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My name is Milo!
I'm being cared for by
Guardian Angel Pet Rescue, Inc

Facts about me

Domestic Shorthair
Spotted Tabby/Leopard Spotted
2 years 9 months old, Adult
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Small blue checkmark Spayed / Neutered
Small blue checkmark Has special needs

My story

I got a text at the end of April with a picture of a family that was living in a cell phone tower.  Mom and her 4 babies were all very sweet but Milo was much smaller than his siblings.  Milo was with me about a week when I had to rush him to the vet. He had tremors in his hind legs and had a high fever. The vet had me syringe feed him and started him on antibiotics. He recuperated but still struggled to gain weight. 

Milo was adopted at 12 weeks and we took him to be fixed. He went thru the surgery fine but he wasn’t waking up after!  It was so scary to see him laying there but he finally did wake up!  We took him to the vet for blood work after that experience.  The blood work came back and it didn’t show an reason why he would have had problems. He went to his new family and was returned to me after 5 months because he was very sick repeatedly and failure to gain weight. Their vet said she thought he had a Hepatic Shunt. 

When I got Milo back he weighed 5 lbs and was 7 months old and very sick!  

He visited the vet again and this time we asked for blood work to confirm a Hepatic Shunt.  The blood work came back and the levels did indicate those of a shunt kitten. 

We got a referral for a CT Scan and drove to Tustin.   Milo was confirmed to have multiple hepatic shunts and not a candidate for surgery. Milo is 1 years old and his health is great!  He can live a long life being medically managed.  He loves everyone and everything!  He is good with babies, toddlers, cats and dogs. 

Milo is currently taking applications looking for a special family to love. His daily routine is pretty simple but it will allow him to live a long healthy life. I give him distilled water in my water fountain and I eat low protein food with my meds in the AM and PM. With each meal I get Lysine, 1.0 ml Lactulose (16 Oz is $15) and  .5 ml Metronidazole (30 ml bottle $30) twice a day. I eat caned Royal Canin food (low protein).  24 cans 5.8 Oz of my wet food is about $55. This food will last me about 48 days. The total monthly cost for Milo’s food and meds is about $57. 

Milo can't get any vaccines because of his medical condition. He will have to be in a house that the animals have their vaccines. 


Guardian Angel Pet Rescue, Inc

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Kim Basak
Calimesa, CA 92320

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Cats and kittens are $150. They are indoor only and declawing is forbidden.

Dogs are $250. Puppies up to $300

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We began rescuing dogs 6 years ago when I realized that so many healthy dogs were being euthanized in our local shelters. Shortly after I began to rescue kitties as well. We estimate that we have rescued over 2500 animals since we began. They all deserve a chance, a life and a lot of love.