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My name is Luna!

Facts about me

Dogo Argentino/Pit Bull Terrier
(When grown) Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
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Meet Luna, formerly known as Yang! We don't know much about Yang's story, but her body told us enough to know it wasn't a good one. When we met this incredibly sweet girl, she was stained redddish brown on all four legs, her entire abdomen, including the underside of her tail, and under her chin. Not dirty - well, yes dirty - but stained. This, along with her endearing social awkwardness, indicates a dog that spent her life tethered, in the red clay. She was very thin, very dirty, had been used for breeding, and was heartworm positive. Not much had gone right in her life, but she was oh-so-sweet! So we pulled her, with the plan of getting her back to her beautiful healthy self, and then putting her through the program.
So she started last week! Most of the staining is gone, her beautiful snow-white coat is soft and lustrous, she has filled out, and she will be done with heartworm treatment the end of this week!
Her life is looking up, and we are so excited for her! This beautiful pittie mix weighs just over 50 pounds - kind of a perfect size - and would love to chin-nibble her way into your heart! If beautiful snow white girls, with a heart of gold (hint hint to a previous adopter ) are your cup of tea, you might want to get an application in for this delightful girl!
Luna is in Atlanta, and is currently in training in the Beyond The Bars program. She can be adopted at any time, and will be available to go to her new home after she graduates in late August. If you are interested in this beauty, or any of her Beyond The Bars classmates, the process starts with an adoption application. They can be found on our website -
October 3, 2022, 2:14 pm


Canine CellMates - Atlanta Chapter

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Atlanta, GA 30318

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Visit our website or email us to get an adoption application and schedule a meet and greet with one of our amazing dogs today! Upcoming events will be added, but we will gladly schedule a mini-Jail break to introduce you to any of our awesome dogs!

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Sandy Springs Festival Meet & Greet - September 19, 2015...10am-4pm Heritage on the Green 6075 Sandy Springs Circle Sandy Springs, GA 30328 We are so excited about this event. Come see us, meet our dogs, and learn all about our awesome organization! Upcoming events will be added, but we will gladly schedule a mini-Jail break to introduce you to any of our awesome dogs!

More about this rescue

Canine CellMates is a jail dogs program that operates out of Fulton County Jail, in Atlanta, Georgia. The mission of Canine CellMates is to establish a continuing partnership between Fulton County Animal Services, the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office and Fulton County Jail, and Canine CellMates to rehabilitate inmates housed at Fulton County Jail and homeless dogs from Fulton County Animal Services through a Good Behavior Incentive program. We want to give the inmate a productive new sense of hope and newly trained skills to care for and train shelter dogs, and give the dogs the skills they need in order to become adopted into and spend the rest of their lives in loving and caring homes. There are many programs across the country that are all slightly different, but with one important common thread - dogs which were otherwise subject to being euthanized are saved and given a new and better chance. The inmate handlers get to learn responsibility in caring for a living creature, accountability in working towards a goal, and are able to experience unconditional love and positive physical contact in an environment where those are not possible. The incidence of violent outburst in prison and jail facilities where these program are in place has shown a dramatic decrease, sometimes as much as 50%. Recidivism rates have also shown marked improvements. The Atlanta metro area has one of the highest recidivism (or re-offend) rates in the country, around 70% within the first 2 years after release. In Gwinnett County, over 300 inmates have gone through this program to date, and only 6 or 7 of them have since re-offended, which is roughly 2.3%. This is a program that has a huge ripple effect in the community, and that’s why we are so excited that this program launched in Fulton County Jail on June 3, 2013. We are already seeing amazing changes and invite you to be part of improving lives - both canine and human! Visit us at and on Facebook at Canine CellMates to see more pictures, information about our program, updates and more!