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My name is Kingston!

Facts about me

Shih Tzu
(When grown) Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
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My info

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My story

KINGSTON: 3yo, 10lb neutered male Shih Tzu mix

Please Note: We cannot guarantee breed mix or age. Both are an educated guess.

Kingston Says: My name is Kingston, and I’m having a ruff time finding a forever home. I can be a really good boy if I’m in the right home who can manage my crankiness. I have been sent to many homes, and I’m always a good boy at first, and of course devilishly handsome as you can see. I love kids and get really attached to my family. Thing is, I guess I’m afraid when someone walks in the door, they are going to take me away again, or even be mean to my family and so I growl and lunge and will even bite someone I don’t know once they step inside. I know I’m not supposed to do this, and I’ve been sent to training for months to show me how to behave better, but when I get back to my home and I get comfy with my family, it starts again.

With a few simple rules I know I can be the best boy and find my forever family! Here’s a note from my current foster mom. It’s important you listen to her because she knows me best and is trying so hard to help me find a home of my own!

Personality: Kingston gets protective over his primary person so will be reactive toward someone new first entering his territory. He will lunge, bark or bite if scared by someone unknown approaching or startling him, so he needs owners comfortable with handling and correcting these behaviors including him having restrained introductions, and who are able to hire a trainer if additional support is needed. He is a couch potato lap dog who loves to follow around his person, and he's fine with other pets. He's mostly housetrained but may mark spots inside. Kingston is a snuggle bug with the ones he loves, but he needs a low traffic home with a confident handler who won't be nervous around a dog who will get snippy with other visitors.

His Foster Says: Kingston is an adorable and quirky boy. He can be a cool litte dude with the proper boundaries. The boundaries are simple, and need to remain consistent. Any lapse or deviation from the plan and he will react. He does have a history of biting, but has been with us, his current foster, for 10 months with only one incident. Kingston does not like new people coming in the door. He will lunge, growl and bite anyone who enters his home that he does not know. It’s a very simple behavior to manage. When someone is coming inside your home that is new, put him in another room or leash him. Simple. Easy. There are times when he won’t act up at all and even wag his tail in excitement, and you will think, he is better, or you fixed him, and THAT is when someone will get bit. We are a family of 3. Myself and my two kids. Kingston has never attempted any bad behavior with any of us. My babysitters and friends who are regular weekly visitors to our home, he has no issues with either. When someone he doesn’t know is coming into our house, I put him in a room and close the door. It’s that simple. The key to Kingston is to IGNORE him. If you just let him be and don’t try to make him your buddy, he will be your best of buddies in no time at all.

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BARRK Bark Animal Rescue & Rehab for K9'S-NY

Contact info
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PO Box 1264, Valley Stream, NY 11580

Their adoption process

Additional adoption info

Fees range from $375-450 for adoption
Adoption or foster applications & contracts must be completed & approved.
Home visits are required.

More about this rescue

BARRK LI was created by Kristina Howley after many years of working with many wonderful groups in the animal rescue industry. Most recently my work with SNARR Animal Rescue Northeast has encouraged me to begin a new chapter of rescue focusing on the NYACC abandoned and "at risk" shelter dogs. While I will continue to help and support SNARR NE for the wonderful work they do, I am excited and hopeful to roll out BARRKLI to help even more dogs in the NY shelters and those in other area shelters of dire need. My initial goal is to build a small team of support for the local NYACC shelter dogs and eventually expand to help as many dogs as I can. One thing I have learned over the many years in rescue, is that the most successful rescuers have accepted that we can't save them all but the ones we do save we certainly can give our all too. My motto is and will continue to be "one dog at a time". And for that one dog, may his/her life be changed forever