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My name is Funshine Bear!
I'm being cared for by
Living The Dream Rescue

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Domestic Shorthair
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Meet Funshine Bear, also known as Buff Buff like his twin brother, BashfulHeart Bear. They are like two peas in a pod, the Bobsy Twins and Fred/George from Harry Potter books.

He loves to give hugs where he gets next to you, puts his paws on your shoulder, and leans his head into your neck/face.... and then rubs his nose all over you.

He loves to give head butts... so be prepared to have him walk along the back of the couch and head butt you.

He enjoys sleeping on the bed with and without you. If you lean over to pick something up - he feels it is fair game and a welcome to jump on your back while he tries to head butt whatever part of your head he can reach at that moment.

Him and his brother are high energy furballs, that keep each other busy until they are ready to demand attention from their minions (i.e. us humans). Cat trees, high places to climb, interactive toys, lots of toys are needed to keep them happy.

Was born with a congenital defect of both eyelids known as Eyelid agenesis, in which typically the upper lateral eyelid is not formed. His eyes do need to be wiped daily as the fur can irritate his eyes but it's 100% manageable.

Kids over 6 recommended as he can be a bit rambunctious and knock kids over. He has almost tripped/knocked us over. He is a decent size kitty like his twin.

If you are not the kind of person who loves a kitty that is constantly in your bubble, on your bed, in your lap, on your shoulder, reaching out to touch you, and may even jump on your back when you are bent over... Neither BashfulHeart Bear nor Funshine Bear is right for you.

He is neutered, vaccinated, chipped and tested. His estimated birthdate is 3/19/2020 and his adoption fee is $150.

November 26, 2022, 7:29 pm

Living The Dream Rescue

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Phoenix, AZ 85023

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We start all adoptions with a questionnaire to make sure the pet being adopted is a good fit for the new home. Then an adoption application is completed and the adoption fee is collected.

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Living The Dream Rescue adopts out animals via private appointments and adoption events held at various Petsmart locations.

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Living The Dream Rescue is a non-profit animal rescue that pulls animals from the euthanasia lists at various high kill shelters in Maricopa County and surrounding areas. Maricopa County has the highest euthanasia rate in Arizona. Additionally, we assist with public intake and hoarding situations. All animals are fostered in homes with loving families until adopted.