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My name is Diamond!

Posted 1 year ago | Updated over 4 months ago

Cared for by Legacy Dog Rescue
Adoption fee: $150

This helps Legacy Dog Rescue with pet care costs.

My basic info

Dutch Shepherd/Shepherd (Unknown Type)
Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg) (when grown)
50 lbs (current)
Pet ID

My details

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My story

Here's what the humans have to say about me:

Approx 50 lbs

💎  LIKES: Loves to play! Tennis balls are her absolute favorite, but any ball will do! Also enjoys soft plushy toys, but she does rip them apart. Loves chew toys/bones. Enjoys going for walks. Would probably like light jogs/runs. Loves to come in and snuggle up after a nice day of running and playing.  She also loves pup cups, whipped cream, and cheese.  
Her new favorite thing is to jump up on the bed and get morning snuggles before starting her day ❤️

💎  DISLIKES: New environments are very scary for Diamond. She is pretty wary of new people, and needs time to warm up. She is still learning to trust. Also needs time to warm up to new dogs. Does not like them in her space too quickly. Doesn’t like to give up her tennis ball.

💎  PERSONALITY: She is very loving once she warms up to you. She’s a total sucker for pets and snuggles once she decides that you’re her person. She’s incredibly loyal to her person, and loves them fiercely. She definitely loves to be your shadow! Has a pretty typical Dutch shepherd personality.

💎  TEMPERAMENT: She may be timid, but she’s a spit fire! Still pretty fearful of most things that she doesn’t know. Well mannered, but can be mouthy when it comes to tennis balls (getting much better) Slow to warm up and needs time to build trust.

💎  ENERGY LEVEL: high energy level when she is outside. Will need to be in a home that’s willing to exercise this girl, and ideally give her a job. A solid 1.5 - 2 hours of high energy play seems to be enough each day to level her out, but she will go more than that too! That being said, she has a really nice "off" switch when coming inside. She enjoys coming in for naps and snuggles at the end of the day.

💎  FAVORITE ACTIVITES: Loves being outside. Playing fetch is her favorite. Loves running around with other dog in foster home. Doesn’t mind car rides, and LOVES the pup cups from Dunkin or Starbucks.

💎  GOOD WITH CATS, DOGS, and KIDS OVER 6?: Currently fostered with a German Shepherd, and they get along well. Also frequently around older male GS and does well. Seems to prefer a companion that isn't jumping all over her. Also fostered with cat. Pretty sure that she's more afraid of the cat than it is of her 😆. Should be ok with children over 6 as long as they understand that she needs space and time to learn trust. She can also be mouthy with tennis balls, so would not recommend kids playing specifically with tennis balls with her. Foster home has a 2 year old. She does well with being petted, and is learning to be ok with fast movements and loud noises. Takes treats/food very gentle. Does get anxious when child visitors come into the home, but is ok if left alone.  Biggest problem with really little kiddos is that Diamond does not always watch where she is going and knocks them over 😬
Not good with: watching where she is going when she is playing outside. Will run into things/people if not redirected.

💎  HOUSETRAINED: has not had an accident in quite some time! Has cried a few times when she really needs to go out, other than that she just seems to wait until we let her out.

💎  CRATE TRAINED: yes. Sleeps in crate at night and does well. (Not sure how she would do in a crate during the day)

💎  CHALLENGES: over excitement with tennis balls-can be a little snappy. Helping her to gain confidence and learn to trust.

💎  ANY MEDICAL ISSUES? Has started medication for anxiety. Has had previous trauma and favors back right leg. Will likely have arthritis as she gets older. On joint supplements and will need to stay on them.

💎  What would be the best kind of home: Would love to see her go to a home that understands the breed, and that can meet her energy requirements. A relaxed in-home environment would be ideal due to her anxiety/stress. May like a doggy friend, but may be picky about if she likes them/ may need extra time to bond. The MOST important thing for Diamond is to go to a home that is willing to give her the time to learn to trust, and to also be willing to take the time to train her as it does seem to help
Our adoption process starts with our application. Once the application is approved, a member of Legacy will contact you to set up a home visit. The home visit usually last 1-1 1/2 hours and is to make sure our dog and any current dogs/cats are getting along, as well as both of us agreeing it's a fit. At this time the adoption fee is due, and begins the 2 week trial. We will check in during the 2 week trial. If it's not working, our dog is returned to the foster home and all except $100.00 {$75 if Senior} of the adoption fee is returned. At the end of the 2 week trial, you decide if you will finalize the adoption - if finalized, the Adoption Contract is signed and all medical records are turned over to you. If at any time you
Legacy Dog Rescue

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Pet ID
PO Box 3643, Youngstown, OH 44513

Their adoption process

Additional adoption info

$150.00 for an adult dog - they are fully vetted (spayed or neutered, vaccinated, heartworm tested and on preventative, flea treated and stool sample checked).

$195.00 for a puppy under 6 months of age, same vetting applies, age appropriate.

If you are interested in one of our dogs please fill out an application:

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More about this rescue

Legacy Dog Rescue has two main purposes. First is rescue. We take dogs from many places. Pounds, stray & owner turn ins. We place them in foster homes then find them loving forever homes.

The second purpose is community service. Our spay/neuter program is very close to our hearts. We believe by focusing on spaying and neutering we are helping reduce the dogs that could be sent to the pound. We eliminate the problem before it happens. We also will assist financially to both dog owners and other rescues when appropriate.

We currently run a food assistance program to help dog owners that are struggling to feed their pets due to economic hardship. We are always accepting dog and cat food, or gift cards to help us keep food on hand.