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My name is Lilly!

I'm being cared for by
Hank's Legacy Foundation

Facts about me

German Shepherd Dog
8 years 4 months old, Senior
(When grown) Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
(Current) 71 lb
Pet ID

My info

Small blue checkmark Good with kids
Small blue checkmark Purebred
Small blue checkmark Shots current
Small blue checkmark Spayed / Neutered
Small blue checkmark Housetrained

My story

Meet Lilly! This beautiful girl is 7 years old with a bounce in her step and big smile.  She is all white with a soft short coat and a pink nose with freckles.  She is smart and needs limits or she will take over every bed and couch in the house. Once rules are established, she is very responsive to gentle redirection.  She is crate trained and fully potty trained. 

Lilly loves to be with her family and would do best with a single person or a couple with no young children.  She can be possessive of her family, so it is suggested that she is the only animal in the house. She will bark at knocks on the door and at people she doesn’t see regularly so she is a great protector.  She is a great work from home Buddy, spending most of her time right next to her owner and being most content in the house where she feels safest.  She does experience separation anxiety which is demonstrated by her vocalizing when you return home and jumping up to be in your space, while wagging her tail and smiling.   She would be an awesome exercise partner and loves taking walks in the neighborhood.  She loves to ride in the car and will sneak kisses to you while you are driving.  She lived in an area with trees and critters and will chase them with determination.

Lilly is an awesome dog with a lot of love to share. Her smart and playful personality will keep you entertained and bring your home so much joy.



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Hank's Legacy Foundation

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canyon country, CA 91387

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More about this rescue

Hank’s Legacy Foundation was created in memory of my first dog Hank. Hank, a Great Dane, came from a breeder, and we quickly learned the hard lesson of not doing enough research on breeding. Hank developed severe allergies resulting in multiple emergency room visits and eventually daily injections. Our sweet boy grew up in a body that would fail him. His poor health and his poor eye-site caused Hank to live an unsure life. He was constantly nervous and extremely cautious of everything new. After multiple train camps, his aggression grew, and we knew this life wasn’t fair to him. You always hear stories about people and their “heart dogs”, and Hank was mine. Losing him was the most devastating thing, and now I vow to save animals like him. I promised my big goofball that I would fight for the poorly bread animals. I would advocate for stricter training and education. I would save all that I could. Hank’s Legacy foundation is built for the animals that need an advocate in order to save their lives. They need a voice, and we are here to give it to them.

Mission statement "To rescue unwanted dogs from the Los Angeles shelters and provide education for the misunderstood “mutt”, To bring awareness to the growing problem of backyard breeders producing “designer dog” breeds without a thought to the health of the animal or the same types of mixed breeds sitting in the shelter system”

Our rescue follows the no-kill policy and is operated solely by volunteers with an emphasis on foster homes, until we are able to have a physical rescue facility.

We are located in the San Fernando Valley and mostly rescue from the East valley animal shelter. We are just starting out and so we have only a few dogs available at one time. If you are interested in a certain breed, I can place you on a list for that breed and notify you when that breed becomes available.

We are 501(c)3! All Donations are Tax Deductible!

We run 100% on donations from our community, and could not do this without you!

We give back to our community through Trap, neuter, and release programs for the feral cats in our area and hope to expand our spay and neuter programs as well. Your donation will go directly to the care for animals. We greatly appreciate every donations, whether it is time or money.

We cannot function without community support. While most groups will forget about the most important volunteer, we are here to thank every one of you who helps spread our message. Tell your friends and family about us so that we can make Los Angeles No kill. Ask them to volunteer their time, or skip that morning coffee and donate to our great cause! Every little bit helps and we appreciate it all!

Thank you for your support!