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Shepherd (Unknown Type)
Brown/Chocolate - with White
(When grown) Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
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September 28, 2022

Picture #1 is Bucky after he was chasing soaring vultures above the yard.   Goodness, he was able to keep them away from the yard.  (LOL)    We had a couple of visitors in the house, Bucky barked when they came to the door and then greeted and sniffed.   He let us know they "passed his inspection."   Bucky has been staying outside more the past two days, as it was cooler for him.   He still enjoys his ice cubes!      Bucky is truly a great dog to foster but we would like him to find his forever home and show them how great he is!    

September 7, 2022

I did it!  Another video, short it maybe!   The new picture is Bucky resting in the shade and looking back at me - to see if I was going back inside.   Bucky does love being outside, but is happy to come into where it is cool.   Any way, Bucky would be great for a busy sports type family.   If you have walkers or joggers, he could be a great companion!   He would be happy to find a family who likes to play.   Our 8 year old terrier mix is grumpy so doesn't like to play.    Bucky would be a great addition to your family.   

August 31, 2022

I have updated the dog profile traits to better reflect where Bucky is with us, his fosters.   Bucky has had a tough week!  TOO MUCH RAIN!  He couldn't play outside.    After getting caught outside when the down pour started, he was bathed.   He does stand still for us, even though he does not like the hose.    He loves being towel dried.  Scratches his back and belly!    He is a great pet!   He would be wonderful with a forever family!   

August 24, 2022

Bucky is doing well.   He runs the fence in the hopes of catching the "sound" coming from the road behind property.   LOL - I am trying to get a video uploaded (to be continued)

Bucky has a great happy personality - is friendly and wants to be part of a forever family.   He is an active dog that would do well with an active forever human.      We had him at an adoption event on the 20th.  He happily greeted the customers as well as introduced himself to other dogs as they came in.   The picture added today - is post event.   He is all smiles!  

Bucky is crate trained.    We continue to work on his commands so he can WOW his forever humans.    He loves ice cubes!  He will alert us vocally that he needs to go outside.  Quite the musical sound.     

This "guy" is happy go lucky, loyal, and fun to be around.   You will be all the better for making him a part of your home! 

Bucky was found after he was apparently hit by a car and left.    He had to have his tail amputated because it was so damaged, but that was ok, it only makes him more adorable.

The accident damaged Bucky’s pelvis so he had to have surgery to correct the damage.   But that’s ok too!   He is healing and is ready for his forever home.

Bucky is a happy go lucky guy who never complains no matter what.   He loves adventure.   Car rides – yippee!    Play ball with the kids – even better.   Other dogs!   You bet.   He is the best dog and has a terrific personality.  

To make him happy will not take a lot of effort.   He just needs a family to love!   Will that be you?

We have been lucky again - to get a wonderful dog to foster!    Bucky is a real gem!    We fostered him with the thought to work on physical therapy, post him surgery.   You will recall from his bio - he was rescued in the MenloPark area following being hit by a car.   While his has a wonky walk due to the surgery, he loves to run in the back yard.    He is able to navigate our stairs without trouble.   We expect him to continue to put more and more weight on the back with leg as he rehabs.      Bucky is a real couch potato!   This surprised us!   He has no trouble stretching out next to one of us OR by himself.  I will warn you, he does have a little bit of a snore!   LOL    Bucky is very smart.   He knows sit, his name, no and stop (eating Petey's food).    My daughter is walking him, getting him used to a nose lead.   More to follow on that project!   Bucky will make a fabulous forever pet!
WEEK 2 & 3 - BUCKY
OK - have had computer issues - so the delay in getting Bucky's diary updated, so here we go!
Bucky's personality is coming out more and more.   He is a HAPPY dog and wants to play with his foster family.   Petey and Munchie ( his foster pets!) are actually playing a little more with Bucky.   This is a surprise because the two are normally grumpy.   Bucky really likes to get out and walk with his fosters.   He is building up stamina.  While in the backyard, he has started playing fetch!   Boy, he can run the fence line!   He was trying to "catch" a grass edger yesterday which was in the neighbor's yard.   He an Petey have been trying to figure out what they are smelling along the back fence which boarders a green space.   LOL - could be anything from the neighborhood cat to a skunk.    Bucky still loves to cuddle with his humans.   Right now, he is on my left side and Petey is on the right.   Bookends!    Goodness, I almost forgot, he "talks" to us.   LOL -  He tells us he is ready to go downstairs in the morning, so human, get moving! He lets us know he is excited to eat.   
Bucky is smart, quick to learn, energetic, happy, and wants to be a part of a forever family!   


Bucky's personality continues to come out.   He remains a very energetic, but then he stops - lays down to "saw some zzz's."    In this week's picture he was trying to catch my toes and or peddles.   He hadn't seen this contraption before and liked playing with it.    When he is taking a walk, he is leery of fluttering flags.   He wants to play with our cat and little dog but they aren't interested.   Bucky does a lot of "come play with me" bouncing, but still no takers.   LOL!    BUCKY wants a forever home he can play and snuggle with his humans.


Bucky got to see the vet for a post surgery update.   Vet says he is where he is expected to be, which is obviously good news.   He uses the back right leg when he runs, stands to see out the window or hops in the car.   He continues to build strength.    We took him for a bath.  LOL he was not a happy camper.  But he does spruce up well!  LOL.    He remains a happy "guy."   He enjoys activities with his humans.    Give him a chance to show you how great he is!   


Another good week.   Bucky really enjoyed the rain we had on Tuesday.   LOL  he didn't like his foster drying him off however.   His leg is strengthening with walking, playing catch and running up and down stairs.   He likes it when Chris is working from home.  He lays next to her, until the cat starts moving around.  LOL   he wants to play and Muchie is not interested.    He is such a good companion!


This week brought a couple of new revelations regarding Bucky.   First, he can be vocal.   My daughter was playing a video of another dog and Bucky's ears picked up, he watched the video screen and started singing too.  OK - well maybe you would call it howling.  LOL   When you are not paying attention to him, he will start talking to you, via  gutteral sound until he is sure you are attending to his needs.   LOL      We have a long fenced backyard.  There is a green space and then a road behind the house.   He heard a truck going down the road and he went into a full run to the fence and raced up and down until he chased the truck away.   He reminded me of a greyhound running.  Quite a surprise on the speed!     He is a character and would make someone a great forever dog!   

BUCKY Week 9

It was almost a quiet week with Bucky.   LOL - he is becoming more vocal!   He tries so hard to talk to us, especially my daughter.   He has two main conversations - one, I want outside and the other, time to feed me.   It is so fun!    He is such a good guy!    Consider him for a forever home!!

BUCKY Week 10

We had to laugh!   Bucky's tail goes in circles!   I hadn't seen this with any of my pets.   It was always back and forth.   Bucky also likes chewing on ice!   He lays out in the sun and chows down on cubes!   He knows how to keep cool!    He will make a fabulous addition to his forever home! 

HELLO!  From  Bucky!

I am at doggie training!   I don't know how long it will last, but I know I will be a better companion to a fantastic forever home.    I write more when I am back with my foster family!   I can hardly wait to show and tell you what I have learned!    

BUCKY has come back to his foster home with better manners!    The trainers instructed us what to do and say to keep up and reenforce their training.   Bucky would still rather do some goofing off - but when we have his attention, he will sit, stay, go to his place and walk next to us.   The difference is amazing!!!   The trainers also worked with his right hind leg and we are doing the same.   His strength and flexibility is improving.      He will be an amazing companion for someone!    He is a very happy dog!

Week 1 back from training

I am still a spaz. I want belly rubs and to play ball rather than be told to sit. I am getting better in staying in my place while one of my humans leave for work. I rather all my humans at home with me to play and let me sleep with them. I am very active and love playing catch. Bringing the ball back is a game for me. I get the zoomies outside and love my ears flapping in the wind. You can almost not tell I have a limp. When I get tired it does start hurting and I love my cheese, it makes the ache go away. My humans put asprin in it. I drink like a horse because of the heat, that does not stop me from going outside. Please come play with me and be my forever friend!


Week 4 back from training

I am still a spaz. I love to play! When I hear bed I go to my crate and wait for my pets. I love my neck scratches. I was such a good boy when I went to the event, I got a dog treat with ice cream! I loved it. My brothers were not happy I got one. I think they secretly wanted one too. My friends in the back yard keep me running. I do not see them through the fence, but I love chasing them. I sound so big and bad I scare some coming to my fence.  Boo! I am such a good boy! I want someone to play with me!


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September 28, 2022, 8:29 pm


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