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My name is Tallulah Gin aka Lula!

I'm being cared for by
Animal Network of Orange County
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Facts about me

Maine Coon
Black (Mostly)
Pet ID
16573298-Lynn Friedman
Hair Length

My info

Small red x Not good with kids
Small red x Not good with dogs
Small blue checkmark Spayed / Neutered

My story

Tallulah Gin aka Lula has enchanting vibrant green eyes and most people say she is really gorgeous! 

She is 6 years old with very unusual markings being she looks like she is a black long hair and yet has grey with slight calico markings. She is very furry and would become matted without being in a home that will groom here. She sometimes needs a sanitary clip on her behind.

Lula is playful with interactive toys like the feather wand and she likes plastic lizard toys or wadded up paper balls. She likes comfy sofas and chairs and is a pretty lounge lizard.

She has lived in the same home since she was a kitten and the couple is giving Tallulah Gin up because they have new grandbabies that visit and Lula will react by biting or scratching them.   

Like many cats Lula has petting aggression which is often misunderstood. Petting aggression is easily manageable by just not petting the cat in areas it doesn’t like or not petting in the same place over and over, or not petting when they are not in the mood. Simply put, petting aggression can be managed by learning what areas the cat likes petting and avoiding areas it doesn't and if a cat strikes when being petted 5 times just stop petting at 4 times before the cat gets disturbed.

Many cats when first rescued may exhibit signs of petting aggression and will swipe when you pet them because they have not been petted in such a long while and the stimulus is too much for them.

When a home is found that they will be happy in and they learn to trust their caregiver and they feel safe the extreme behavior simply isn’t as apparent.

We use a back scratcher to pet all new rescue cats to get them used to us and petting. Overstimulation is often the cause of petting aggression and a cat that hasn't been petted for a while can just feel too many feelings and that overwhelm them. A back scratcher is a good tool to build trust and bond with any cat. It allows the cat to experience pleasure and for the pet-parent to learn what feels good to the cat. 

Lula currently lives in her ordinal home and we would love a foster parent to be able to help her live without the stress of the grandkids. 

If Tallulah Gin is of interest tell me about yourself and others in the home as well as other pets. She will be happy in a home without children.

Community Animal Network, a non-profit organization founded by DiAnna Pfaff-Martin in 1996. C.A.N is a veterinary medical rescue that prepares dogs and cats for forever homes.  

To donate to help cats like Buddy, use our PayPal link: www.PayPal.Me/CommunityAnimal Or Mail checks to: Community Animal Network P.O. Box 8662 Newport Beach, CA 92658  



August 14, 2023, 12:02 am

Animal Network of Orange County

Contact info
Pet ID
16573298-Lynn Friedman
P.O. Box 8662, Newport Beach, CA 92658

Their adoption process



Please share about yourself, work schedule, children and others in the home, current pets and the ones from the past and where they are now.


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We accept the application after the interview. Be mindful of sharing personal information with strangers. Scams are even in pet adoption!


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Our animals live in private homes and you will be introduced to the caregiver first by phone before the application and meeting the pet.


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We ask that you submit short video clips / photos of the areas around your home and all areas the pet would have access to including outdoor


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Feline Pet-Parenting – learn to choose pet foods, common symptoms of diseases, cat litters to avoid, how to choose a vet, cat care.

Additional adoption info

Your adoption comes with a “free” vet exam at The Cat Care Clinic, Orange, CA and includes a two-hour Feline Pet-Parenting Consultation. Your new pet has been blood tested for common disease’s, (feline aids & feline leukemia), vaccinated, dewormed, has no fleas.

An AVID microchip is implanted and the chips registration in the National Pet-Recovery Data Base is included. A 30-day health commitment protects your pet, too.

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More about this rescue

We adopt kittens in pairs believing all young beings should have a playmate of the same species, similar age.

Our foster parents help match the pairs of "best play buddies)

The animals are in private homes and well-loved.

All the rescue organizations are not the same. We all get them from the same places, but well-socialized kittens are not easy to come by.

We specialize in “pet-quality” cats and kittens. A pet-quality cat has had positive experiences with humans and has felt loved. Many of our kittens like to be carried and held and would make great family members.

Kittens that have not been well-socialized or handled a lot avoid people, hide and are jumpy and are often described as independent and aloof or abused.

Why do we promote our kittens in pairs?

All young animals need a playmate. They learn social skills through play-fighting. Kittens need an “equal energy” playmate to interact with. Just like kids picking friends, they pick someone who likes to do the same things. Biting and attacking ankles may be cute when a kitten is small, but a full grown cat can bite hard. Behaviors that the public dislike are created by not making the best choice for the animals. Adopting a pair of young animals that have the same energy level that were well-socialized is the best choice.