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My name is Little Man - Foster!
I'm being cared for by
Humane Society of West Michigan

Facts about me

Domestic Shorthair
Brown or Chocolate
Pet ID
Hair Length

My story

Little Man's Foster says:

"From the fosterer: Little man aka Mister gets along with everyone. He will relax with my other cats and bird watch. He loves to look out the window and talk about what he sees, or maybe he's trying to tell the birds to come hang out, I wish I spoke cat. When I am in the kitchen cooking, he will come beg for treats by rubbing his clawless paws down my leg. He loves to play with shoestring, if you just dangle it in front of him he will go nuts. He's also a lap cat who asks permission. There's so much more about this guy that I don't have enough room for, but you should check him out. "


Humane Society of West Michigan

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Walker, MI 49534

Their adoption process

Additional adoption info

You are more than welcome to come down and see our adoptable animals. If you see one that you're interested in you will fill out an adoption survey which gives us information on what you are looking for and what best suites you. If you are approved you can meet with an animal and go with the adoption process from there. Our adoption fees are as follows: Puppies under 4 months - $250; Dogs (over 4 months) - $175; Dogs over 7 years - $75 Kittens (under 1 year) - $75; Cats (over 1 year) - $45 Rabbits-Neutered: $30, Spayed: $50, Neither: $15 Guinea Pigs-$10 Other small critters and birds-fees vary

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You are welcome to visit our facility and see the animals we have available. We are located at 3077 Wilson Dr NW Walker, MI 49534. This is on Wilson, north of 3 Mile. We are open: Tues - Fri: 2-7 Sat: 10-4 Closed for adoptions Sunday & Monday WE DO STOP CONDUCTING ADOPTION CONSULTS A HALF HOUR BEFORE WE CLOSE EACH EVENING.

More about this shelter

We are a private, non-profit organization. We do no recieve any funding from the governemnt, we rely solely on the generous donations of people like you! The Humane Society of West Michigan is dedicated to the protection and care of all animals. We give voice to creatures who cannot speak for themselves. We do this by: Promoting responsible pet care through public education and services Working to reduce unwanted pet populations Providing humane care to abandoned, injured or relinquished pets Finding homes for adoptable pets Our vision is a community in which: All pets are provided with adequate food, shelter, medical care, companionship, and appropriate training All companion pets are spayed or neutered All pets are wanted and considered a part of the family