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My name is Malia!
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Pit Bull Terrier/Pointer
White - with Black
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Age: 7 months as of 8/29

Size: ~35 lbs

Estimated breed: Pit bull/Pointer mix

Update from my foster home 9/21: Malia is a wonderful dog. Cuddly by some definitions, clingy by others! She's a dog's dog and loves to play, wrestle, and tug. She's great in her crate, great outside in the yard for short periods, and in a love/hate relationship with the hose and vacuum cleaner. Like most puppies, she's tearing around at a full sprint one second and dead asleep the next. She spends some days lazing around the house while her foster parents work from home, and other days she's in the crate for 8 hours for a midday potty break without issue as long as our other dogs are crated in the same room as her. We have made a ton of house training progress, but she does not give big, clear signals that she has to go. Keeping her on a schedule works best to cut down on accidents. We believe she has a grain intolerance/allergy, so she is on grain-free food and treats. She's hardly picky about what she eats and will happily snack on berries, cucumbers, apples, yogurt, or anything our toddler drops on the floor during mealtime! 
Update from my foster 5/2: We are so happy to be fostering Malia! She's sweet and curious, loves learning from our older dogs and getting into our toddler's toys. She's easiest to photograph when she's dozing! We spent the weekend working on leash walking (she's a champ) and practicing "sit."

Malia was found as a stray all by herself in rural South Carolina. The neighbors in the area she was picked up from knew her owner, so the shelter left a note for her owner on the front door. Unfortunately, they never came to pick up Malia from the extremely overcrowded shelter, so it's safe to say they did not want her back. Fortunately for her, she's now safe in a foster home while she waits for her forever home! 


As of 4/29, Malia is around 3 months old and 20 lbs. At our best guess, she is some kind of pit bull/pointer mix, but since we do not know her parents we can't say for sure! She's a super sweet, well-behaved puppy who already sleeps through the night in her playpen and is picking up on house training quickly. She loves other dogs and currently lives with a small child too. Like all puppies, she's looking for a forever home with the time, patience, and love to train her into the best girl she can be! 


To adopt Malia, please apply on our website!


Please note we cannot guarantee the age or breed of any of our dogs. All of our dogs are working on their crate and house training.

September 25, 2022, 8:17 pm

Key to Lion's Heart Rescue

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Derwood, MD 20855

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ADOPTION APPLICATION PROCESS AND PROCEDURES Thank you for your interest in adopting a dog through Key to Lion’s Heart Rescue. Key to Lion’s Heart makes no representation on the breed of the dogs. Our dogs are all rescues and therefore, we cannot guarantee what the mix the dog may have based on parentage. We can only base the breed identification on experience and do not consider ourselves experts or professionals on any breed of dog. Once we receive your application we will begin to process it in a timely manner. Submission of your application does not guarantee approval. An approved application is required prior to a meet and greet. Our adoption process will include the following components in order to become an approved applicant/adopter: 1. Checking your personal references. Please be sure to list two personal references that are not related to you. 2. If you do not own your place of residence we will need to call your landlord or leasing office. 3. Veterinarian reference. If you do not have any pets currently in the home, please list the veterinarian you used for any previous pets. We do require all pets in the home to be spayed/neutered as well as up to date on rabies and DHPP vaccines at at the time the application is submitted. 4. Phone interview. One of our adoption coordinators will call and speak with you about your application and dog of choice. 5. Home visit from a Key to Lion’s Heart Rescue volunteer. Once your application is complete, you will be notified of your approval to adopt and will be required to have a meet and greet with the entire household and then can take your new dog/puppy home after signing the adoption contract and paying the specified donation fee. Our fees for puppies up to 6 months is $400 to include age appropriate core vaccines (DHPP and rabies between 12 and 16 weeks old) and microchip. Dogs 6 months to 7 years old are $350 to include routine core vaccines (DHPP and Rabies), spay/neuter (unless unable due to medical) and microchip. All dogs over the age of 7 are $250 to include routine core vaccines(DHPP and Rabies), spay/neuter (unless unable due to medical) and microchip. Please note, we do NOT adopt out more than one dog/puppy at a time. We ask that you take time to bond and learn your new dog for at least 6 months prior to adopting another dog.

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We are foster based but do hold adoption events twice a month. All events will be listed on our website.

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Key to Lion’s Heart Rescue’s mission is to help save lives of animals that are in shelters or abusive and neglectful situations and give them a chance in life as well as educate the community on animal welfare. We are a foster and volunteer based rescue and rely solely on donations and fundraising to care for our dogs. Through our foster program we provide a loving, nurturing and safe environment for all our animals and address all their needs. We provide all our animals while in our care with vaccines, micro-chips, heartworm test and alter when age appropriate. We provide rehabilitation and training to those in need and work with all our dogs to prepare them for adoption into responsible and loving homes. Through our outreach program we aim to educate the community and our youth about the importance of animal welfare, proper nutrition and the importance of spay/neuter. We will work with the youth by going into the schools and inviting students to participate in our community fundraisers and events. We want them to be a part of the mission to end cruelty and the over population of animals in the shelters. It is our youth that will help change the future of animal welfare.