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My name is SOOKIE "Sue Bear"!

I'm being cared for by
RescueConnect NC

Facts about me

Domestic Longhair
Black (All)
2 years 11 months old, Young
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My info

Small blue checkmark Good with dogs
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My story

Hello! I am Sookie but my nickname is "Sue Bear" because my coat is like a bear and because I like to be up on the top of a tall cat tree or in my snuggly hidden bear den. What's not like a bear about me? I like to be brushed!! My foster will send my brush with you and you can adopt me!

Sookie began as shy shy kitty but now loves be petted from head to tail. Ideal situation will include a patient home with a secured screened in or glass porch. She's positively most at ease when she's able to access views of her surroundings. And loves to be brushed. Although she's being fostered in a home with an old senior dog and with adult cats, Sookie's shyness was never towards the other animals. She just needed an adjustment period to get used to people. She gave a hiss sound in her first few days of fostering and might behave similarly in her first few days in a new home. Beyond that, she's got such a soft hair quality and the biggest sweet eyes. Likes Noisy toys, like crinkly balls. Loves, loves a window view especially if birds, squirrels, or neighborhood kids are in sight! YouTube videos of live feeds of aquariums, bird feeders, squirrels and dog rescue cams of puppies have been provided to Sookie when humans are not at home. Butt scratches are first means for gaining Sookie's trust. She eats treats from hands. She likes to sniff hands first before petting time and gradually Sookie comes around for co-sleeping now, which was a lovely accomplishment!

Sookie tested negative (for FIV/FeLV/, Heartworms). She enjoys room to roam in her house, especially at night. She is not a sleep disrupter. Although Sookie was once difficult to pick up for holding, she is doing very well with changing that behavior. She quickly integrated sweetly and politely with other cats. She is encountering an old dog, not in a close up way, but in a "I see you and can navigate around you way". And best of all, she is getting very good at being petted. Sookie liked to keep her feet planted firmly on the ground, or on on a nice tall cat tree, until she trusts you. Pet her head to tail now and scratch her butt; she likes it after making slow acquaintances. Since almost the beginning of foster home life time in April of 2020, she shows cute ways of making progress in her friendliness. She has benefited a lot from learning how to take treats from a hand. Her enjoyment of treats and hand feeding for treats is definitely a tip for their forever person to know. Sookie sometimes day naps under a bed. She looks for same nooks, but luckily she doesn't seem to be expressly looking to hide away. So she had gained territory in her foster home and she looks to other cats for confidence. So while she will begin in a new environment as a shy cat, she definitely is deserving of a home and will ease into a good home life once she finds her person. In time she would learn to rely on another cat if is one in her new house. But in any event, she will make progress with her person or people, but, no doubt, she will present as very shy at the start of her next new experience. She navigates at night time for fun freedom in the house without any interruption to sleep or to other pets. She likes to take off into a run so quickly that she wrinkles up house rugs and rearrange her toys during peaceful times like the night. Microchipped, triple tested negative, vaccinated. And beautiful. Sookie has a sweet face and is quiet and gentle. She is a joy to pet, so soft and when she starts to love you, she will sleep right next to you. But this love you will have to earn, so please be a patient person for Sookie who is most commonly affectionately called Sue Bear or Susu. In fact, those Sookie is her given name, the nicknames are what she hears the most.

RescueConnect NC

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Ava Werstlein
Wilmington, NC 28409

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Once the adoption application is received, a home visit will be set up. If that goes well and is approved, then a vet check is completed (if the applicant has recently owned an animal, if not, two professional references will be required). Once both of those are approved, then the adoption fee will need to be paid.

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We are dedicated to improving the lives of abused, abandoned, and homeless animals by aiding in their journey to a better life. RescueConnect also encourages and educates individuals to keep their animals up to date on vaccinations, on heartworm preventative (for canines) and encourages spaying/neutering. For more exotic pets, we will complete the research necessary to provide literature and guidance on proper care or connect guardians with experts.