My name is Junior!

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Meet Junior- he/she is the rescued offspring of her Mama who we rescued along with another rabbit. Junior is weaned and is ready for her/his new person/family. The kits (baby bunnies) are too young to spay/neuter but this will be required once old enough at about 4 to 6 months of age depending on if you adopt a single bunny or two. Bunnies do much better in pairs and we encourage the adoption of a pair. They bond easier at a young age and since these siblings have been together since birth it will be easy to continue to keep them paired if desired. For interested adopters please email: or Call/Text: 626-488-7487 Adoption Fee: 1 Bunny: $75 (includes spay or neuter once of age). A pair of Bunnies Adoption Fee: $125 (includes spay or neuter once of age).
One Heart At A Time Dog Rescue

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Los Angeles, CA 91724

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General fees are per dog and there is an adoption contract stating all the rules and requirements.
Donations are always welcomed so that we may continue to save lives.

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We do not have a boarding facility or central location to vist our animals. They are living in foster homes where they can begin to acclimate into a natural home environment. This makes the transition much smoother for the animal and adoptive family when placed into their forever homes. It also gives us the opportunity to learn so much more about the dog and make better matches into the lifestyles of families.
Adoption appointments are generally scheduled on a one-to-one basis with the dog or dogs of interests assuming there is a "match" between families and dogs.

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Small independent rescue who helps save dogs on the "red-list" or euthanization list from county and city shelters. Educating the public on the health and concerns of animals with emphasis on spay and neuter programs.
This is NOT a shelter and we are all volunteers. The dogs rescued are housed in temporary foster homes until they are adopted. If you have a dog to rehome or you have found a dog, please contact the city shelter closest to you. You can also provide temporary housing for the dog until we can help locate it's family, OR, find a new family.

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