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My name is Reno!

Facts about me

German Shepherd Dog
Black - with White
3 years 4 months old, Young
(When grown) Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
(Current) 60 lbs
Pet ID

My info

Small red x Not good with cats
Small blue checkmark Needs experienced adopter
Small blue checkmark Shots current
Small blue checkmark Spayed / Neutered
Small blue checkmark Housetrained
Small blue checkmark Has special needs

My story


"Reno" is a 55-60 lb, approx 2-yo spayed female GSD mix who is energetic, fearful/anxious and affectionate. She loves nothing more than a good belly rub! She's healthy and up-to-date on her vaccinations.

Reno is very shy with people she's never met before. When a visitor comes into the house, she will hide in another room and bark loudly. When out on walks, she will avoid people. Reno has not been around young children since she was adopted; given her timidness around adults, it’s hard to say how she’ll do with youngsters.

Reno appears to be good with other dogs. She has played regularly with a male Weimaraner at a sporting dog kennel where she is receiving both canine and human socialization and training.

Reno has a strong prey drive and is NOT good with cats.

Reno is housetrained and non-destructive in the house. She has never chewed up anything but her toys. Her people keep her in a crate when they are gone for more than an hour; she hates being by herself and cries for long periods when let alone. Her people also keep her crated at night to allow their cats a chance to roam the house freely.

Reno has received some obedience training and obeys commands such as “down” and “stay.” She is a fast learner and very treat-motivated, which has helped speed her training. She walks OK on leash, but can become a little too playful and start nipping at her handler’s heels. If she is startled by another dog she sometimes reaches a state of anxiety where she will bark at her handler in a seemingly aggressive manner.

Reno rides calmly in the car, but appears nervous while doing so.

Reno loves playing fetch and tug, as well as chewing on stuffed toys.

Reno has many behavioral issues that she needs help overcoming. She is fearful of not only new people but most new environments. She gets overly-excited in certain situations, such as when greeting her people in the morning; it’s as if she hasn’t seen them in ages and she becomes very mouthy. She demands attention and it can be difficult to bring her down when she is worked up.

Reno is definitely a “project dog”, but she has many good traits which outshine her drawbacks. She is a loving dog who will continue to make progress in the right hands and reward her people with love and loyalty.

Reno's people adopted her from the municipal animal shelter in Joshua Tree (Southern California desert) in May 2021. Reno is a bit too large of a training project than they are capable of handling, and they also know Reno can't coexist with their cats.

Reno is located in Los Angeles. No rehoming fee is requested.

Please contact Emma Kemp at 323-536-6714 or

German Shepherd Rescue of Sacramento Valley

Contact info
Pet ID
Brian Foran
P.O. Box 652, Pleasant Grove, CA 95668

Their adoption process

Additional adoption info

1. View my dogs available for adoption, either on this Website or on our own Website ( I also list German Shepherds and German Shepherd mixes for other rescue groups and inviduals on my Website.

2. Contact Brian Foran at 916-655-3125 or to discuss the particular dog(s) that you're interested in.

3. Complete my adoption questionnaire. It is a downloadable Microsoft Word file on the page of my Website titled "How to Adopt a Dog through GSRSV." If possible, return the questionnaire via e-mail.

4. Go see the dog you're interested in--at my rescue facility, at the home of the dog's foster caretaker, or at the home of the dog's owner.

5. If you decide to adopt a dog, I will have you sign my adoption contract and pay the appropriate adoption fee, which varies between $300 to $100, depending on the age of the dog and whether it is a purebred GSD or not. This fee includes spaying or neutering, rabies and distemper/parvo vaccinations, heartworm check, and a 6-month supply of heartworm preventative. The adoption contract is on the same page of my Website as is the adoption questionnaire.

Go meet their pets

Because I am an independent rescuer caring for many dogs, I am presently unable to conduct regular adoption or "meet & greet" events.

I only arrange for people to meet the dogs that I have available for adoption after I have discussed the dog and have received an adoption questionnaire from them.

More about this rescue

German Shepherd Rescue of Sacramento Valley (GSRSV) is an organization dedicated to finding good homes for German Shepherd Dogs (GSDs) at risk of being placed in shelters, or who are already in shelters and possibly facing euthanasia. GSRSV is an independent rescue organization operated by one individual: Brian Foran. Though countless volunteers and benefactors have supported--and continue to support--GSRSV, I run and primarily fund the program, as I have since February 2001.