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My name is Elroy (FIV+)!
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New Beginnings for Animals

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Domestic Shorthair
Brown Tabby
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Elroy is about 3 years old and came to us from the Devore shelter where he was brought in with 2 other Himalyan type looking kitties. He was left behind so since we love the tabbies took him. During his exam at the vet he tested positive for FIV. No biggee. He is the most amazing cat, with the most amazing personality. He immediately made himself right at home in his temporary foster home. He is now in our care at one of our fosters and doing amazing. He immediately fit right in with the other cats, is right there and always has to be in the middle of all the action. He is so loving and sweet, oh and he loves food.  

Research shows that FIV cats can live long, healthy lives with good nutrition and routine veterinary care. They can also live safely in homes with other non-FIV cats. For more information on FIV, please scroll to the bottom of our 'Available Cats and Kittens' page at

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Elroy's $150 adoption fee includes his vet exam, felv/fiv test, fecal, neuter surgery, microchip, flea treatment, and current vaccinations

September 26, 2022, 2:52 pm

New Beginnings for Animals

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Mission Viejo, CA 92690

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All interested parties are required to complete an Adoption Application (on our website at This helps us place our rescued animals in homes best suited to their needs and the needs of their new families. Most of these animals have been through so much and we want to make their transition as smooth as possible. Please visit our website: for our adoptable dogs and cats, how to meet them, our adoption & foster applications, adoption events, and much more. CAT questions/info contact: (949) 716-0538 or DOG questions/info contact: (949) 348-8057 or

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Our Cats can be seen 7 days a week at: PETSMART Aliso Viejo (in the store's Cat Adoption Center) 26762 Aliso Creek Rd. Aliso Viejo, CA 92656 Hours: Saturday and Sunday, 12 noon - 4 p.m. Some of our cats are also in foster homes, so please call Hana at (949) 716-0538 or email to schedule an appointment to visit a kitty in foster care or to visit them at Petsmart. To Meet Our Available Dogs: Call 949-348-8057 or email to arrange a visit with one of our wonderful dogs available for adoption. CONSIDER ADOPTING AN FIV CAT! FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) is a widely misunderstood condition. Many people think that it’s easily spread, makes cats very sick, and that they have a lower life expectancy, so they are not often adopted. This is far from the truth! When a cat tests positive for FIV, it means they either carry the virus or have been vaccinated for it at some point (which causes them to test positive for the disease, which is why this vaccination isn’t recommended, among other reasons). FIV is not spread through casual contact such as shared food/water/litter, mutual grooming, or playing. It is most commonly spread through deep, vicious bite wounds typically inflicted by intact toms fighting on the streets over food, females, or territory. If a cat has been spayed or neutered, they are unlikely to fight in this manner, and if the population is stable (no serious fighting), FIV+ cats can live with non-infected cats. It was previously thought that FIV+ pregnant females could pass the virus to their kittens, but this has since been disproved according to one study.* Kittens with an FIV+ mother may test positive for up to 6 months simply due to the presence of maternal antibodies, which dissipate over time. FIV+ cats can live as long and healthy a life as non-infected cats. This doesn’t mean they will never become ill; they are, after all immunocompromised, so illnesses can be easier to catch and harder to fight off. They have the same needs as any other cat: high-quality nutrition, a clean, stress-free, strictly indoor environment, regular veterinary visits (two times per year), and lots of love. If they should become ill, they are generally treated earlier, longer, and more aggressively than non-immunocompromised cats (meaning they need to see the vet at the very first sign of illness and may be on a stronger medication or on medication for a longer period of time). *Study results can be found on our "Available Cats and Kittens" website page at

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We are a no-kill rescue group in Southern California. Our primary focus is rescuing animals from local high-kill shelters. We then either board them or place them in foster homes so we can better assess their personalities before placing them in loving homes. All our animals are examined by our veterinarians, spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, FELV/FIV tested if they are cats, flea treated and dewormed if needed.