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My name is MAISSA (Local) sf/yo - Olympia, WA!

I'm being cared for by
Loved At Last Dog Rescue
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Facts about me

Pharaoh Hound/Canaan Dog
1 year 10 months old, Puppy
(When grown) Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
(Current) 17 lb
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My story

Happy day to you. My name is MAISSA and here is a little info about me:
Breed: Pharoh Hound/Canaan Dog mix
Age: 1 yr
Gender: female
Weight: 17 kg
Height: 50 cm

***NOTE: Maissa really loves to be in a home with other dogs.***

My rescuer found me bitten up and full of ticks. I was screaming in the street: My mommy and siblings were nowhere around. My leg was so bent, I wasn't able to straighten it.

To this day, you can feel the odd placement of my healed leg, but I can walk, run & play with no problems. I am healthy now and aren't I just beautiful?

My name is like me, it means slender, graceful young woman. That describes me to a T. I am quite sensitive... romantic my rescuer says. Very full of love. I can be a bit afraid of newcomers to the house, until I get go know them. Then my lovey dovey side comes out. I like to lay my head against your chest & listen to your heartbeat. Hoping ours can beat as one.

Cats, dogs, no problem. I live harmoniously with a cat & 4 dogs now. People are where the goods abound though. I could just climb into your skin with you. I'm a charming and loyal cuddle bug. Some activity, then some snuggling (sofa time)... then start all over again. Ok, you can toss in some training and treats along the way. I would enjoy learning things, especially if I get to do it all with you

My needs are a quiet home without young children or lots of comings and goings. Still a bit shy, it is essential that I have a confident & playful, yet non bossy, easy-going dog as a buddy. While I greatly prefer women, I am open to slowly making friends with kind, gentle, dog-loving men (patience required.) I can be quite a watchdog when outside, while indoors very quiet and catlike, though a bit of a "roo roo" talker. Trust me, it's cute.

A moderately active family would work well. I need a decent amount of engagement, exercise and chew treats; otherwise I get bored. I've never been destructive in the house, but am a big time chewer and LOVE my cow ears & tracheas, beef cheeks and raw bones. 

I ride in the van and go for regular hikes off leash with the pack, but am great on leash too, no pulling. I do have a graceful sashay, if I do say so myself.

Being a sensitive, velcro dog who is highly attuned to the household's energy,  you'll find my endearing and gentle, yet assertive personality shines through. My coat is extremely short and is virtually non-shedding, really soft now too with multi-tonal color combos.

My foster mom says, and I quote "Whoever adopts Maissa will be blessed by this gentle, delightful and devoted girl." 

older, quiet children would be fine. My confidence needs to rebuild after so much change.

Additional videos:,        

Energy Level: moderate

I get along with:
Dogs: yes
Cats: likely, rather neutral about them
Kids: yes

Prey drive: unknown/not observed, likely low. My adopter needs to be willing to train me through these behaviours, should they arise.

Fears: Meeting new people. Just need time to warm up to anyone who visits. Please be patient assisting me in my transition.

Training: none
Leash skills: yes, I'm quite gentle on leash
House trained: yes

Health notes: my left rear leg was injured, so still a bit odd yet when you feel it.
I have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

My adoption fee is $800.00 CAD plus applicable taxes. This includes my transportation to Canada, if I am able to be accompanied by a flight volunteer directly to Vancouver. I will likely fly into Mo treal. Please see additional costs below.

Disclaimer: It is important for all applicants to visit our website, and read about Loved at Last Dog Rescue.

Information included in the profile is provided to us from the international rescuer or local fosters. LALDR does not have access to overseas dogs and cannot always verify the accuracy of their descriptions. Every dog is an individual and can act differently in different situations based on the person adopting them and the environment in which they live.

Please Note: LALDR highly encourages adopters to research some local dog trainers before their dog arrives. Although a 1-on-1 trainer is often not needed, it is good to have someone in mind in case any problematic behaviours arise. Most bad behaviours can be modified if caught early enough, so make sure to nip undesirable behaviours in the bud before they become serious problems.

Basic training should be taken seriously, but should not begin until your dog is well settled in - at least a couple of weeks. After you feel your new dog is relaxed and comfortable in their new home, check out training courses in your local area. Even basic beginner courses like those taught at a local pet store can have a huge benefit in helping your dog learn to socialize and get used to being in public situations, all with the added benefit of strengthening their bond with you.

While most dogs find escorting passengers flying directly to Vancouver, some will find flights through Toronto or  Montreal. In that case, additional fees will apply to fly your dog to Vancouver by cargo. Unaccompanied cargo costs within Canada range from $350 - $550 depending on the size of the dog. LALDR will be as transparent as possible with you regarding these costs.

The age and breed of a dog is usually an educated guess, so we are not able to guarantee the accuracy of age or breed of our dogs.

Normally, we will not approve adoptions to homes with children under 12 years of age. However if a dog has been determined to be good with children we will approve applicants with children 8 years or older. More information can be found on our website.


Loved At Last Dog Rescue

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Langley, BC V4W 1M6

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As adopters of overseas dogs will be taking their dog home from the airport, they have a couple of weeks to decide if the dog is a fit.

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We offer a foster to adopt program for adopters of overseas dogs. As they will be taking their dog home straight from the airport, they have a couple of weeks to decide if the dog is a fit. In the rare times the dog isn’t found suitable we will find the dog another home.

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More about this rescue

Loved At Last Dog Rescue operates in the Greater Vancouver area. We rescue and rehome local dogs as well as homeless dogs from numerous countries around the world, including Mexico, Korea, China, Iran, Kuwait, Bahrain and India. Many of these dogs have experienced hardship and cruelty yet they are gentle and loving. We have found that dogs who have experienced suffering appreciate every kindness shown them. All our dogs are fully vaccinated, microchipped and those over 6 months are spayed or neutered.