My name is Jack!

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Adoption fee: $1285

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Schnauzer (Miniature)
Gray/Blue/Silver/Salt & Pepper
4 years 10 months old, Young
Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less (when grown)
18 lbs (current)
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Aberdeen Scottish Terrier Rescue is a registered 501(c)3
Web Site:

***MUST SUBMIT APPLICATION before we will respond to email or phone inquiries. Thank You for your cooperation***
Please read listings fully to the end before applying for one of our beloved rescues.

Please do not contact us to look at a dog. We will contact you once we have reviewed your completed application if we think your home might be a good fit. A reference check, phone interview, and home visit will be completed before meeting an adoptable dog.

We work quickly. Please do not submit an application until you are ready to bring a new furry family member home. Expect your references to be contacted shortly after submitting your application. We adopt out to homes in WA state, but require that you are present for the meet and greet in Newcastle, WA.

Our adoption fee is non-negotiable. The adoption fee is due on the day of adoption in the form of a check, Zelle, or cash. We no longer accept PayPal because of the percentage they take & their fees.

The terrible evil for these amazing souls is never ending. Beautiful Jack’s, mind body & soul was being used as a breeding machine in a puppy mill in Missouri along with his fellow friend schnauzer Rosemary to make money off his back. We were able to bid on him & in fact bought him to stop having a life of misery over & over again for evil human beings to make money off him. Living his life outside in the stinking heat day after day in a metal tin can of a shed was over. His life was instantly changing in that moment & only for the better.
We cannot thank our wonderful team enough for stepping up & helping Jack & many others.
Now the real healing, love & devotion could begin & show Jack how he is supposed to be loved & adored in a loving forever home.

Jack was rescued/bought by another wonderful rescuer for us who we were working with & got Jack out for us. Just as always we are beyond grateful to these rescues & we are so extremely grateful for what they do day in & day out for these babies & there is also such a large financial responsibility when rescuing these babies, so we cannot begin to thank them enough.

Jack was bought back to the WA state where he is now is so happy to be here & can’t wait to find her new loving devoted forever home.

The horror he endured on hid little body & mind all to make money off hid back is so disgusting. Being forced to do this is so wrong. This boy does not have a mean bone in his body. When we first got him he was so very beaten down & defeated. It was very evident he had been treated very cruelty. He is beyond grateful to get out of that hell hole. From the day we got him to how he looks now you would not believe he is the same dog. He now looks you in the eyes instead of cowering down.
Jack now let’s you pick him up & let’s you give him kisses & hugs. He is still shy at first until he knows & trusts you & of course he is. But he is so very sweet. The reality is, the foster homes are his real first experience at being in a home, with a tv, bedding he can snuggle up in, a roof over his head that’s not outside.
He adores comfy beds & big comfy blankets because again the reality is, this is something he did not get to experience ever until he was rescued.
His foster mum said at first he did not know what to do when his feet his the grass & he had the freedom to run around. It was just so new & foreign to him. He has come such a long way.
Jack is really a good boy with being bathed & dried by the hairdryer & so tolerant. Does he love the hairdryer, no but will he just lay there to be dried, yes he will. When we first got him, he was shaved down to the skin from the breeder. Now to have his beautiful fur grown in it’s a beautiful site for us.
Jack loves to eat & is a wonderful eater.
He would still need work walking on his harness & leash as it’s all completely new to him considering he was never ever taught until coming into the rescue.
Jack loves his dog friends so much as he finds comfort in them. In both foster homes he was so good with the dogs. In her current foster home he loves to play with the dogs& loves sitting & laying with the other dogs. He does not discriminate against breeds. We have also put him into a daycare to have him around all different breeds & to build his confidence.
Jack’s new forever home must have a fully fenced backyard. He now adores going outside & having a wander around & sitting in the backyard. He has always been with other dogs & he adores other dogs so in his forever home another dog or dogs is mandatory in his forever home for him to have his best life.
Jack rides beautifully in the car & considering the only times we know of was when he went to auction to be sold & when we got him & he had done so amazing in the car. We are looking for a crate free home for this little lad only. He will cower in the back corner of crate. He spent his whole life confined for breeding & runs from a crate now if he sees one. He refuses to go near it. Jack as you can imagine spent such a long time in a caged environment. We are also looking for a forever home for Jack where someone is home during the day or he can go with his people wherever possibly he can go with them.
Jack is looking for a forever home who will cherish him & love him as he should be loved & be patient with him & never give up on him.

Jack has been around many breeds of dogs all shapes & sizes in the rescue & in his foster home in CO & WA state & he is currently with other dogs & adores other dogs. Jack needs to go to a forever home with another dog or dogs in the home, he enjoys the company of other dogs & we currently have him with other dogs in his loving foster home. Please do not apply saying your neighbors have a dog or family members or you will take her to places where there are other dogs. That will not work, another dog or dogs is mandatory along with a fully fenced backyard.

Jack is roughly 17.6 bs, he is 3 years old & a schnauzer, what he is mixed with we are not sure. He is male, he is neutered by laser by our wonderful vets. He is microchipped, had a heart worm & parasite screening with a 4DX & is heart worm negative. He had a scale & polish along with dental x-rays. Jack had gum surgery & while receiving his dental had 2 teeth fall out. He is up to date on his shots, including DHLPP, Bordatella, CIV, rabies & dewormed.

We have spent far more on Jack with paying for him from a puppy mill auction in Missouri which we paid $1000 alone for him. Bringing him to WA with his travel costs, his medical care in WA & CO, boarding fees etc & bringing him to WA than his adoption fee comes close to covering.

Jack has not been around cats since being in the rescue, but it’s always up to the new family to be responsible with their animals together & we have not had him around small children so we do not recommend small children nor cats & it’s always up to the family to be responsible with their children & cats.

We were not there when Jack was conceived so we do not know who his parents were & it’s always up to the new potential family to look at the pictures & decide what they think his breed is.

As with all of our rescues & Jack’s friends he will need work on potty training & training, so this should be something the new family would be willing to work on & commit to. Please do not submit an application if you are not willing to commit to one of our rescues care for their whole life & that includes if they need training. Please do not email us asking is Jack potty trained or available, nor do we ship dogs anywhere as we will not respond.

We would never say anyone of our rescues are potty trained. Our rescues need homes where the people are understanding of their past & what they have been through & what they will need in their daily lives & not willing to give up on them & if they do need training in their new home will in fact take them to training & not just say they will when applying.

Please only submit an application if you are truly interested in adopting Jack & going through our process and have read his listing fully to the end & are wanting to adopt. If you are not responsive to our calls, emails or your references do not respond we will move on. Or you waste this rescues time, will remove your application from our system. You must be willing to go through our screening process which includes your references being checked, a phone interview & a virtual home visit via WebEx due to covid & followed by a meet & greet & if it’s a good fit, up to our discretion. We will only be accepting applications for Jack who understands his needs & that meet all the requirements for this special sweet little lad.
Once we find the right home for each little soul we work fast, within days so the dogs can go to their forever homes in quite a timely manner. We do not hold onto dogs for people as our goal is to save lives & please do not submit an application if you are not ready to adopt. We also cannot respond to every application unfortunately.

Jack has an adoption fee of $1285 & is ready for his truly loving forever home & compassion & understanding of what he has been through.
Aberdeen Scottish Terrier Rescue

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PO Box 3257, Renton, WA 98056

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Our rescue volunteers work as quickly as we can but cannot contact every applicant. Best Qualified applicants will be contacted.


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Steps 2 through 7 often are completed over 2-3 days so please only apply if you are ready to adopt a dog and take it home in that time.



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Step 5, 6, and 7 happen on the same day and the newly adopted dog goes home with you if meeting the pet went well.


Pay Fee

Step 5, 6, and 7 happen on the same day and the newly adopted dog goes home with you if meeting the pet went well.

Additional adoption info

All of our dogs are in foster homes, so please fill out an application on our website to meet them in person: Aberdeen Scottish Terrier Rescue is a 501(c)3 recognized charity. Our volunteers dedicate all their free hours to finding the best loving home for each of our dogs.

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