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My name is Pickle!

Facts about me

Pig (Potbellied)
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My story

Honk honk! My name’s PICKLE and I’m looking for my forever farm in sunny SoCal!

I was born around March 3rd and like all baby piggos, I’m growing like a WEED! My foster mom says I’m the funniest, gabbiest pigren she’s ever met. Well after my start to life, I’ve got a lot to say and do!

I’m known as the PV Piglet cuz I was first spotted running scared in a small forest in fancy Palos Verdes Estates. No one knows how I got there but I was only a few weeks old and suddenly found myself in a big pickle. Fortunately I’m smart and sassy (pigs r smarter than dogs and 3-yr-old kids!), and I had guardian angels keeping watch until I was safely caught and placed in foster care. I had to learn that people can be nice and trusted, but it didn’t take long and now I’m addicted to belly rubs!

Some of my favorite piglet things include:

·       Eating of course – I have 15,000 taste buds! You only have 9,000.

·       Trying to steal everyone else’s food .. I LOVE FOOD! You should hear me squeal for meals :)

·       Belly rubs – More belly rubs, please!

·       Excavating my mud hole, rooting up to my eyeballs, then running zoomies. Mud protects me from sunburn and keeps me cool since I can’t actually sweat.

·       Honking at my humans so they know I’m ready for more belly rubs – I’m chatty, also more belly rubs, please!

Some mini pig FACTS:

·       There’s NO such thing as a micro, teacup, pocket, whatever itty bitty piggy. Pocket pigs are a lie sold to unknowing people by greeders.

·       ‘Mini’ is not a breed and doesn’t mean a ‘mini pig’ will stay smol. I’m currently around 40+ lbs and still under a year. I could grow up to be 200 lbs or more! Who knows, who cares.

·       Pigs continue growing until they are 3-5 years old, and healthy pigs can live 20+ years.

·       No one knows what kind of pig I am, but I’m all black with super lush fur, a nice round pot and 3 white chin whiskers :)

·       Pigs can run a 7-minute mile and since I’m still a youngster, I can prolly run faster than that.

·       Family is for life, and pigs r family too.

I’m looking for a loving home with experienced pig people who like to hang out with their farmily. I’d also enjoy a well-matched pig sibling or few. We’re herd animals, after all. I love nice dogs and have no problem flirting with my foster fam’s Pyrenees. I also think tunneling through a giant pile of straw makes bedtime a little more enjoyable.

My foster mom says I’m a happy little pigren who always has a smile on my face. My smile’s extra big when my feet are in the air and my belly’s getting rubbed. I think I impressed her with how fast I adjusted to my new life in foster care, and I know I can impress you too. Are you the missing part of my universe? My bags are packed and I’m ready to talk my way into your heart! Don’t wait another minute – call the Rescue Lady today and ask about Pickle!!

~ Adoptions within Southern California only please ~

November 26, 2022, 12:19 am

Wagging Dog Rescue - San Diego Chapter

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Carlsbad, CA 92013

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Our adoption process begins with an application (available for download here - followed by a phone interview and home visit. If other pets are in the home, we will manage dog introductions. Our adoption fees vary and will include spay/neuter, vaccinations, and microchip. In most cases our Dogs are also housebroken and crate trained with basic obedience skills. Prospective pet parents must be at least 21 years old. Adoption agreement will be required.

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Wagging Dog Rescue is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization striving to help as many dogs as possible get through Southern California's shelters and find the perfect forever family. We are an all volunteer group of passionate animal advocates, owners and rescuers dedicated to improving animal welfare and restoring the unwanted family pet to his rightful place in a responsible home. All of our adoptable dogs are in a private foster home with a loving caregiver who guides them through their transition from a stressful past to a permanent and well-deserved future. We promote responsible pet ownership, firm leadership, spay and neuter... and most of all, ADOPTION.

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