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Labrador Retriever/Mastiff
Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg) (when grown)
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**IMPORTANT!! Please scroll down and read the entire bio before contacting us with questions.

**Please visit our main website for the application or you can email us to request the application 

**We now offer boarding $30 per dog per day in Los Lunas, NM- each dog has an indoor/outdoor run using dog doors and they get 2-3 playtimes out on the main property

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Please be aware birthday and breeds listed are our best guesses based on looks - we seldom know this information unless they come in with registration papers.

Approximate DOB 08/05/2020

Size - 70 lbs

History- An awesome woman and her family took in a couple dogs and before they could get them fixed they had puppies. Luckily they reached out to us for help. We accepted her into our mother/pup program so now that the puppies are old enough to leave mom we will have mom spayed and she can remain with her owner and we will place the babies. Mom is a Red Heeler/Mastiff mix and dad is a Labrador Retriever mix. We have named all 8 babies after the cast from Lucifer as that is what we are currently watching - Lucifer (Shadow), Mazikeen, Ella, Kane, Amenadiel, Linda, Chloe, and Dan. However, after being adopted he got used to the name Shadow so are keeping that one instead.   

Temperament- Very, very high energy - loves kisses.  Loves learning and is eager to follow instruction. He might be amazing for someone wanting an agility dog, a running partner, a hiking partner, etc. He is overall well behaved but does get over excited meeting new people and can't help but start jumping!! With a prong collar though he acts correctly. He is also a tad tricky - So when meeting strangers he will act excited to meet them and he will be sweet and act as though they are friends however if they leave and then come over later when you are not home he does act like he does not know them and will act like Cujo. So just be aware he is a fierce guard dog when it comes to his home and family - if his family is not there. Currently he is left inside when I am not home as people can't be trusted to not put their hand in the fence to pet him and I am not sure if he will bite but suspect he might if they don't listen to the growls and barks to move back away from the fence (told to me by our neighbor who thought they were friends as she always gives him treats and pets him when we are standing at the fence talking- she truly loves him and thought they were bffs until one day I left him outside while I ran out for a bit and she thought she would give him treats and pets at the fence since he had nobody to hang out with since I had left and she said he was a different dog than she was used to loving on.  So that is his only major quirk which isn't all that bad if you have him inside loose and live alone you know you will be protected.   

Energy Level- Very, very high energy! He runs and plays all day outside with Phoebe and then will continue to play fetch with me. This guy would do great with a very active family maybe that goes on 4 wheelers or something he can run with and hop on when he gets tired. He doesn't do well in the heat though and will prefer to be inside in air conditioning once it get too hot outside for him.

Dogs/Cats- He is super high energy and freaks some dogs out but then does calm down with time. He does do better with females than males.  He is good with all sizes of dogs but yea we do say females better than males as he is a very dominant dog. However, upon saying that he is scared of my male chihuahua but he grew up with Tug being the boss so that is just what he is used to. He did get adopted with the family that adopted his brother but the two started fighting badly so he was returned so a female would be best for him as he never fights with the girls here. He loves the girls and all the puppies.  

Housetrained-  Perfectly house and crate trained. This boy has never marked or had an accident. However he does rip up his bedding if he does not get enough outside playtime. A tired dog is a good dog definitely fits him.   

Shadow will make the perfect addition to an active family wanting a large active dog to take on adventures- hiking, 4 wheeling, hunting, etc.  He would do best in an adult only home due to his guardian instincts possibly from the mastiff in him. He gets way to excited with kids- for instance when my 2 year old granddaughter comes over he jumps on the couch to where she is so he can lick her to death but he doesn't realize how big he is so knocks her over she now goes in my room when he is being let in or out. Not because he is mean but because he will barrel right over on top of her to give her love- so she gives him treats in his crate. So he loves kids but just a little too much and I've tried to stop it but she prefers to not deal with him. My other granddaughter is 11 and puts her knee up and tells him to sit so he doesn't jump all over her and so he does good with her but she has been around him since he was a baby so even with his size and hyper behavior isn't scared of him and knows how to control him but he might scare kids so adults are best. Shadow is an amazing dog with his family and people who know him -  he never jumps on me, he does as he's told, and is just perfect for me but is hyper with strangers (though has calmed down a lot as he's gotten a little older) and can act like Cujo if his family isn't around.  He does love fetch and will play non stop. But he will also sit with me on the couch and watch tv. He is just n easy dog just needs to meet more people to calm down a bit and learn proper behavior with more strangers who don't mind meeting a large rambunctious dog. He tries to be good when my daughter comes over because she will get mad at him but once in a while he will still jump straight up in front of her to give her a kiss!!!!    

Adoption fee $150 includes neuter, age appropriate vaccinations (4 for puppies), deworming, microchip, rabies, collar and leash, training information, and all the support you need. 

Send us an e-mail to requesting an application to adopt this sweetie!! Animals are seen by appointment only. An application must be submitted to us prior to making an appointment. We do give a discount when adopting multiple pets.

If you would like to donate to our cause and help care for the animals in our care please visit our main website and click on the donate button at the top left of the screen..

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Janelle Chavez
PO Box 772, Peralta, NM 87042

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If you are interested in adopting from us but have questions please feel free to e-mail us at

In order to start the application process you must send us an e-mail request for an application. We will e-mail it to you as soon as possible. Then just fill it out and send it back via e-mail. Once we receive it then we can schedule an appointment for you to come out and meet the animals.

We are not an open to the public facility with specific hours of operation. We are a foster home and therefore require an application submitted before an appointment can be made and directions given out.

If you would like to adopt from out of state then you must be willing to come out to meet and adopt the pet you are interested in.. We do not ship pets nor will we meet someone somewhere.. We want adopters to come out and spend at least an hour with this pet in their environment before adopting just to ensure there is a connection. We would hate for the adoption to not work and be so far away.
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We are a newly formed rescue in Peralta, NM. We are still very small and currently in process of getting our 501c3 tax exempt status.It is mainly just myself, my two daughters and a small group of volunteers. We only take in animals from shelters who are scheduled to be put down. All animals are housed in my home and on my property. We started this rescue due to the simple fact that there are so many wonderful dogs dying everyday at the shelters because there just isn't enough room.We do not discriminate against any breed. Every dog has the potential to be a great family pet, working dog, or therapy dog- just as every dog has the potential to become a "dangerous dog" due to the simple fact that they all (or most anyway) have teeth and can bite when provoked or trained to obey their owners commands.
We do it for the love of the animals and the need to find forever homes for the ones impounded due to no fault of their own.

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