone with allergies. He’s Abyssinian. He seems open to meeting other friendly male guineas, but has been bullied in the past, so it may take time. Teller doesn’t like you to watch him eat- but he loves lettuce, cilantro, carrots and bell peppers. He’s about 2-3 years old.

Vanilla Ice- Vanilla Ice is a young male that is very shy and skittish with humans but has a big attitude with other guineas. He’s our smallest. He was surrendered with a pregnant female who has since had her babies and all were adopted. He does prefer to be caged next to another guinea or guineas.

Theo- Theo is our biggest boy, probably 3-4 years old. He’s got lots of attitude as well and can be a nipper when you are tidying his cage. He loves to be held and kissed though! He also loves to have his nose rubbed and will close his eyes in pleasure. Theo is a super handsome, blonde and white Abyssinian. Theo is just now learning to eat veggies as he tricked his last family into only giving him fruit.

Peach and Daisy- Peach and Daisy are skinny pigs (hairless). They are a year and 4 months old. Both girls are shy at first, but once they get to know you will come eat from your hand and come to the side of the cage to greet you. Skinny pigs eat much more, and therefore poop much more, so keep that in mind. Research skinny pig care prior to inquiring.

Regan and Cordelia- These sweet Aby sisters are almost 3 weeks old. Unfortunately their mom was cages with their dad after she gave birth to them, so she will need to stay with us longer to ensure she isn’t pregnant again. We would like to keep these girls a few more weeks- but you may submit interest if you are willing to wait!

Jo, Molly and Macy- Jo (mom) gave birth at the local shelter. We accepted them into rescue. Molly and Macy are 2 weeks old. We would like to keep this trio together, but would be open to a pair. They are shy but enjoy salad time and snuggling together.

Truffle and Snow- Truffle came into rescue with an upper respiratory infection. He was the runt and was very thin as well. After vet care and some good food he is healthy- though definitely a small guy. He’s extremely sweet and has a great personality. Snow came from the shelter after his litter mates were bullying him. He recovered well from his injuries (just superficial) and we decided to try bonding him with Truffle. The two hit it off right away! Truffle has become the leader of the duo. Snow is more shy, but having a friend has made him much happier.

A Home 4 Spot

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Diana England
Las Vegas, NV 89143

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Please contact the number on each bio of the animal you are interested in meeting. Please do not call our rescue's main contact number. Each dog/cat is in an in home foster care. You must contact the foster parent directly to start the adoption process.
There is an adoption fee
There is an adoption contract
There is a home inspection done.

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Adoption Events every Saturday 12 till 3.. Petsmart 2140 N Rainbow & Lake Mead.

Please check our website for up to date adoption events at

To Volunteer for A Home 4 Spot, complete volunteer form at

To Become a Foster for A Home 4 Spot, complete foster application at

More about this rescue

A Home 4 Spot is comprised of many volunteers throughout Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas and other outlining areas that take in abused, neglected, medical needs and at risk dogs in their homes to start the rehabilitation process to heal our dogs inside out. Our objective is simple in that we treat, socialize and re-home dogs to homes that we closely evaluate making sure that each dog continues to thrive in their new home.
We have open our very own thrift store so people can donate slightly used items so we can spruce them up a bit, recondition and then resale them to the public which in return gives us the ability to help more dogs. Because of the decline in our economy, these last few years have been extremely hard for charities like ourselves and we have really seen the affects. We hate to turn any dog away and would love to save them all so any amount whether it be $1.00 to $100.00, helps us maintain our goal to eventually help self sustain our costs and eventually grow our rescue to its biggest potential possible.
More times than not, we will help a family who simply cannot afford medical treatment on a dog. Our referral system and our contacts give us the ability to reasonably help a family take care of their dog's financial needs and in the event that they cannot, we have never turned a dog away in need.
We offer other services such as training, medical care and education to the public. Our training just doesn't involve the dogs, but the humans associated with the dogs. If we can help an owner find a solution to keep their pet and it is in the best interest for the pet to stay with the owner, than we work closely with these individuals and formulate plans to achieve this. Sometimes it is just as simple as the food they eat and sometimes it involves getting in trainers to work closely with the dogs to encourage socialization, acceptable behavior in public and the home.
Each volunteer that we accept into A Home 4 Spot is given an application to fill out on our website, and is required to receive periodic home checks as well as each volunteer must agree to transport the animal to the vet care facility as needed and attend at least two adoption events a month If for some reason this is not able to happen for reasons unseen, we have other volunteers that can help with transport and handle the dog during the events. The goal is to provide a safe, warm home with lots of love to reverse the dog’s outlook on life.
Every weekend we hold events, mostly at PetSmart at 2140 n Rainbow. We do provide food and the basic care items for our dogs so volunteers have the tools to successfully care for the placed dog in their home. Because we are a non-profit, we rely on fundraising and charity donations to help us with the biggest expense, our medical. Typically, our medical runs about $ 4000.00 plus a month. We provide all the shots, microchip, and the spay or neuter plus any additional treatment needed. Our typical adoption fees range from $275.00 upward to $600.00. This really just depends on the dog's medical needs, the age of the dog, the training needed and of course the breed of the dog. When we reference breed of the dog, it is simply because we encourage people to understand that certain dogs are extremely high maintenance and require more than just routine care so an increase in the adoption cost gives us somewhat of a guideline that this family could afford the needs of the dog with less chance of a return or a "dump".
Every family considering adopting a dog goes through a complete thorough process. It begins with a search on our site or maybe they have seen one of our dogs at an event or a blast on social media. They can inquire many ways. One would be via email, another by phone and lastly they can also attend our events to meet and greet the dog they are drawn too. We have a very thorough application process that includes a rather lengthy questionnaire, a thorough home check and sometimes several visits and/or play dates. We are in absolutely no hurry to ever place any of our dogs, in fact we believe that finding the right fit for all parties concerned might take more than just a meet and greet and home check. Because of this, our return rate is extremely lower than per say establishments such as kill shelters. Our volunteers area given the right tools to help them determine whether or not the home is the perfect match. Even though our efforts are valiant in this process, we still receive from time to time dogs back into the rescue and we are proud to say that we keep the commitment to the families we adopt out too as well as continue our relationship with them forever.