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My name is Natasha!
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Domestic Shorthair/Domestic Shorthair
Brown or Chocolate
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Small blue checkmark Spayed / Neutered

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Brown/gray/black tabby w/white, short hair, spayed female, born approx. 4/25/19, #17328

Cats: okay with laidback kitties
Dogs: unknown
Children: unknown

Through another organization, Natasha and her sister landed gigs as barn cats where they mostly resided outside and took care of any rodent problems. When coyotes started coming around, the area was no longer safe for them. After losing her sis, Natasha knew it was time to say goodbye to her life as a professional mouser, and she joined The Rescue House in search of an indoor-only forever home!

Sweet and gentle, Natasha longs to give her heart to you! During her previous career in the outdoor world, loud noises and sudden movements usually signified danger, so understandably, she can be timid when you first meet. Your patience and reassurance will help her realize that she is secure and can open up to you. Once she does, you can expect passionate meows for love! This cutie is very vocal and won't hold back when she wants your attention. She's equally enthusiastic on the playground! Full of energy, she'll play soccer with paper balls and fly through the air after the feather toy. When it's time to recharge her batteries, she fancies being brushed from head to toe. While she's not a lap cat, Natasha does enjoy cozying up close on the couch and snuggling in your bed at night.

Such a friendly girl, Natasha would be thrilled to have another laidback kitty playmate. Since she tends to be submissive, a domineering or food-aggressive feline would not be a good match for her. We don't know how she feels about dogs or children. Based on her personality, she might be okay with calm canines and kiddos.

Since her early retirement from barn cat duties, Natasha is living it up! Will you be the one to continue to give her the cushy lifestyle of boundless affection and playtime she craves?


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Encinitas, CA 92023

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All prospective adopters must complete an application and be interviewed as part of the adoption process.

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We at The Rescue House believe that we can contribute to the welfare of our furry friends by implementing an Adoption Program. Our Adoption Centers are located in retail pet stores whose philosophy agrees with The Rescue House's mission. A list of the adoption centers can be found here:

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The Rescue House is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization dedicated to assisting cats through its rescue, foster and adoption activities. We find loving homes for unwanted, abandoned, homeless and abused cats. We open our arms to cats that need assistance, regardless of age and often regardless of handicap. We find good homes for every cat that we take in - we are a true no-kill cat rescue organization.