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My name is Gilligan aka Gil!
I'm being cared for by
High Plains P.A.W. - NE Chapter

Facts about me

Chihuahua/Mixed Breed (Medium)
1 year 1 month old, Puppy
(When grown) Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
(Current) 2 lb
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My story


Located in Dalton NE

Chihuahua mix 

07/28/2021 Birthday

Dog friendly

Cat friendliness unknown but likely fine 

Will be fine with older children with dog manners, he is too WAY small to be manhandled 

Not house trained, and knowing his breed this could be a long process. However he has already made positive movement on this topic 

He is crate trained but doesn't love it. He needs a heartbeat stuffed animal or another dog to sleep with him. He also believes when kenneled that he can and should express all his opinions as loud as possible. 

Doesn't know commands but is shockingly easy to motivate so he should be relatively easy to train

LOTS of LOUD opinions, not an apartment appropriate dog, unless you're looking to get out of your lease, then he is the PERFECT dog 

Needs to be adopted with his sibling Ike or he just go to a home with other cuddly dogs

Likes to sleep under the covers 

Up to date on vaccines, will be neutered and have his dental shortly

2-3lbs approx

Someone adopt this thing. He’s almost a year old 7/28. He’s FINALLY maintaining weight around 2-3lbs. He’s sweet. He’s the 2nd loudest dog in my house, he has lots of opinion’s. He has 2 sets of teeth. He likes to sleep under the covers but you forget he’s there and then think he’s a rodent in the middle of the night and almost pee yourself, or maybe that’s just me. Either way he needs to bounce on outta here and we would prefer he go with his brother (Ike, who is 3 times larger and brindle) or to a home with other dogs who cuddle. He isn’t housetrained but he’s so small you can’t see his tiny little poops until you step on them, usually barefooted, but he is doing better, truly. 


(He will be neutered shortly and yes we will take out his baby teeth). His name is Gilligan aka Gil and he is looking for a perfect home, ok a good home with a lot of plus side could work too. 


Side note: He was born in my living room and because of his weight issues that have FINALLY been resolved, he’s still here, 1 year later… y’all Chihuahua’s are NOT my jam but he’s kinda adorbs.

Original Description, which is still 100% true
Gil was the 3rd pup born and 100% the most needy. He is 1/3 the size of his brother but he makes up for it in pure gumption! He has no fear, he loves to snuggle he's the tiniest little man with such HUGE personality. To this peanut every day is an adventure and he is down to live every moment to its fullest! He is going to keep someone on their toes and we cannot wait to meet his people!

 $300.00 Adoption Fee + $50.00 Refundable Spay/Neuter Deposit 

(The $300.00 is considered a nonrefundable donation and being we are a 501c3 organization it is tax deductible. The fee itself is not negotiable, our vets don't negotiate and thus neither do we).

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WE DO NOT HAVE A FACILITY ALL OUR DOGS ARE LOCATED IN FOSTER HOMES. This means there is no place for you to go in person to view our dogs. We ask that an application be filled out and we will go from there!


We do ALLOW out of state adoptions, HOWEVER the adopter MUST pick the dog up in person and DRIVE or FLY (IN CABIN ONLY) the dog back at the adopters expense. We do NOT coordinate transport.


High Plains P.A.W. - NE Chapter

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Sidney, NE 69162

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We require an adoption fee which ranges based on age of the dog or cat. We also require a completed (and obviously accepted) adoption application, and home and reference checks. We don't do this to be nosey, but because when we bring an animal into our program we make a promise to that animal that they will go to the best home for them. We are more concerned with the quality of our adoptions than the quality