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My name is Bathtub!
I'm being cared for by
Miller's Rescue

Facts about me

Domestic Shorthair
Tan or Fawn Tabby
5 years 3 months old, Adult
Pet ID
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My story

Welcome Bathtub! She's an older sweet Southern lady with a love for food, naps, and pets. She is not big on toys or play, but she will watch movies and shows cuddled up next to you. She loves a warm blanket and a nice cushion to curl up into a loaf.

She loves calm dogs. She has done great with my dog (a 1 year old female shepherd-husky mix). They have cuddled together a few times and Bathtub has let my dog lick her ears clean and lick her cat food bowl clean. However, my dog sometimes is a bit too high energy and playful for Bathtub, so I suggest a low energy dog or a dog who does well with low energy cats.

Bathtub is a tough cookie. She was formerly a stray and survived with little food and contracted FIV. Her condition is managed well by keeping her inside, annual vaccinations, and avoiding raw food.

Overall, she seems to prefer being indoors with food, a calm environment, and occasional attention. She also prefers wet food, but might eat dry food.

She doesn't like being picked up (even though she tolerates it) and bathtubs with or without water.

Feel free to ask me any questions. Medical records will be included at adoption.

Age: estimated at 5 years
Breed: American shorthair - torbie coloring
Gender: Female
Spayed and up to date on vaccines

Adoption fee: $50


Miller's Rescue

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Pet ID
Charlotte, NC 28211

Their adoption process

Additional adoption info

Our fees are $50-$150 depending of the age of the kitty and the amount of vetting. Most of our adult kitties are $50, most of our kittens are $125-$150, which includes all shots, microchip and spay/neuter. We will send you an application, once approved, we will schedule a playdate with the animal. We do require a home visit. The animal then goes on trial for a couple weeks to a month. We want to make sure the animal is a good fit for your family. Even after the trial period if you can not keep the animal at anytime we will take them back into our program.

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We are a foster home based rescued. Therefore, the majority of our animals are in peoples homes. This is perfect for adopters who have very specific needs on the animal they adopt. We know our animals well, and what types of homes we feel they will thrive best.

More about this rescue

We specialize in healthy, fiv+ kitties. But do have other kitties in our program as well. Fiv is an immune deficiency which kitties get from fighting. Usually unneutered males fighting for territory, food sources and females. Once fixed and loved and fed daily the need to fight for these things disappears. Most of our fiv+ kitties are fostered with other non fiv kitties, and proven to be friendly. There are lots of myths and misinformation about fiv. To simply it, an fiv kitty is a kitty with a lower immune system. If they get hurt or sick it could take them longer to heal. Fiv does not cause disease, it is a secondary issue of how your kitty will react to primary issue. Most fiv kitties die from geriatric issues without any more vet care than other kitties. Here are some links to learn more about fiv