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Posted over 2 years ago | Updated 6 hours ago

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Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less (when grown)
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Sonny is a five-year-old small breed mix who is full-grown at 25 lbs. His DNA tests say mostly Pomeranian and Chihuahua with a bit of Dachshund. But like many small dogs, he struggles with possessive behavior in which he “lays claim” to a particular resource, typically a specific toy or the attention of his favorite human. He's a snuggle bug who is happy to be your lap dog - but also needs to be active and kept occupied. He requires a patient, strong, and experienced small and possessive dog owner. Sonny is the loyalist of loyal dogs to his people. But he has struggled with being rehomed and his resource guarding has escalated due to all of the changing in his environments. For this reason we are committed to only placing him in a home that is well aware and experienced with managing resource aggression behaviors.


This little guy loves nothing more than snuggling up on your lap and soaking up some attention. In fact, Sonny is the perfect lap dog - if you're okay with him laying claim to your lap as his own personal resource.But don't let his small size fool you - Sonny is also full of energy, sass, and needs to be kept active. He's an intelligent dog who loves to learn new tricks, but he can also be a bit of a handful. He has a bite history that is manageable and connected to dogs toys, but requires a patient and experienced owner who is willing to put in the work to manage his resource aggression behaviors and provide him with an environment that won’t trigger these bad behaviors.


Sonny was picked up as a stray in Gulfport, Mississippi, and after making his way to Nashville, TN, his x-rays revealed that he has a shotgun pellet that healed near his pelvis. We are only rehoming Sonny to quiet homes and do not include children or frequent visitors because, in his previous home, Sonny developed a reputation for snapping at strangers. This sweet dog is not at all aggressive towards strangers or children as a rule. In fact, he's very fond of strangers and is quick to claim visitors as family. His favorite person in the world is his vet! He simply has a charming but very dominant personality and  becomes temperamental and territorial when threatened and he’s overly protective of his belongings. Experienced small dog owners will know this Chihuahua personality trait well and Critter Cavalry is requesting that adopters commit to a toy-free home for the first 3 months so that Sonny is setup for success with regard to his resource guarding tendencies. 


Sonny Boy happily lives with dogs of all sizes and ages and is an excellent companion to dogs of his size in particular. He’s a good wrestler and is respectful of his companion’s meals. No cats because he barks and scares them. He loves to play and treasures the attention of his family. He is house-trained, leash-trained, and knows basic commands. He enjoy’s being vocal but is mature enough to be corrected when barking excessively. There is a lot of sweet personality and attitude packed into this adorable dog. The ideal owner for Sonny would include a quiet household. With or without a companion dog as long as the companion dog is submissive. A fenced-in yard is a plus - but not required as long as this social boy gets his regular activity. Sonny does get regular visits to the dog park but requires an attentive owner because dog barks frequently have lose balls which can easily trigger his possessive tendencies. 


If you're up for the challenge, you'll be rewarded with a lifelong friend who is fiercely loyal and always ready for a good time. Middle-Tennessee only. 

Please email us at ADOPTION FEE REQUIRED. Learn more about Critter Cavalry and request an adoption application at


March 1, 2024, 8:58 am
Critter Cavalry Rescue - TN

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Candace Simpson-Giles
608 East Castle Ct., Franklin, TN 37069

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