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My name is Chris Farley!
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Domestic Shorthair/Domestic Shorthair
Gray or Blue
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My story

Chris Farley: gray/silver/white tabby, short hair neutered male, born approx. 4/22/22, #17710
Molly Shannon: peach & gray dilute torbie, short hair, spayed female, born approx. 4/22/22, #17712

Cats: love!
Dogs: possibly
Children: older kids

These two stars (and their already adopted brother) were born to a community cat on the streets of El Centro. The feeder caring for the colony wanted to see a better life for the sweet babes, so the kitten comedy trio was gathered together for a road trip up to a Rescue House foster home in San Diego. After some rehearsing in their temporary home, Chris Farley and Molly Shannon are ready find a permanent stage where they can entertain their family every day!

This charismatic duo is very affectionate, and while they may play hard to get when you initially meet them, they warm up quickly!
---Chris Farley is an athletic gentleman who dominates playtime and is first to greet you with a leg rub or a cuddle. Wand toys with feathers or fuzzy worm-like creatures at the end are his favorite! To chase his fly toys, Chris Farley will transform into an acrobat, flipping and jumping until he catches his "prey." Once he does, he will walk around with his prize in his mouth while making little growl and grunty noises to tell his sister that he won it fair and square! This li'l dude is the opposite of a "Black Sheep"-anyone who meets him can't help but fall in love! (In addition to his cute tail kink, he has the gentlest meow and knows how to melt perfectly into your lap for purr-filled snuggles!) A loyal guy, he prefers to take naps embraced by Molly Shannon or his person.
---Molly Shannon is a mischievous gal with a petite voice who will steal your heart with her captivating eyes and melodious purr. Molly Shannon LOVES cuddles and pets, but being the "Superstar" that she is, she usually prefers them on her terms. Thankfully, this girl is generous and dishes out her affection regularly! When she is up for some canoodling, she will approach you with repeated raspy meows and slink into your lap, relaxing into a warm and snuggly purr machine. She then will proceed to climb all over you demanding adoration from all angles! Despite the barriers that were in place, Molly perfected ways of breaking out of the foster room to explore and has become a master escape artist. Her favorite toy is a little yellow coil she enjoys batting around and carrying from room to room. She adores chasing her brother around in a game of tag too!
---Chris Farley and Molly Shannon MUST be adopted together.

Being the charming comedians they are, these babies get along with other cats. Chris Farley and Molly Shannon's opinions of dogs are unknown; however, with a respectful canine and the right introduction, they could likely adapt to an eclectic cast! These babies would prefer cat-savvy children who understand feline boundaries. In terms of previous interactions, they were very amused during their playdate with some middle school kids!

Are you seeking some unconditional love and comic relief in your life? Then look no further, the SNL kittens are here to fill that void!



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Encinitas, CA 92023

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All prospective adopters must complete an application and be interviewed as part of the adoption process.

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