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Domestic Mediumhair
Brown Tabby
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Never ever ever have we seen cats who snuggle and love on each other as much as these three!!!  Will you help us keep them together? If you are ready to adopt or foster this family of 3, read on. Their foster mom is moving but will NOT abandon them like everyone has in the past. 

BOOTS (Socks): handsome brown with auburn and white tuxedo tabby, striped, ticked and spotted! He is catnip to his 2 wives!! They CRAVE being near him!! Boots loves to be petted, but NOT on the neck or chin. They were saved from the scary outdoors, and this is a remnant of his protective behavior. Cover up with a blanket, and Boots will come to your lap and knead his paws like he is marching! You'll need a thick blanket!! He likes to snuggle at your feet and in your lap. If he is at your feet on a bed or recliner, then the wives will lay there too. While cats aren't usually allowed on the kitchen table or counter, Boots insists on jumping up to rub all over human heads, faces, shoulders, elbows, give headbutts and generally just take in all the affection. When he is in charge, you can touch his face and hear his gentle purr in your ear. 
SASHA (Minxie): beautiful long-fur marble/swirl tabby with short legs, a short tail and a cute turned-up nose! Her side profile is definitely different from any cat we have seen. She is Boots' little shorty girl, for sure! Even if he is lounging on a small cat tree or shelf, she wriggles her way next to or even on top of him!! She rolls around and rubs her face all over him, so lovingly. Then they proceed to kiss and groom each other.  She walks next to him in sync, sometimes even touching shoulders. They look like show horses in a parade!! Sasha is very food motivated. She will eat canned food and treats from your hand, even climbing on top of you or in your lap to get the food!! While it's clear she craves affection, she doesn't yet allow humans to rub her. We know she will love it. She is starting to greet her foster mom's hand with a nose touch. 
HOLLYWOOD: shiny, sleek, slinky black mini-panther. She is a stunning site when she saunters through the house, deserving of a Hollywood catwalk!! She is also very in love with Boots and will snuggle in with him almost anywhere. Then the kissing and grooming begins.  She comes romping out to play with Boots and Sasha. All 3 love to play! Boots and Sasha play with many toys and sometimes romp with other cats in the home. Hollywood reserves her snuggles and play time for Boots and Sasha. They all love each other -- there is no jealousy between the 2 wives!! Hollywood is finally becoming food-motivated, meaning you can now use special food and treats to lure and socialize her. But she prefers to play cat games on the phone or computer! If you open CatAlone2 or other cat apps and lay your phone or tablet on the bed next to you, Hollywood can't resist. :)
These fur-babies were feral/abandoned and being fed by a nice lady. Then she sold her house and left them behind. The new owner threatened to poison them. A new CC foster mom rescued them with no idea what to do next. They absolutely adore the relaxed indoor life and are very happy. Boots has been tame and adoptable for many, many months. He has responded well to human love and affection. What a privilege to see him transform! We didn't adopt him out yet because his 2 wives are so attached to him. The females are spending more and more time near their humans, including sitting in the windowsill right next to the couch, gazing at birds and squirrels at the feeders just on the other side of the glass. The girls are pack animals, wanting to be in the vicinity of Boots and the humans. They now come closer and closer, but have to compete with many other cats for attention and tend to take a back seat. They would progress quickly in a home with fewer other cats.  Are you the amazing cat lover who will adopt or foster all 3? 
Fully vetted. Indoors only.   To be considered as a foster or forever home for this little family please contact Vivienne at  APPROVED APPLICATION AND ADOPTION FEE REQUIRED.
June 13, 2024, 5:38 pm
Critter Cavalry Rescue - DC

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Washington, DC 20009

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Most all our dogs are fostered in Tennessee and transport up to the Northeast or New England. Our fees start at $500 and can be higher depending on the dog and circumstances for their vetting. All fees cover the health certificate, transportation up to designated places for families to pick up their pre-adopted dog, spay/neuter, rabies, all shots, fecal and dewormings, microchip, complete vet check up and 4 way heartworm test if dogs are older than 8 months.

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We are a group of dedicated rescue people who want to save as many dogs and cats from the local shelters before they are euthanized. On the average....there are only 1 out of 10 animals that get adopted from a shelter. We are dedicated to helping increase pet adoptions by offering a shelter animal a foster home to go to while awaiting an adoptive family to find them on our Petfinder website. Won't you please adopt a shelter animal? Or won't you please help us foster a shelter animal while we are looking for their perfect home? What a gift you can give a dog or cat by giving them a place to feel safe and secure....a forever home or a foster home. Won't you help us at Critter Companion Rescue give them a chance to have a life?

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