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My name is Toot!
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Terrier (Unknown Type, Small)
(When grown) Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
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Available for adoption through Bright Hope Animal Rescue. PLEASE SHARE!!

•Terrier mix
•5 years old
•18 pounds
•good with mild mannered female dogs
•no kids-he’s a little spicy 🥴
•housetrained-no, but he wears his little man band like a champion

Toot has been with us for several years. We rescued him along with 12 other dogs from a filthy mud pit. He’s not perfect and for that reason he’s still here 😢 He’s 95% sweet and 5% spicy and he wears his little diaper. He is SUPER affectionate. Would do best in an adult only home with no other dogs or mild mannered female dogs. He doesn’t need walks if he has a fence. He’s content just being with his people. Anything outside of that makes him uneasy. He likes to stay in the closet or laundry basket if it storms. Sometimes, very rarely, he gets in a bad mood and you just have to redirect his attention and he completely forgets about his bad mood. Doesn’t like strangers coming into the house. So if you want an excuse to not have company, then you must adopt Toot 😜 Seriously though, he doesn’t like visitors, but can just be put in a different room if you have company. He will be their friend in 5 minutes though with a little turkey. Toot just need somebody to let him be their buddy, hang out at home, not force him into uncomfortable situations….he really is so sweet and just wants his own person to accept him for who he is. He has good house manners, doesn’t chew. He can also be crated if needed. We haven’t crated him i a long while, but he always did well when we did.

Some things to keep in mind when considering adopting from us.

•email for an application. You will receive an auto reply with a link to our online application
•if we feel that it could potentially be a good fit for both the family and the dog, you will hear from us within 72 hours. If you don’t hear from us, it doesn’t mean that we don’t like the application, it’s just simply not a good fit for that particular dog. If you note that you are open to other dogs, we will keep your application on file and contact you if we have any other dogs now or in the future that may be a better match.
•we do adoptions in the ASHEVILLE, DC, NY, and New England areas. We have support systems in these areas, so all of our dogs need to go within a reasonable distance to these areas. Sorry, no MA adoptions. We don’t hold the appropriate license to place there. We will transport them to you.
•all of our dogs are fostered in East TN. We DO NOT do local adoptions. The shelters here are full of little dogs just like the ones we have. Our dogs are safe with us until they find a home. The ones in the shelter ARE NOT safe. We refer anyone local to a local shelter to adopt.
•we don’t have cookie cutter perfect little dogs. They all carry a little of their past with them in some way. We are BRUTALLY honest about their issues. Both medical and behavioral. We know our dogs inside and out. And we have to be 1000% confident with the adoption. We want this to be a happy time for both the family and the dog. If we don’t get the warm and fuzzies with the adoption, we don’t do it.
-I’m not great at monitoring comments, so please email the address above if you are interested in adopting.
~Thank you for your understanding with our process. It’s what we have always done and it works for us and we are GREAT matchmakers 😍😍

Bright Hope Animal Rescue-NC Chapter

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Asheville, NC 28715

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We are a small 501c3 non profit foster home based rescue saving animals from situations of abuse/neglect/abandonment and from local shelters