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My name is Pua!
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Pig (Potbellied)
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Pua is a 1+ year old, young piggy from a home where their dogs were going after her. She's very well mannered but like any young pig, she need outside time to expend her overabundance of energy! She's an indoor/outdoor piggy now and loves it!



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Las Vegas, NV 89146

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Please see our "Pigs That Need New Digs" page on our website for our full adoption process, fees, contracts, etc! Please feel free to complete our Adoption Application on that same page to get the process started!

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We would love to setup a meet and greet by appointment only as we would encourage you to learn the special requirements to keeping a potbelly pig happy and healthy!

More about this rescue

Vegaspigpets is a potbelly pig "breed specific" 501(c)3 federal non-profit organization with a network of volunteers supporting the health and welfare of all potbelly pigpets. We provide free education as to the specialized needs of potbelly pigs and provide free support to all current and prospective pig owners to assure the best quality of life for our pigpets! We also rescue and place unwanted, abandoned & abused pigpets in need of a new, permanent, loving home.