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My name is Jethro!
I'm being cared for by
High Plains P.A.W. - NE Chapter

Facts about me

1 year 8 months old, Young
(When grown) Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
(Current) 35 lb
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Small blue checkmark Good with kids
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Located in Kimball NE area

Beagle & Dachshund fusion is our best guess 

1 year old approx 

Dog friendly

Cats friendly

Good with kids with dog manners 

Not house trained but picking it up quickly and does really well with a dog door 

Not crate trained and doesn’t know commands 

Will need vetted, which we will get done early July unless we can get him in somewhere earlier 

35lbs approx 


So last weekend an animal lover noticed that this sweet lil man was tied up in their neighbors yard which was a huge hazard with all the random junk all around where he was tied up. She watched to see if these people brought him back inside, they didn’t. After a week of listening to him bark and cry, in addition to knowing how hot it was set to get, she went over and asked the ppl if she could just take him and they said yes. They said that he had gotten aggressive with their pit however that’s insanely hard to believe as he has met several dogs including HPPAW Sonnet and has done marvelously with all of them. This lil man’s advocate savior’s daughter also came over with her dog for a play date with the resident dogs and Sonnet. The daughters dog put Jethro in his place twice and he just submitted and shrank down immediately. So I cannot imagine that he aggressively decided to randomly “attack” his more abrasive pitty sibling. I will say like like a human, every dog has a limit. So perhaps after being picked on he finally stood up for himself and the ppl threw him outside. Who knows, all we can speak to are his interactions with the several dogs he’s been introduced to while in the care of a stable and structured home. 


This sweet little man is going to need to start mostly from scratch with training, from my understanding his previous home lacked any structure. So he will need to be crate trained and learn commands, the great thing is he is super easily motivated and beyond eager to please. You know those rescue dogs that show you daily how much they love you and insanely grateful for you they are? Ya, Jethro is one of those. If his huge soulful brown eyes don’t capture your heart, his short little legs with adorable little paws don’t make you obsessed, than his personality will. 


No this little man isn’t 100% perfect yet, but has ALL STAR potential. He is truly going to make some family extremely lucky! Right now he needs a place to land, his advocate savior can only keep him until Tuesday. Can anyone help this dapper gentleman out on a temporary or permanent basis? He’s worth it, I promise!!


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WE DO NOT HAVE A FACILITY ALL OUR DOGS ARE LOCATED IN FOSTER HOMES. This means there is no place for you to go in person to view our dogs. We ask that an application be filled out and we will go from there!


We do ALLOW out of state adoptions, HOWEVER the adopter MUST pick the dog up in person and DRIVE or FLY (IN CABIN ONLY) the dog back at the adopters expense. We do NOTcoordinate transport.



High Plains P.A.W. - NE Chapter

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We require an adoption fee which ranges based on age of the dog or cat. We also require a completed (and obviously accepted) adoption application, and home and reference checks. We don't do this to be nosey, but because when we bring an animal into our program we make a promise to that animal that they will go to the best home for them. We are more concerned with the quality of our adoptions than the quality