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Posted over 2 years ago | Updated 17 hours ago

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Great Pyrenees/Shepherd (Unknown Type)
White - with Red, Golden, Orange or Chestnut
X-Large 101 lbs (46 kg) or more (when grown)
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Here's what the humans have to say about me:

You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.

8/14/23 Update: Zoe's mobility has greatly declined over the last several months. It started with moving slower & less eager to get out for her several walks throughout the day. More recently, Zoe has began stumbling while walking and even not being able to get up once she lays down. Her back end (and now her front) just doesn't work like it used to. She has also had accidents in her living quarters, which is very unlike her. We have been doing our best to manage her comfort levels and have adjusted & added several pain medications for our sweet Zoe girl. We know her age is quickly catching up with her so we are beginning our search for a Hospice Care home. Ensuring Zoe is as comfortable as possible and that her pain is being managed are two of our main priorities right now. If you are able to povide a comfortable home for Zoe to live out her final days, please reach out.

Zoe was found as a stray in Missouri and put into a city pound.  There was no shelter in that area to take Zoe in, so when her time was up in the pound she was transferred to Safe Haven. The vet in Missouri had guessed Zoe to be a Great Pyrenees - commonly used as a 'Livestock Guardian Dog' or LGD. Turns out, she is actually a Central Asian Shepherd!

The Central Asian Shepherd was first developed in Russia several thousands of years ago.  This breed is commonly bred to be a Livestock Guardian Dog, similiar to the Great Pyrenees, and would guard the livestock flocks from large predators, such as bears and wolves.  The Central Asian Shepherd Dogs have their ears and tails docked when young, because they often fight off wolves while protecting their livestock - so having their ears and tails docked, protect these dogs from having a predator attack and bite their ears and tail. 

Central Asian Shepherds are known to be large, powerful, intense and fearless - and therefore are not suitable for first-time dog owners.  They are an intelligent and independent breed, which can prove difficult to train. Possible owners should be experienced and firm, and Zoe's forever home should also be prepared for her to be protective of those she loves and wary of strangers.  Zoe will do best with a large fenced in yard so she can safely get exercise, or perhaps even a farm home where she may enjoy a chance at guarding livestock. Her exposure to livestock is unknown, but it's possible she could be trained to guard. She enjoys patrolling our yars and alerts to any perceived threats.

Our vet estimates Zoe to be approx 6 years old and she tips the scale at 100 pounds.

Zoe was briefly adopted by a loving couple, and she bonded very quickly with the male in the home.  This bond did cause a problem as Zoe's protective tendencies came out toward his wife, including two minor bite incidents - and even though they both loved Zoe, they did decide it was best to return her to Safe Haven before anything serious happened.  Since returning to Safe Haven we have noticed Zoe does not like to have humans down in her face or standing over her  - she does seem to feel threatened in those situations - so any possible adopter must be aware and understand how important it is to avoid placing Zoe in these situations.  

This big girl is a very unique rescue dog, that we hope can find a home suited to keep her safe and happy - and a home that has experience with Livestock Guardian Dogs is required for Zoe. 

Visit this organization's web site to see any additional information available about this pet.
February 27, 2024, 7:32 pm
Safe Haven of Iowa County

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Pet ID
2783 Highway 6 Trail, South Amana, IA 52334

Their adoption process

Additional adoption info

It is the policy of Safe Haven of Iowa County that all animals adopted from our facility will be spayed or neutered upon adoption, or the adopter will sign a spay/neuter agreement and follow up with veterinary records once the operation has been complete for puppies and kittens. We firmly believe that controlling the animal population is the only way to reduce the population of animals in rescue facilities such as ours and those shelters that do destroy animals for no reason other than overpopulation.

It is our policy that adoptions are conducted a minimum of 24 hours after your initial visit with the animal and submission of the adoption application. This allows us time to call your references, perform home inspection as well as giving you the opportunity to sleep on your decision and make sure it is what you really want.

Compare the adoption fees below with the routine animal health care and spay / neuter costs you would have to pay. Without the generous help of the local veterinarians we would never be able to include such services at this fee.

We have the right to refuse ANY adoption for ANY reason.

Dogs & Puppies: Adoption fees include spaying or neutering (if under 4 months a voucher is provided for surgery at one of our participating veterinarians), heartworm test, distemper, rabies, worming, ear cleaning, flea control if needed.

Fee: $200.00

Cats & Kittens: Adoption fees include spaying or neutering (if under 4 months a voucher is provided for surgery at one of our participating veterinarians), FeLv and FIV testing, distemper, rabies and worming, ear cleaning, and flea control if needed.

Fee: $50.00

All puppies and kittens adopted without spay/neuter completed will have a contract stating the animals will be altered by the time it is 6 months old. Follow up calls will be made to confirm completion of surgery.

Adoption application

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Call for an apt. 319-622-7387

Mailing Address:

PO Box 444
Williamsburg, IA 52361

More about this rescue

Our Mission
Safe Haven of Iowa County is a rescue organization whose mission is to rescue, protect, spay/neuter and find good homes for stray animals in Iowa County, Iowa. We strive to offer the best in traditional veterinary care with relationships built with local veternarians and, whenever possible, holistic health care for sick and injured animals in our care.
While sheltering homeless pets is vitally important, Safe Haven of Iowa County also understands that pet shelters are not a solution to the nations overpopulation problem. It is essential that we:

-Teach respect for living things

-Reinforce the bond between humans and animals

-advocate for and help provide assistance to large scale spay and nuetering programs

-Teach and model responsible pet ownership

These are all things that will help us in our effort to stop the needless killing of cats and dogs in our shelters and pounds.

We ask that our community understand that while we pamper and care for our pets they are all still missing the most important thing in their life...a loving home and family of thier own.