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My name is Scott!

Facts about me

Shepherd (Unknown Type)
(When grown) Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
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Small blue checkmark Spayed / Neutered

My story

Hi, my name is Scott, I came to OPH on the Desert Animal transport on 8/5. I'm guessed to be a sweet 1 1/2-year-old terrier mix, weighing about 28lbs.
I am a friendly, happy pup looking for someone to love and be with furever
I will be your faithful companion, loyal, and caring
Crate trained
House trained
Have not chased the kittens but did catch a chicken but let go when foster mom said to
Get alone with other dogs, I prefer smaller or the same size
I am playful, would be very happy if you have a fenced yard for me to zoom in
I will jump for joy when you come home or just back in the same room as me, working on not jumping on people
I LOVE laying in the sun and if I get warm/hot I can come back in thru the doggie door or lay in the shade
I like to garden too, if you are weeding, I will help you get to the root
I like to just lay close to you but I'm good if you need your space
I am very food motivated, foster mom said I'm doing great being 'gentle' when taking treats
I am also learning basic commands like sit (no problem), down (well still working on), off, stay/wait (trying but I get so excited)
If you are looking for an active, playful, loving companion I would love to meet you
My foster mom said I'm 'a diamond in the ruff', just take a chance to meet me and I'll show you how I can sparkle
I made my way North to find my family oasis in the desert. Is that with you? If so, apply now I won't be available for long.

This dog tested positive for heartworm disease before arriving to the rescue. The disease was treated while in foster care. Heartworm disease is transmitted to a dog through a bite from an infected mosquito. With monthly preventatives, the disease is completely preventable. Read about heartworm disease here: Read more about heartworm disease here here


Operation Paws for Homes - MD Chapter

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Frederick, MD 21703

Their adoption process

Additional adoption info

Step 1: The Application Each prospective adopter fills out an adoption application. The adoption application is a simple form that asks information about you, your current pets, why you are looking to adopt and how you plan to care for your new addition. Essentially, this application gives us necessary information about you and your lifestyle, training beliefs and background with animals. We strive to find the best homes possible for our dogs, as well as find the right dog for you and your lifestyle. Once we receive the application, it is processed in the order that it was received. Our volunteers will contact your personal references, veterinary reference and landlord where applicable, and ask to discuss your interest in adoption and past experiences as a pet owner. It is helpful if you contact your references so that they can anticipate our calls. Keep in mind, that depending on the timing of your application, the dog you are interested in can already have multiple applications for adoption. However, rest assured that there are many dogs that need forever homes, and OPH will work with you to find you a dog that closely matches what you are looking for. Step 2: The Meeting Once your application is approved, you will be contacted by an OPH Adoption Coordinator to schedule a “meet and greet” with the dog you are interested in. We prefer that everyone in the immediate family, including your current dog (if you have one) come to the appointment to meet your potential new family member. Adopting a dog is a big decision and requires a commitment from everyone. If you currently own a dog, it must be up to date on its shots and spayed/neutered. Sometimes we will also conduct a home check, which is at our discretion. At the meet and greet, the foster will be able to provide you with information about the dog you are interested in. Also, this is a great opportunity for you to really assess if this is the dog for you. You will be able to interact with the dog to ensure that he/she is exactly what you want. Step 3: The Adoption Before you bring your new family member home, you must sign an Adoption Contract with OPH. In addition, the adoption fee is requested. Please refer to the “What the Adoption Fee Covers” link for detailed information on the fees. The adoption fee is non-refundable. Please remember that adoption fees barely cover our expenses of rescuing a dog. Additional donations are greatly appreciated and will help us continue our life-saving work. If, at the time of adoption, your dog was not already spayed/neutered, you will be required to agree to spay/neuter your dog and provide us a deposit fee. Our adoption contract requires all dogs to be spayed/neutered within 1 month of adoption or when age appropriate. Once this has been verified, your deposit check will be returned to you. Step 4: Post Adoption Follow Up Our goal is to help you enjoy life with your new dog to the fullest extent possible. If issues arise, or you just need some good advice, we are happy to do follow-up counseling by telephone and email. We can also suggest dog trainers in the area as additional resources. Also, at the time of adoption, you are provided with a pamphlet full of information and links to online resources to help with behavioral related issues like potty training and house training. This information can also be accessed from the “Information” tab on the OPH home page. IF ANYTHING PREVENTS YOU FROM KEEPING YOUR DOG Sometimes situations arise which cannot be helped. If, for any reason, you are unable to keep a dog you’ve adopted from Operation Paws for Homes, the dog cannot be given away. It doesn’t matter how much time has passed since the adoption. You must either return the dog to Operations Paws for Homes, or obtain approval from Operations Paws for Homes to transfer ownership to a friend or relative. Fosters and adopters sign a binding legal contract before taking home an animal. Adoption fees vary, and will be listed on each animal's bio.

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We have adoption events in several different locations throughout VA and MD. Please visit our website - and look for the EVENTS tab. Additionally, approved adopters may meet adoptable animals at the home of the animal's foster, or possibly in the adopter's own home. We want every potential adopter to meet the dog or puppy of their choice first, before making a decision! This is a lifelong commitment. We have events throughout Maryland Virginia - Please visit our website for event information!

More about this rescue

Operation Paws for Homes, Inc. is a 501c3 organization that was started by a small group of experienced rescuers. We we set out to create a rescue that believes all animals deserve our love and help, regardless of geography, that customer service is a crucial part of rescue, and that volunteers have a right to rescue how, when, and where they want to, and be treated with respect. We rescue all breeds of dog, and cats, and offer assistance to owners needing to rehome their pets. Why do we give our time, our hearts, and our homes? Because we love animals, and because someone has to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” ~Gandhi