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My name is Beanie!

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JRs Pups N Stuff

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American Pit Bull Terrier
(When grown) Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
(Current) 73 lb
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Small blue checkmark Spayed / Neutered
Small blue checkmark Has special needs

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Beanie ???Beanie loves walking on the trail and exploring. Beanie is currently being fostered at SkyDance Pet Lodge where she loves learning manners and agility with the training team and playing with all the high-energy pups that come for daycare.
Beanie is very food motivated and loves to play with any and all toys! Beanie is considered special needs as she is Deaf. Frequently asked questions about dogs like beanie: Does she have any dietary restrictions as she is a pure white dog?
Yes! But it's super easy. Beanie does best on a salmon or lamb kibble. We avoid chicken however she still enjoys all sorts of training treats which have not caused any issues. She is on a probiotic also. Does she have skin issues? Nope! Beanie is in great physical health. She enjoys getting groomed by our grooming team on a regular basis to maintain a healthy coat, but she does not have any medical issues. Is it hard to train a deaf dog? No. It's not hard but it is different. There are challenges and advantages. A dog that can't hear you open a packet of chips, hear the delivery driver approaching or get startled by kids throwing something, has big advantages in terms of training, however, recall and understanding other dogs communicating can be tougher.
Is she social? Yes, beanie is social with people and dogs. She still has some puppy behaviors and jumps up at times so we wouldn't recommend a home with small children. I'd also recommend a home with a more submissive dog and a dog that has a lot of tolerance, she has been nothing but sweet with my dog but she is very high energy when she plays and depends upon the other dog to walk away and end the fun. What home would be best? Beanie would do best in a moderately- very active home. She would be an awesome agility dog or just your hiking buddy. Beanie has a great off switch and will relax and entertain herself. She would thrive being able to go to daycare while her family is at work to really burn off that extra energy! You can also watch for stories, pictures and videos about me on our Facebook page Ask to meet me today!!

Adoption fee: $450

All dogs/puppies have been fully vetted including spay/neuter, micro-chipping, worming, heartworm testing and preventative treatment, flea/tick preventative, and all required age appropriate vaccinations. As required by Wisconsin Act 90, all dogs will have received a veterinarian exam (CVI) within the past 30 days.

Our adoption process requires the submission of an application. Applications and Adoption Rules can be found on our website, on the "HOW TO ADOPT" tab at Upon receipt of the completed application, we will process the application including: contact with your veterinarian and completion of a home visit. Please be sure to include the contact information for your vet as we will call. If your vet requires an information release, please be sure to contact them as soon as you submit your application. We are a group of volunteers with families and jobs, so please be patient and allow a few days for our response.

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Our process includes the completion of an application Upon completion of the application we will:

Contact your vet for information on current and previous animals. It is critical that you have authorized your vet to release information to us.

If you are a renter, we will contact your landlord for verification of animal acceptance, or you can provide a copy of your lease.

Complete a background check using publicly available information.

If applying to adopt a dog, we will complete a home visit which requires all household members to be present.

After the approval is complete you will be free to meet our animals. When meeting dogs, all members of the household as well as any dogs will be required to meet prior to finalizing any adoption.
Our process is thorough and allows us to make every effort to identify the right match for your family. Please be forthcoming of all information during the process as that is what allows us to find the match. Adding a new family member is FOREVER and will adjust your free time, finances and overall life style. Animal adoption is a serious decision.

JR's Pups-N-Stuff, Inc. is a volunteer based organization. Most volunteers have full time jobs and families. Our dedication to helping each and every animal find the right match can take time. Please understand and be patient during the process. Thank you.

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We are an all breed dog rescue and help with some cats as well. We strive to help reduce the over population of pets by spaying and neutering our pets and find forever homes for pets left in shelters that otherwise would be euthanized.