My name is Tamiya!

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Cared for by The TNR Project
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3 years 2 months old, Adult
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Here's what the humans have to say about me:


Meet our adorable little Tamiya (Tah-me-ya)!

Tamiya loves to play and be sweet-talked. She really enjoys her wet food, snuggling up in a soft blanket and watching a movie with you. She is goofy with her toys, is very sweet and a little bit on the shy side at first. She is not big on fosters or kittens and really wants her own person. She would be great as a single cat or with a mellow fellow that will let her be herself. She is a very sweet soul in a fur coat.

Tamiya is:
* Color: Torbie (Tabby+Tortoiseshell Combo)
* Spayed
* Vaccinated
* Microchipped
* Combo Tested: Negative for FELV/FIV
* Flea Treated
* Dewormed
* Litterbox Trained
* Litter Preference: All Natural, Unscented
* Scratch Post Preference: Sisal, Cardboard, Carpeting
* Best Friend: Hobbs


* Adoption Application: If you are ready to adopt, filling out an adoption application gets the adoption process moving forward for approval & home delivery. Adoption applications receive priority over inquiries. Fill Out an Adoption Application On Our Website Here:

* Adopt-A-Pet Inquiry Forms: To avoid any confusion, the inquiry form is a brief email form if you have questions. It does not start the adoption process.

FACT: Did you know 80-90% of the cats in the shelters are from the streets? Please help support your local TNR (Trap.Neuter.Return.) groups who are on the streets making a difference by stopping the overwhelming number of litters being born. Please consider fostering with us to save more lives. Always remember to Sterilize....Don't Euthanize!
The TNR Project

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PO Box 11, Monrovia, CA 91017

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An application starts the process. You can fill out one online, at the store or in person at our adoption events.


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* Fill Out Adoption Application
* Foster-To-Adopt Contract (For Kittens Too Young to Fix)
* Adoption Contract (For Cats/Kittens Ready for a Home)
* Two-Week Trial (to make sure it's a match!)
* Free Home Delivery
* Adoption Donation per cat (or a pair) upon delivery
* Must be 25 to Adopt
* Must have consent of landlord, copy of pet policy & know local laws
* We only adopt in Southern California
* We do not "hold" cats. Applications get priority over inquiries.

Adoption application

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We would love to meet you! You can call any of our cats/kittens guardian fosters and schedule a time for a meet & greet. We can also be found at local PetSmart, Petco, Fundraisers and other adoption events! Check our website for locations & times! - Due to COVID, all events are currently canceled.

We always have cats & kittens in the cubicles located at the Unleashed Petco in Monrovia. We rotate cats & kittens every 1 1/2 weeks to let the public meet them as well as give them a break to run & play. If you have seen a kitty at the cubicles and they are not there if you come again, please contact us. Not all cats & kittens are adopted directly out of the cubicles and they just might be back with their foster parents.

If you would like to bring one of our beautiful kitties into your home, please contact our adoption coordinator with any & all questions. We are always looking for those who are willing to foster & volunteer when we pull our kitties from the streets. We do not pull from shelters. We TNR (Trap.Neuter.Return) the adults and foster as many as we have room for individually. TNR is the solution to the overpopulation problem and we are spreading the word along with walking the talk. We TNR 6,000-8,000 cats & kittens yearly since our inception in 2015.

THE ADOPTION APPLICATION: Please go to our website to fill out an application:

THE ADOPTION DONATION: This allows us to rescue the next kitty from the streets and pay for their spay/neuter/shots/deworming/flea meds/microchip so they can find their furrever home! We also offer a 2-for-1 adoption special so our fosters can go in pairs for less anxiety. We have a 2-week trial so we make sure it's a good fit!

ADOPTION PENDING: If You See "Adoption Pending" on a kitty, please don't be discouraged! Things happen, adoptions fall through, people change their minds and we'd love to have you as a back-up in case this happens! Please fill out an application and let us know you want to be on our waitlist!

OUT ON TRIAL: This kitty is currently out on trial for two weeks (acclimation period) to make sure they are a purrfect fit with their potential adopter and any other pets in the family. At the end of the trial, this cat will either come back while the adopter makes a decision or they have found their forever home!

TRUE NO-KILL: Want to help us take our local shelters to "no-kill status"? Learn about TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return!! We rescue cats & kittens who are born, abandoned & living on the streets, starving, breeding and suffering. We spay/neuter the adults and return them to their communities. The kittens are fostered and adopted into loving homes for a better life. We do not pull from shelters. We prevent cats & kittens from flooding the shelters & rescues. For more information on TNR or to learn how you can help your community cats, please visit: and fill out a contact us/join us form or look for a group in your own community!

Save a stray, save a life! Thank you for rescuing!! Big Kitty Love! > ^..^< Follow our TNR Adventures on Instagram!

More about this rescue

The TNR Project humanely & successfully performs TNR which stands for Trap-Neuter-Return weekly. We are a 100% grassroots community movement of self-help volunteers. TNR has been proven to stem community cat growth & overpopulation by controlling the numbers of unwanted cats & kittens on the streets safely & humanely. FACT: 80-90% of all shelter cats come from the performing TNR, we are slowing that overflow and focused on keeping them out of the shelters.

We have TNR'd 18000+ cats & kittens since April 2015 and it's all be done by wonderful volunteers. All of the cats & kittens you see here on our site have been born on the streets, abandoned, left to die or worse. They were all community street cats before we stepped in to save them. We do not pull from shelters. We believe that by staying on the streets which is Ground Zero, we will make the difference people are so desperately hoping for....No-Kill Shelters.

What we prevent from being born on the streets doesn't end up in shelters, dying on the streets, suffering, being surrendered or abandoned, clogging the rescues or breeding several times a year with unwanted kittens. We want cats & kittens currently in rescues & shelters to have MORE time available to them to get into a great home...not euthanasia!
We walk the talk and do good where it's needed...on the streets! If you would like more information on TNR or learn how you can help your community cats, please visit: and fill out a contact us/join us form. Sterlize...Don't Euthanize! Thank you for rescuing!!

FACT: A mama cat can go into heat again when kittens are 4 weeks old
FACT: A kitten is of breeding age at 16 weeks old (4 months)
FACT: A female cat will go into heat every 2 weeks until mated
FACT: Once pregnant, a female cat will have that litter in 2 months (64 day gestation)
FACT: Once a male is neutered, it significantly decreases the yowling, spraying, fighting & wandering
FACT: Feral cats & kittens don't stand a chance at the shelters due to under-funding, lack of staff and fosters...they are almost 100% of the time euthanized
FACT: Only 2 out of 10 cats usually make it out of the shelters alive, which means 80% of cats entering shelters are euthanized...those are the social ones.
FACT: Black cats are 80% less likely to be adopted due to superstition? Black cats have some of the most intelligent, social personalities around!

DID YOU KNOW: Cats can be written off your taxes as natural pest control for your home or office? Don't use pesticides!
DID YOU KNOW: You can de-flea your property by using beneficial nematodes which are the natural predator to fleas?
DID YOU KNOW: The following animals carry fleas: squirrels, gophers, cats, dogs, coyotes, opossum, raccoon, skunk and others? Your flea infestation might not be from the cats...
DID YOU KNOW: Cats not only take care of rats & insects, they thwart gophers and squirrels?
DID YOU KNOW: It's not always cats who are pooping in your yard? Can you tell the difference between skunk, opossum, raccoon, coyote, dog and cat feces?.

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