My name is Jam ien!

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Poodle (Miniature)
4 years 7 months old, Young
Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less (when grown)
15 lbs (current)
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***MUST SUBMIT APPLICATION before we will respond to email or phone inquiries. Thank You for your cooperation***
Please read listings fully to the end before applying for one of our beloved rescues.

Please do not contact us to look at a dog. We will contact you once we have reviewed your completed application if we think your home might be a good fit. A reference check, phone interview, and home visit will be completed before meeting an adoptable dog.

We work quickly. Please do not submit an application until you are ready to bring a new furry family member home. Expect your references to be contacted shortly after submitting your application. We adopt out to homes around the US and Canada, but require that you are present for the meet and greet in Newcastle, WA.

Our adoption fee is non-negotiable. The adoption fee is due on the day of adoption in the form of a check, Chase Quick Pay via Zelle, PayPal, or cash.

How Jam ien survived on the deathly streets of China with his beloved brother Jie & nothing happening to them to this day we will never know. We cannot even begin to imagine what Jam ien witnessed & heard when he was on the streets for almost a week. What we do know is, that Jam ien kept his brother Jie safe & everywhere they went Jie would follow Jam ien & he more than likely kept him safe & alive. What we do know is, Jam ien & his bonded brother Jam ien were rescued off the streets by our outstanding Chinese rescuer just in time. It’s absolutely soul destroying to think about the extremely dangerous situation he ended up in. Working with one of our truly devoted, dedicated & absolutely outstanding Chinese rescuers they rescued Jam ien & many others for us. Without these beloved rescuer’s going & getting Jam ien from, the streets his fate would of been a horrendous death. They transferred Jam ien to their own rescue & covid had hit & the waiting began. Along with Jam ien & many other sweet souls they got well & they waited to come to the US. This became a very extremely expensive situation with covid. We were finally able to bring everyone back through cargo which is an astronomical expense per dog, but we believe every sweet soul such as Jam ien & his friends & brother deserves to be loved & cherished & given the chance to have a wonderful life. Now Jam ien is looking for a special family to cherish him & his brother Jie & be patient with him & remember what this beautiful soul has been through & a family that meets all his needs.

Jam ien was rescued by our truly amazing Chinese rescue friends & just as always we are beyond grateful to the Chinese rescue who we are so extremely thankful for what they do day in & day out for these babies, we cannot thank them enough.

Jam ien was bought back to the USA where he is now a US citizen & is so happy to be here & can’t wait to find his new loving devoted forever home.

Lovely little chap Jam ien & his brother Jie have come such a long way since being rescued in China. They have really flourished & gotten so much more confident. It depends upon the person who he tends to like more, wether it is a female or male. The boys were in 2 foster homes & in 1 foster home they loved the foster dad over the foster mum & did everything with the foster dad & loved him & was not interested in the foster mum. Then in their other foster home they preferred the foster mum over the foster dad but still liked the foster dad.

We think for Jam ien he needs a home with a backyard as in apartment living with the noises he just don’t do well with the different unknown noises but in a house would be ideal for them.
Jam ien has enjoyed eating since he has been here in the US with all the new tasty food he gets but let’s face it, being fed the way we are feeding him is all new to him & just being fed all the time is new to him. He also enjoys a good treat. He has put on weight instantly since being in the rescue.
Jam ien loves you once he knows you & trust you & will paw at you to get your attention or to be picked up. He & is brother are very similar but their personalities have changed & flourished since being with us.
Jam ien does really well on her harness & leash considering we believe we are the first people to teach him how to go on walks but would still need to be taught. Jam ien is a rescue & will need patience, time & understanding. Jam ien adores being pampered & doesn’t want you to stop when brushing him, cleaning his eyes, grooming him, he loves it all. He also does extremely well being touched in general & adores receiving love. Jam ien is so good with being bathed. With
Jam ien we had him with many breeds of dogs & he has done well with different size dogs.
Having toys & a warm bed is all new to Jam ien & we have been excited to change his world with the introduction of toys & lots of love & affection & a loving environment. He is making up for lost time & who could blame him. In his new forever home he will more than likely sleep wherever his brother is, they are 2 peas in a pod. But with the right forever home he may want to sleep in the bed with you.
Jam ien has learnt to ride in the car & does well in the car & enjoys a good car ride once he knows & trusts his people. He is such a sweet little guy once he knows & trusts you just like his brother. He just sits back & enjoys the journey. With Jam ien we are only looking for a crate free home for this lovely little lad only because of his horrendous past. Absolutely no crates for him. He gets very frightened when put into a crate. We are also looking for a forever home for Jam ien where someone is home during the day or he can go with his people wherever possibly he can go with them.
Jam ien is looking for a forever home who will cherish him & love him as he should be loved & be very patient with him & understanding.

Jam ien has been around many breeds of dogs all shapes & sizes & he is currently with other dogs in his loving foster home. A fully fenced backyard is mandatory for Jam ien’s new forever home.

Jam ien is now roughly 14.6 lbs & has put on quite a bit of weight since coming to the US with us, he is 2 years old & perhaps a miniture poodle & what he is mixed with we are not sure? He is neutered & male, he had a dental/scale & polish along with dental x-rays & 1 premolar extraction. He is heart worm negative, he is microchipped, up to date on his shots, had his shots including DHLPP, Bordatella, CIV, rabies & dewormed.

We have spent far more on Jam ien with bringing him to the US with his travel airfare costs, alone bringing him through cargo, without anything else then on top of that paying for his medical care & boarding fees, including a dental/scale & polish & dental x-rays, 1 premolar extraction, neuter, shots, microchip etc, than his adoption fee comes close to covering.

Jam ien has been around cats since being in the rescue & does well but it’s always up to the new family to be responsible with their animals. We have not had him around small children so we do not recommend children nor cats, but it’s always up to the family to be responsible with their children & cats.

We were not there when Jam ien was conceived so we do not know who his parents were & it’s always up to the new potential family to look at the pictures & decide what they think his breed is.

As with all of our rescues & Jam ien’s friends he will need work on potty training & training, so this should be something the new family would be willing to work on & commit to. Please do not submit an application if you are not willing to commit to one of our rescues care for their whole life & that includes if they need training. Please do not email us asking is Jam ien potty trained or available, nor do we ship dogs anywhere as we will not respond.

We would never say anyone of our rescues are potty trained. Our rescues need homes where the people are understanding of their past & what they have been through & what they will need in their daily lives & not willing to give up on them & if they do need training in their new home will in fact take them to training & not just say they will when applying.

Please only submit an application if you are truly interested in adopting Jam ien & going through our process and have read his listing fully to the end & are wanting to adopt. If you are not responsive to our calls, emails or your references do not respond we will move on & remove your application from our system. You must be willing to go through our screening process which includes your references being checked, a phone interview & a virtual home visit using Webex due to covid & followed by a meet and greet & if it’s a good fit, up to our discretion. We will only be accepting applications for Jam ien who understands his needs & that meet all the requirements for this lovely sweet little man.
Once we find the right home for each little soul we work fast, within days so the dogs can go to their forever homes in quite a timely manner. We do not hold onto dogs for people as our goal is to save lives & please do not submit an application if you are not ready to adopt. We also cannot respond to every application unfortunately.

Jam ien has an adoption fee of $995 & is ready for his truly loving forever home & compassion & understanding of what he has been through.
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Step 5, 6, and 7 happen on the same day and the newly adopted dog goes home with you if meeting the pet went well.

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All of our dogs are in foster homes, so please fill out an application on our website to meet them in person: Aberdeen Scottish Terrier Rescue is a 501(c)3 recognized charity. Our volunteers dedicate all their free hours to finding the best loving home for each of our dogs.

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