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My name is Kiwee!

I'm being cared for by
For The Love Of Birds

Facts about me

Poicephalus (including Senegal and Meyer's)
Pet ID

My info

Small red x Not good with kids

My story

You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.

Hatch Date: 2015

Kiwee is a 6 year old , suspected Female Senegal
She prefers a man as her caretaker.
Very interactive bird, so looking for someone that has the time to dedicate to her.
Hoping to find someone that possibly works from home, at least some of the week.

Kiwee is an absolute sweetheart! 
She loves neck rubs and shows her affection by nibbling gently on fingers. 
Although she enjoys all the attention that she can get, she is a relatively low maintenance bird who can chill on a perch for a few hours. 

She is a one person bird who seems to prefer men. 
She does not tolerate other birds on her cage or her perches. 

She is usually quiet but can be very vocal when people intrude on her space.
She prefers to be in her cage only at night and would rather be on one of her
perches during the day. 
Her favorite spot is in the kitchen by the window where she can monitor what
is going on inside and outside the house.

Kiwee’s main food source are pellets that provide balanced nutrition. 
She does however like fresh fruits (apples, bananas, oranges), crunchy vegetables (carrots, celery, green beans), carbs (pasta, rice, potatoes) everyday. 
She also enjoys foraging and solving puzzles to find nuts. 
Kiwee is often thirsty and always needs clean, fresh water.

She is not a fan of water but she takes a shower a couple times per week. 
She stands on a perch in the shower and is happy to sit in the mist,
just outside of the direct stream.
From time to time she will take bathes in her water bowl.

Kiwee is usually eager to get out of her cage first thing in the morning. 
She is looking for head rubs as soon as she does and does not want to be rushed in any way. 
She usually joins us for breakfast sitting on her perch and enjoying eggs or a piece of toast. 
More head rubs and playing for a few minutes after breakfast and she is good to spend the morning playing and chilling on her kitchen perch. 

She likes to spend the afternoon on another perch in a more quiet area of the house where she naps on and off. 
She wants however to get back to the kitchen just before dinner and is very vocal about it! 
After dinner it is play time for Kiwee. 
She wants to be on or around me and be petted for 30 min to an hour. 
We put her to bed around 8:30pm and cover her cage. 
She is in a better mood when she sleeps 11 to 12 hours at night and her cage cover ensures consistency throughout the year.

Kiwee is in our HWR program, located Holmdel, NJ and will only be adopted to someone that is 
willing to drive to do the required visits. 
We will NOT ship our birds. For the Love of Birds is a network of dedicated foster home throughout NJ and Eastern PA, we have no central location. As our adoptable birds are living in volunteer homes, or in their family's home, we only allow approved applicants to meet our birds. If interested in meeting Kiwee please review our adoption policies and complete an adoption application on our website

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June 2, 2023, 9:32 am

For The Love Of Birds

Contact info
Pet ID
Caryn Cullen
PO Box 717, Hightstown, NJ 08520

Their adoption process

Additional adoption info

The adoption procedure begins with completing an adoption application and returning it to us. We will check your references and then call you for a telephone interview. While we check your references, we will ask that you review an educational power point presentation. After your application is approved, it is our policy that you visit with the bird(s) three times to have multiple interactions with them and give you time to consider the adoption and get ready for your new family member. There is an adoption fee for each bird.

More about this rescue

For the Love of Birds is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of companion birds. We are a network of volunteers throughout New Jersey, and surrounding areas. We take in birds in need of new homes, and place them in nurturing and educational foster homes until a loving new family is found.