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My name is Mikey!

I'm being cared for by
Lucky Dog Animal Rescue

Facts about me

Labrador Retriever/Labrador Retriever
(When grown) Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
Pet ID

My info

Small red x Not good with kids
Small blue checkmark Good with dogs
Small red x Not good with cats
Small blue checkmark Shots current
Small blue checkmark Spayed / Neutered

My story

Please contact Kady Hammer ( for more information about this pet.Thank god I'm a country boy!



Name: Mikey    Best Guess for Breed: Lab mix


Best Guess for Age: 4 years as of March 2023      SEX:  Male


Approximate Weight: 64 lbs.


Gets Along With:  Mikey lives with other dogs of all sizes and does very well. He would do best in a home with no cats or young kids as he likes to jump to say hello and lives life to smother you with affection -- big smiles and tongue out.


Currently Living at:  DC area foster home.


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Your Life with Mikey:

You get home. His tail goes thump thump thump as he eagerly awaits his favorite thing in the world: You. You open his crate. He jumps out and shows you how happy he is to see you. 

You change into your gym shoes and open the door to your fenced backyard. He goes out, sniffs around and does his business, then has a little romp. He sees you walk up with a basketball and he jumps around ecstatically - it’s time to play basketball! He loves basketball! You can see in those videos how much he loves it. 

After a game where you think he probably could beat you if he had opposable thumbs, you two go back in. He lumbers over to his crate to chill while you whip up dinner for everyone. 

After dinner is the best part. Mikey looks at you with adoring eyes as he galumphs up, turns around, and plops down on your lap. It doesn’t matter that he’s 64 pounds. In his vision of himself, he is a svelte boy no bigger than a Pomeranian, and a human lap is his destiny. 

You look down at him - well, maybe up at him when he’s on your lap. And you go “Aw I love you, you big lug.”

See, Mikey is one of those awesome dogs with a simple outlook on life. He loves his spot (his crate or lying on a rug at your feet). He loves running around in a fenced yard. And he loves beyond all belief - he completely adores - his humans. 

Because he loves people so much and has no clue how big he is, he needs to go to a home where the humans are of an appropriate size and sturdiness to handle him happily plonking down on them. Small children and delicate individuals are not the ideal fit for an onslaught of Mikey-love. He currently lives in a foster home where there are many dogs, including a 12-pound dachshund, so it’s hard to blame him for looking at that one daintily perching on human laps and thinking “me too!”

Being a simple dog, he’s also one of those with unshakable dog logic. In his case, Mikey finds wheels scary. So he prefers to run around a nice fenced backyard rather than encounter bicycles, skateboards, and other wheeled items on walks. He rides in a car just fine - it’s just those other wheels. You know. Dog logic. 

Mikey is such a sweetie, such an incredibly loyal companion to his humans. Since he thrives running around a big fenced backyard, his family wouldn’t be walking him. He is also terrific in his crate and relishes being in there, so managing him while he’s in the house isn’t complicated. Giving him all the pets and rubs and scratches he demands, that’s definitely work. But the payoff is wonderful. Having a big, super affectionate, simple minded (uncomplicated) dog is an amazing experience - that true unconditional love.


What do you say? Can Mikey give all he has to offer to you?

Lucky Dog cannot guarantee any dog is housebroken.  All of our dogs are working on their crate training. 

TO ADOPT:   The adoption fee for this dog is $460, which includes the cost of routine vetting, including vaccinations and spay/neuter.  If you are interested in adopting, please complete the Adoption Questionnaire online at

Lucky Dog Animal Rescue does our best to provide accurate information about the dogs we have for adoption. That said, we cannot make any guarantees about age, breed or temperament.

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June 1, 2023, 1:11 pm

Lucky Dog Animal Rescue

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Washington, DC 20007

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The adoption process begins when you submit an adoption application either online or at an adoption event. The individual responsible for the dog you are interested in adopting - a position we call the “adoption coordinator” - will then set up a time to discuss your application over the telephone. The adoption coordinator will check your vet reference to make sure all current and past pets were kept up-to-date with their shots and medical care. The adoption coordinator will also set up a home visit with one of our trained volunteers. That individual will come to your home to ensure that it is a safe environment, to confirm that everyone in the home is on board with adopting a dog, and to discuss any other questions you may have about dog adoption!

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Lucky Dog Animal Rescue is a group of highly motivated and highly dedicated volunteers. We spend countless hours making sure that wonderful dogs find loving forever homes. We don't do it for money -- we do it for the joy a dog can bring to its new family; we do it for our love of animals; and we do it to save lives!