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My name is Brownie JuM*!

I'm being cared for by
God's Dogs Rescue TX
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Labrador Retriever/Shepherd (Unknown Type)
(When grown) Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
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Small blue checkmark Good with dogs

My story

OK, so the classic debate is.... middle or CORNER piece?? Which is best?????
You know what?? I am best ALL OVER :) Front end is soft and squishy and so is the corner- soft and squishy!! The back end??? YOU GUESSED IT!!! Soft and squishy it is!!
Well, now you know my name and my type- what is yours??
Are you caramelly like a turtle brownie?? Or are you nutty like a walnut brownie?? Or maybe you are super sweet and squishy in the middle- like a cheesecake brownie????
Yes, can you tell I am hungry?
I am a very very good boy, only about 3 yrs old, lab mixed with Shepherd
And I traveled ALL the way from across TEXAS to find a rescue who loves me and all my squishiness.... but I am waiting for that SPECIAL family who will love me and all my gooeyness...
I love dogs, I love people, I love big and little people... I love food and boy do I love belly rubs!
So... if you are a brownie loving, belly scratching, family with kids, you are MY NEW FAMILY!!!
But you have to apply to adopt me first, and I am WAITING!!!

Local adoption fee is $200 (in TX)
Out of state adoption fee is $400 (includes transport to your area)

God's Dogs Rescue TX

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Von Ormy, TX 78073

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View pets on website Fill out application on line. If local to San Antonio TX, then a meet and greet can be arranged.


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We transport all over the country and have regular routes we run. References available upon request.

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Adoption application required. Adoption Fee is $200-350 local (Local is state of Texas) $500-800 for out of state adoptions (includes transport fees).. The higher prices for Purebred and/or highly desirable pets. Adoption application, adoption contract, return/foster agreement if dog doesn't work out in home.

We work hard to place dogs in the right homes, if the adoption does not work out and we have room to take the dog back into the rescue, we will. However, the sheer number of needy animals in Bexar county TX +usually means we become full quickly after the dog is adopted. So, in those cases we will post the animal, help the adopter screen applicants and help facilitate finding another home for the dog.

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We are primarily foster based rescue, and meet and greets are done after an application is approved by our counselors. The foster and adopter will arrange the meeting if both local to each other.

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We are a group of loving and dedicated individuals who work together to save as many deserving animals as we can. We work tirelessly to assure the animals are well fed, socialized, are healthy and then find them the wonderful home they only dreamed of in the shelter or starving on the streets.