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My name is Charlotte!

Posted over 2 years ago | Updated over 2 months ago

I'm being cared for by
Barks and Meows Rescue

Facts about me

Black and Tan Coonhound
Black - with Tan, Yellow or Fawn
(When grown) Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
(Current) 7 lbs
Pet ID

My info

Checkmark in teal circle Good with kids
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My story

Barks and Meows Rescue introduces Charlotte. She was one of 12 puppies born in a home to Mommy Princess in North Bay. Mommy and her litter and 19 other hounds were confiscated from their home and surrendered to the Humane Society. Barks and Meows Rescue took Mommy Princess as well as Charlotte and her sister Beatrice. Barks and Meows Rescue introduces Charlotte. She was one of 12 puppies born in a home to Mommy Princess in North Bay. Mommy and her litter and 19 other hounds were confiscated from their home and surrendered to the Humane Society. Barks and Meows Rescue took Mommy Princess as well as Charlotte and her sister Beatrice. Charlotte is a follower, not a leader. She has an independent nature. She is extremely affectionate and listens quite well for a hound. She is very food-focused and motivated making positive reinforcement training easy. They have other dogs in their foster home to play with and will do so regularly. They are housebroken but will use pee pads if the door is not available. They both love to be outdoors, playing with toys, chasing each other, and chewing on sticks. Offering them food will have them both coming running in when it's time. Charlotte is a big climber. She is taller than her sister so has no problem just hopping on a couch or chair with ease. She has learned jumping on and off the bed is lots of fun. Charlotte loves to cuddle on the couch and chair with her family members or other dogs. She is fed three times daily, in her crate, Royal Canin Medium Breed Puppy Food. Charlotte is sweet and loving. She is about 4 pounds heavier than her sister quite a bit taller. Charlotte looks very much like her Mom, sometimes it's hard to tell them apart, other than their current size. Mommy Princess is 55lbs so we expect these girls to be medium size dogs when fully grown. They have both had all three sets of vaccines and been dewormed. Charlotte is now spayed. The sisters are both on Heartworm/flea/tick prevention. Both girls love to be held and cuddled. The ideal home for them is a family that has or has had hounds in the past. This breed is not for everyone as they can never be off-leash unless in a fully fenced yard with the correct height. They are pure hounds so will follow their nose. Going for hikes and walks each time will be an adventure as they will stop to smell everything. A cat-free home is mandatory as they will have a very high prey drive. A fully fenced yard (wooden, not chain-link), another resident dog, and a Veterinarian History of Compliance are mandatory to apply for darling Charlotte. We do not adopt to families with children under the age of 6.

Barks and Meows Rescue

Contact info
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PO Box 657, Duart, ON N0L 1H0

Their adoption process

Additional adoption info

All of our animals are adopted out to Ontario, Canada residents only. Foster Families will reside within Southwest Middlesex. All canines are tested for Heartworm if they are deemed old enough to have contracted it. Our fosters are all spayed or neutered if over the age of 6 months. They are all on heartworm prevention and or Revolution to ensure fleas or ear mites exist. Each "adoptee" is up-to-date with vaccines and vaccination certificates and health records will be given to the "adopters".

Our Adoption Process:

1) Please review the various fosters on our "Available for Adoption" page. Read the bio's carefully. Look for a foster that matches the dynamics of your current home. Each foster has different temperaments and characteristics, so know what you want to have in a companion. If you don't see a possible match, then please continue your search for a rescued canine elsewhere as they are hundreds of groups with thousands of animals looking for their ideal "forever homes".

2) If you find what you believe may be a match for your family, please complete the adoption application by clicking on the "Application for Adoption" page then, clicking on the link found on the page.

3) Your application will be reviewed within 48 hours and you will be responded to by e-mail advising you or whether or not we feel you are a potential match.

4) If you are considered a potential match, will will make arrangements via e-mail to setup a telephone interview with both spouses in the home. If we mutually agree, after the interview, that it the may very well be a match, the foster home will setup an interview with you either at your home or at the foster home. All family members who reside in the home as well as as any resident canines that live with you must be present for the home interview. If you live locally, there will be a 24 hour waiting period in order for both parties to think about the foster you have just met. If you live more than 1 hour away from the foster home then the foster home will have the choice of making a decision while you are there or advising that they wish to think about it over a 24 hour period. The foster home will have final say on whether or not it is deemed to be good choice and will advise the applicant of their decision. All decisions are final so we please ask that you respect the knowledge of the foster home as they really do know the animal they are caring for best.

5) If your family are chosen as a "forever home" for our foster, then you will need to complete and sign an adoption contract outlining our policies and procedures.

6) All adoption fees are on a cash or email interac basis only, and we will provide you with a receipt of payment. Please note this receipt is NOT a tax receipt as we are not a registered charity.

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All of our companions are in foster care. Only those applicants whose applications have been deemed a potential match and whereby interviews have been conducted may be contacted for a viewing in either the foster home or the potential adopter's home.

More about this rescue

Barks and Meows Rescue is a non-profit rescue group. All of our rescues are rescued from situations whereby they no longer would have had a chance to survive. Our goal is to find wonderful "forever homes" for those adoring canines and felines who deserve a second chance in life. We are committed to adopting these companions out to homes where they are indoors, treated as family members and are continued to be well socialized and provided with both premium nutrition and health care.