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Guinea Pig
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Estimated birth date: 6/6/17

Personality: Inquisitive, Friendly toward humans, Friendly toward other animals, Cuddly, Enjoys being held, Sweet. Sky is very similar to his brother Star; he loves being pet and held, once you have him. He isn't too sure about being picked up right away but once you have him, he loves the attention.

Favorite treats: Carrots, Parsley, Cilantro, Oxbow Vitamin C Tablets and lots and lots of hay & pellets

Favorite toys and activities: Sleeping in his beehive or sometimes even just in the open.

Potty trained: Haven’t tried

This animal daily routine: Not really, in the morning he is used to having his cage spot cleaned (and again before bed). He gets veggies twice a day - morning and evening. And also a vitamin C tablet before bed. He also sleeps with a night light on....hehe

BFF (Does this animal have or need a same species friend in their home?): Yes! Sky is bonded to Star!

Other species this pet has been exposed to and reaction: Dogs. Doesn't seem to mind them or scared of them - they have never played together. Has seen cats and rats through his cage bars; was indifferent to both

Has this animal been exposed to children? What was their reaction? Sky has not been exposed to children in his foster home.

Health concerns: No

Behavioral concerns: No

Other notes: Sky is a very very easy going, older dude, looking for his forever family that is willing to give him lots of attention, hay and pellets. He doesn't need a lot of veggies, as he is a little picky and doesn't tend to eat them all, but he will eat all the hay!! He also loves to snuggle & pancake out on the couch and watch TV with his foster and his brother Star.

Sky & Star made their way back to MNPPR after their adopter no longer had time to provide care for them.

Due to our rescue being foster based, not all foster homes are located in Saint Paul, MN. Sky’s foster parent prefers to meet at the PetSmart - 3589 River Rapids Dr, Minneapolis, MN 55448 for meet & greets, & adoptions.

Our adoption process can be found on our website here:

Fee: Sky & Star have a combined adoption fee of $40

Due to health and safety concerns, we are now pursuing adoptions with additional safety measures in place. We will be asking potential adopters to discuss their individual preferences and comfort levels involving safety precautions during the greeting/adoption day step. We are HIGHLY suggesting all participants wear facial coverings, stay at least six feet apart, & use sanitization of all surfaces, and hands before and after contact.

We absolutely DO NOT SHIP ANIMALS! Please do not ask.

MN Pocket Pet Rescue

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St. Paul, MN 55106

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View our adoption process and fees on our website here:

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We are a foster based rescue and do not have a shelter location. To meet an animal we must have your approved application on file.

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MN Pocket Pet Rescue is a 501(c)(3) organization primarily serving the Twin Cities Metro Area, focusing on education and public outreach. Our intent is to keep all animals in their homes, with their families, whenever possible. We are committed to rescuing those pocket pets that are in jeopardy of being euthanized or are in danger of being abused, left unattended or in other types of vulnerable situations. We ensure all animals receive proper veterinary care, medication and special training for any behavioral issues, as well as to arrange safe, temporary homes for these animals until stable forever homes can be found. Our team is made up of enthusiastic volunteers who work passionately to serve the underrepresented and often misunderstood niche of pocket pets in the overall rescue community and general public.