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My name is Zeus!
I'm being cared for by
Pet Rescue By Judy

Facts about me

American Bulldog/Terrier (Unknown Type, Medium)
(When grown) Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
Pet ID

My info

Small red x Not good with kids
Small blue checkmark Good with dogs
Small red x Not good with cats
Small blue checkmark Shots current
Small blue checkmark Spayed / Neutered
Small blue checkmark Housetrained

My story

You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.

  Traits: Zeus is extremely loyal to the people that he is closest with. He loves to play all day long, and will come up to you to tell you when “it’s play time!” Zeus usually favors one person in the house over any of the other people that live there, but will treat all members of the house with respect.
  He is very affectionate and loves getting good scratches and rubs all throughout the day. He can be very vocal about his needs, and almost appears as if he is trying to talk to you (he does this howl thing, that sounds like he’s explaining himself).     
    Also he is highly intelligent and picks up easily on the emotions of the people around him. Zeus requires a firm but very loving person, who seemingly exhibits “Alpha” traits as he does view his family as members of the pack, and because of his mischievous nature, will try to prove that he runs the show by exerting his dominance into a few scenarios/situations. He has an unquenchable desire to protect the house, because of this a large yard/property is highly recommended (otherwise he will protect against anybody that comes to your door)! And when he is in protector mode, he means business!
   Zeus does not do well with strangers, as his reaction is based out of fear-based aggression, and when he is frightened he can become quite difficult to manage. He requires thorough socialization of new people and strangers that will enter the home. If strangers are entering the home, Zeus will not feel comfortable and neither will the strangers, because he will let you know. He requires an experienced owner, and is not for the first time dog owner, or dog owners who have not owned a dog similar to him (breed and temperament wise).
    An ideal owner would be a single person home, and somebody that knows what it means to own a dog that requires lifelong training and socialization (this is why it’s important to have an Alpha/Leader personality type when taking Zeus into his forever home).

In the home: Playful, affectionate, loyal, a bit mischievous, Housetrained (respects your furniture and other objects in the home),

Outside of the home: Alert, vigilant, loves going on walks but does not like when strangers approach him, loves car rides

Owner best-suited for: Single person home, little to no traffic, quiet household, a person who can commit to life-long training and socialization with Zeus, a security service personnel, somebody who has a lot of land - lives further away from the suburbs.

Owner least-suited for: High traffic homes, a home where a lot of strangers enter into, residential areas where you live up to 250-ft next to a neighbor, somebody who can’t be home all the time.

Zeus was owner surrendered to Pet Rescue by Judy as his owner is having a baby and their home was too small for both Zeus and the baby. 
We were informed that Zeus is housetrained, ok with other dogs, and enjoys walks. He is cautious in meeting new people and needs time and patience to build up trust around new folks. Once he does trust you, Zeus is worth the wait!
We think he will be a velcro dog who will love to lay on the couch. He will need a quiet home with little or no traffic as making new friends is not fun for him.
Zeus loves to play fetch and give lots of hugs and kisses once he feels comfortable with you.
If you have a quiet adult household and a big heart open to help a rescue in need, Zeus is looking for you. Please fill out an application to meet him, take him for dog4day, and hopefully return to adopt him!

Visit this organization's web site to see any additional information available about this pet.
January 31, 2023, 5:30 pm

Pet Rescue By Judy

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401 South Laurel Avenue, Sanford, FL 32771

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You can get full information on our pets through our website, You may then complete an online adoption application. After being processed, we will arrange a meet with the pet at our facility in Sanford. Our adoption fees for cats are generally $75-$150; for dogs $100-$350.

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Although many of our pets are cared for at our facility in Sanford, many others are in private foster homes. To arrange a meet, it is best to first complete an online adoption application so that we can set up a meeting. You can access complete information on our pets plus the adoption application on our website, Meets and Adoptions are held at our Sanford Adoption Center. Please visit our facebook page, for a full listing of events where PRBJ is represented.

More about this rescue

We are a private, non-profit rescue located in Sanford, Florida, dedicated to the rescue cats and dogs. Many of them come to us with medical needs. They are doctored to the best of our ability and resources.

Our most urgent goal is to rescue animals that are abandoned or in distress, update their vaccines, and find good new homes for them. But we attempt to be more proactive than that. It is our heartfelt desire to prevent any animal from the need to be "rescued." With that vision in mind, we take a three-prong approach through the education of pet owners and the general public about:
- proper care of animals, including correct diet of good quality food, fresh clean water, daily exercise, and lots of love
- spaying and neutering companion animals (dogs and cats) in order to prevent euthanasia and over-population
- low-cost spay/neuter clinics and wellness centers in their local community