My name is Buddy - With A Maine Coon Temperament!

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Domestic Shorthair
Orange or Red (Mostly)
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Buddy has the qualities that everyone asks for! His personality is like a Maine Coon and people searching for those breed characteristics should know about Buddy because everyone falls in love with his affection seeking side!

He loves lounging and cuddles and pets and likes curling up next to you for a nap. For a deep snooze he likes to retreat under the bed. Buddy “makes biscuits” often to show how happy he is! He makes biscuits” all the time when he is being petted to show his happiness and likes squishy things like stuffed animals to knead, too.   

Buddy is very smart and communicates with his meows to let you know when he is hungry and sometimes meows just to get some attention.

RESCUE STORY: Buddy was found in a residential neighborhood and scanned for a microchip and his picture was posted on several times as being found but no one replied. Buddy was already altered and his ear is withered from having had a long term ear mite infestation that caused the ear tissues to collapse.

The neighborhood bully cats picked on Buddy and we are all so grateful that a neighbor was willing to help by taking him inside.

This is a great cat! If interested tell us the details about yourself, family, ages of children that live in the home or that visit. Include roommates as well as other pets. By the way, Buddy will be happy to have all the attention and live alone but his personality is one that could live with other cats. But NO dogs!

Buddy is being cared for by Community Animal Network, a non-profit organization founded by DiAnna Pfaff-Martin in 1996. C.A.N is a veterinary medical rescue that prepares dogs and cats for forever homes.  

To donate to help cats like Buddy, use our PayPal link: www.PayPal.Me/CommunityAnimal Or Mail checks to: Community Animal Network P.O. Box 8662 Newport Beach, CA 92658 

Visit our website at: to see our fees, adoption requirements and to view other available animals we have for adoption or call/text 949-759-3646 .

Email: for the application to adopt and tell us a little about your family’s lifestyle and home. Some of the new arrivals can be seen in the caregiver’s homes on weekdays.

With all adoptions, a 2 hour feline pet parenting class/consultation is customized so you can learn about how to introduce your new pet to existing ones, teaching  house manners, recommended foods and the best litter, what you can do to avoid your cat from getting certain diseases,  and how to encourage your cat to be affectionate. The AVID microchip registration is included in the placement fee and the animals come with a 30 day heath commitment and return policy. Our network promotes adopting cats/kittens in pairs and make available a four month payment plan when adopting pairs

Our animals live in private homes with people that love them. We specialize in “pet-quality”, friendly, sociable cats and kittens and represent “good samaritans” in re-homing lost pets whose owners could not be found and private parties whose pets need new homes. The founder of Animal Network of Orange County, DiAnna Pfaff-Martin, is very particular about the quality of the animals, vitamins, proper diet and veterinary medical care. Feral kittens are tamed to “pet quality” and rescue cats that are shy are disclosed and termed, “rescue quality” with a lower placement fee. 

Most kittens in O.C. these days are born feral (wild without human touch since birth). Feral kittens left untamed can grow up and be skittish and hide. These kitties can be a challenge to get to the vet or even to touch for anyone besides their caregiver. People who have adopted feral kittens often describe their behavior as jumpy and maybe having been abused. 

It’s what the organization does with the animals after they have been trapped and rescued from the outdoors that makes the difference in a quality animal. People believe that adopting the smallest kitten means they can raise the perfect animal. This is simply not true as most people are gone from the home for long hours and are not experts in the field of taming wild animals. 

Adopting an adult animal that has been well-loved and has known behaviors and a personality that the caregiver can tell you about is what all should consider. Almost anyone would add a cute kitten into their home, yet 90% of adult cats- and even kittens older than 4 months- entering the municipal shelter systems are put to death because people are seeking the tiny ones.



August 14, 2023, 12:02 am
Animal Network of Orange County

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P.O. Box 8662, Newport Beach, CA 92658
We Help Local Animals! Your Donation Makes A Difference! Every Animals Needs Veterinary Medical Treatments.

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Feline Pet-Parenting – learn to choose pet foods, common symptoms of diseases, cat litters to avoid, how to choose a vet, cat care.

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Your adoption comes with a “free” vet exam at The Cat Care Clinic, Orange, CA and includes a two-hour Feline Pet-Parenting Consultation. Your new pet has been blood tested for common disease’s, (feline aids & feline leukemia), vaccinated, dewormed, has no fleas.

An AVID microchip is implanted and the chips registration in the National Pet-Recovery Data Base is included. A 30-day health commitment protects your pet, too.

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More about this rescue

We adopt kittens in pairs believing all young beings should have a playmate of the same species, similar age.

Our foster parents help match the pairs of "best play buddies)

The animals are in private homes and well-loved.

All the rescue organizations are not the same. We all get them from the same places, but well-socialized kittens are not easy to come by.

We specialize in “pet-quality” cats and kittens. A pet-quality cat has had positive experiences with humans and has felt loved. Many of our kittens like to be carried and held and would make great family members.

Kittens that have not been well-socialized or handled a lot avoid people, hide and are jumpy and are often described as independent and aloof or abused.

Why do we promote our kittens in pairs?

All young animals need a playmate. They learn social skills through play-fighting. Kittens need an “equal energy” playmate to interact with. Just like kids picking friends, they pick someone who likes to do the same things. Biting and attacking ankles may be cute when a kitten is small, but a full grown cat can bite hard. Behaviors that the public dislike are created by not making the best choice for the animals. Adopting a pair of young animals that have the same energy level that were well-socialized is the best choice.

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