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My name is Daisy!

Posted 1 year ago | Updated over 3 weeks ago

I'm being cared for by
Etobicoke Humane Society
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Domestic Shorthair/Domestic Shorthair
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Daisy is the perfect flower for your indoor garden!

Daisy is a beautiful, young calico girl, who was rescued from a multi-cat situation and then transferred into our care. She's a little bit of a late bloomer, taking her time to get used to hands and people (she still isn't a big fan of the former), but we're making sure that she's getting all the nutrients (care) she needs! With summer slowly coming to an end, Daisy is in search of a homey garden to plant her roots and a nurturing family to help her grow.

After months of working on her people skills, Daisy has begun to sprout. She's getting more comfortable around people and will now stay in the same room as her foster and their guests, sniffing hands and curiously snooping around. Sometimes she even accepts pets, but she requires a lot of time to feel secure enough to allow contact. Some flowers can't be forced to bloom, and Daisy will require patience, as well as a bit of work, on behalf of her adopters for her to blossom into her true self. Luckily, this vibrant beauty has an adorably expressive face, which makes gauging her comfort levels a cinch!

Despite her aversion to touch, Daisy is very sweet and gentle, and she enjoys receiving affection through play. When she's in the mood for playtime, Daisy will roll around on the floor to get your attention. She loves to whack the wand toy and chase after the laser pointer, attacking, sliding, and spinning to catch it under her paws. It seems any toy will do when she's feeling playful, springs, stuffed toys or wands. Her other hobbies include people and bird watching from the window, gazing at her gorgeous self in the mirror, and sleeping in late on weekends. She truly reflects the lifestyle of a flower!

Daisy is a playful soul and enjoys the company of other feline friends, mainly for the purpose of having a playmate. She will engage in play with her foster's resident cats or enjoy a companionable nap with them on the bed, but there are times when she would rather ignore them. She also does well with the foster's dog, and they can be seen grooming each other once in a while. A quiet household without small children would be the best place for Daisy to thrive; she doesn't want children stomping around in her space. We should also note that Daisy has inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), which is well controlled by a lifelong, daily medication and special diet. This good girl happily takes her medicine in a pill pocket like a treat.

Daisy's looking for a permanent garden to set down her roots and bloom into a lovely flower! If you have the needed nutrients to help her flourish, send us an adoption application!
The adoption fee for a single cat at EHS is $175. Take home an adult feline friend for your kitty and the adoption fee for the pair is $300! For kittens under six months of age, the adoption fee is $200...Or double your cuteness quotient and adopt two wee furballs for $350! If you mix and match (kitten plus cat), the adoption fee is $300. Each of our cats is spayed/neutered, microchipped, up to date on vaccines, snap tested for FIV/FeLV, dewormed, and flea treated prior to adoption. Kittens are not spayed or neutered until 5 months of age, but the cost of spay/neuter will be covered as part of the adoption.
Interested in adopting Daisy? It's easy! Just click "Adopt a Cat" on the EHS website ( and fill out our "Cat Adoption Form." An EHS representative will be pleased to help.

Etobicoke Humane Society

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67 Six Point Road, Toronto, ON M8Z 2X3

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