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My name is Tom!
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Domestic Shorthair/Domestic Shorthair
Brown or Chocolate
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Small blue checkmark Spayed / Neutered

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Hello world,
My name is Tom. I am basically a forever kitten. I learn things at my own pace and do things my own way. I love other cats and food. My favorite activities are cuddling with people or other cats and playing with my toys. Everyone in my home loves to lick me when I rub on them so I am hoping to find cats in my forever home that will be okay with me walking up and rubbing on them. I also need things set up to where I don't have to jump very high to get to things like my litter box or food. I recently learned how to climb to the top of the cat tree and that I can purr. Like I said I am a bit slower at learning than most cats so you will have to help me learn where my things are. I still sleep in a kennel at night with my buddy Toby, he stays in a play pen half the day and wears a diaper when he is out because only half his body works. He is my best friend as we are matched well for playtime and wrestling. I am fine around dogs as well even though the one dog gets mad when I try to sleep in his chair with him. The other dog lets me play in his fur so I like him.
Everyone thinks I am super cute because I am small and round. I was tested for a few things and all my tests came back okay so the humans don't know why I am small and delayed developmentally. I need to be fed separately from other cats as I get aggressive over food and will over eat if given the chance. I also need a non sloping bowl when I eat or I get food stuck in my mouth and I won't let anyone help me get it out as they may steal it. My favorite time of the day is meal time. I usually sleep in my kennel for a while after and occasionally don't want to come out when my humans come to get me because I am tired. My favorite toys are soft toys I can carry around in my mouth and chew, especially after meal time. When I decide its time to rest I will climb up on your and nuzzle you in the face and lick you until I fall asleep. I have two speeds meandering or sprinting. The first thing I do when I come out of my room is sprint to the water bowl. I love water bowls, everyone thought it was funny that I used to sleep next to the water bowl all the time so I stopped that. I still need to check on him often to make sure he is still there and still has water if I want it. I like to have a routine of where I eat and when and when I go to bed. If you change things around I tend to forget where they are.
If you are looking for a sweet little special guy I am the guy for you. If you would like two special guys please also check out my buddies profile, his name is Toby.

Kids: No young kids.
Cats: Friendly cats a must
Dogs: Yes as long as they are friendly
Special needs: Can't jump very high but have learned to climb pretty well.

Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals

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Hillsboro, OR 97124

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View available pets on our website. Adopt-a-pet is not always accurate. Our website is accurate up to the minute. Browse our website. Website notes: Updated animal data is sent to the website as frequently as possible. Be sure to refresh the adoption pages in your browser for the latest information. Profiles of available pets are displayed on the available for adoption pages (Dogs and Cats). All information we have concerning an animal’s temperament and health is included on their profile. Meet the animals and an Adoption Counselor Once you’ve found an animal (or two!) that you’re interested in adopting, please email us at to set up a meet and greet with the foster family who is taking care of that pet. All pets have received an examination and assessed for any health or possible behavioral concerns to the extent possible while in our care. REQUIREMENTS: All members of the family along with any other dogs must be present to meet the new animal to make sure that everyone is compatible! Dogs must not live as outdoor pets and all animals are REQUIRED to be spayed or neutered. Certain breeds will not be adopted to apartment dwellers. We also reserve the right to refuse to place an animal in a home without a fenced in back yard. We adopt our animals based on a first come, first qualified basis. Our main concern is to match our animals with the most ideal home, the decision is based on many different factors. Complete the adoption If you so choose, you are able to take the pet home on the same day that you first meet them. When you’ve found a great match, it’s time to complete the adoption process! You’re welcome to ask our volunteers or fosters questions about training and for tips on helping your new pet adjust to your home. Placing Pets on Hold: We do not place animals on hold. We adopt out on a First Come, First Qualified basis. Medical or Behavior Consults: If the pet you’re interested in has any medical conditions, we will arrange pre-adoption consultations with our medical / clinic staff so you know what to expect.

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We are not holding events during COVID-19. Please visit our website. Adoptions are done on an appointment basis.

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OFOSA rescues adoptable animals from over crowded shelters, restores their health and finds them forever, loving homes. Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals (OFOSA) is a volunteer driven 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the welfare and adopt-ability of shelter animals.