My name is Huey!

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Shih Tzu/Poodle (Miniature)
Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less (when grown)
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Huey is a budding senior Shi Tzu mix who came to the rescue after one of our veterinary partners contacted us for help. Huey’s owners had asked them to euthanize him, and they felt it was an extreme measure. We believe Huey was mistreated in his former life and had some behavioral/trust issues and an ongoing ear infection that needed to be addressed. We felt he deserved a chance to rehabilitate and live his golden years in a loving home.

Once he was in our care, we were consistent with his meds and vet follow-ups and changed his diet to help with his allergies…It’s worked well. He still has occasional ear flare ups, and will need periodic cleanings from the vet., but he’s definitely feeling better and has a bounce in his step now. 

In his prior life, Huey was mistreated and would snarl to avoid being handled or get his desired outcome of being left alone. His instinct was to avoid human touch and affection.... We knew Huey was trapped in this pattern and enlisted the help of Daniel with Lakeside Dog Trainer to work with Huey and help him learn to trust and establish new behaviors.


“When Huey started his training back in August, he showed his defensive side towards us. He avoided eye contact and had NO interest in engaging. We worked with him on verbal cues and making eye contact. After a few days, he started to relax and realized he liked having someone else in charge. He started to seek out attention. We’ve been doing structured training with commands to build his trust, and working on basic obedience too.

Huey is crate trained, housetrained, has learned to sit and wait for food, and has solid leash skills. He loves to go for walks and LOVES car rides, and does great meeting other dogs and people on leash.  Even after a hard life, Huey has proven he can be part of a pack. He’s still learning to trust his handlers, and enjoys receiving pets and affection on his terms. Picking him up is still not advisable, but we have not pushed that yet.

Huey would be great as an only-dog, or with another calm, confident dog and he’s been fostered with cats. We have continuously exposed him to other dogs for short, safe, and positive meetings and he’s learned that humans will advocate for him and has really improved his doggie social skills. He needs a calm home — no kids or loud city noises. Structure will be key to Huey’s success.

UPDATE - 2/25/23

Huey transitioned into a foster home in December, living with a retired foster mom who was a special ed teacher, a patient foster dad, and their three other dogs. He had some early hurdles, but his fosters powered through and he’s settled into a groove. We’ve confirmed that he absolutely needs structure and boundaries when he goes to a new home. If you give him too much freedom at once, he will make bad decisions, and really needs an owner who is a leader first, who also listens to his queues. 

After two months in his foster home, Huey still has the potential to nip, but his foster family has mostly been able to successfully navigate around it as he typically gives warning...but not every time. He’s not going to be a cuddly lap dog, but he does make a good companion, and wants to be near you. He will follow his foster mom around the house, would love to accompany you on walks or running errands and will alert you to danger. 

Huey is a complex pup. He can be a charmer wanting your affection and then get spooked and suddenly growl.  When he wants physical contact with you, he will put his front paws on your knees. If you reach out to touch him and he ducks his head or shows hesitation/resistance, it's best not to push affection. He is fearful of someone trying to pick him up especially when leaning over him. His foster parents give him affection when he requests it, but do not initiate petting. After two months, he’s now choosing to lay next to his foster mom on the couch, vs. the other end…baby steps!

PACK: Huey has been living with three dogs and shows no reactivity to the pack when outside, eating, or taking treats. He initiates play with the two smaller dogs who are about his size. He can be reactive/growly (never bites or engages) with the larger dog in his foster home.  He is fine with her at mealtimes and outside, but will react to her inside the home if she gets too close to him when he’s on the couch or bed. One approach is to keep Huey off beds/couches and his trainers did restrict his access, but his foster family is allowing it. They manage their engagement and use a water squirt bottle to stop unwanted behavior…it works pretty well.

CRATE: The crate was an importat tool to settle Huey in and they keep it always open and available to him. He no longer sleeps in it overnight. He sleeps on a doggie bed on the floor next to his foster parents bed and has never guarded his doggie bed, or the chairs he is permitted to sit on…so we are seeing progress. The dogs all switch places throughout the day with no problems.

MEETING NEW PEOPLE: Surprisingly, Huey is great at meeting new people. The foster family’s 12-year-old granddaughter and son-in law came to visit and Huey was very excited. He jumped up against their legs and invited them to pet him. No snapping or growling…he often acts like this when meeting someone knew…it is perplexing. 

FOOD/TREATS:  He shows no signs of food aggression. He eats in the same room with the pack. They are separated around the room, but he does not push and will wait for his turn. He also sits with the pack and waits for his treat, which he takes gently.

PETTING:  His foster mom never reaches to touch him without giving him the option to tell me he doesn’t want it by lowering his head or turning away. ( if pressed he will snap or growl)  If you are sitting and he comes over to you, he will lean in to get scratched or petted. He loves to have his ears rubbed, but you should never bend over to pet him, especially if he is laying down. He needs to be the initiator of contact.

HOUSE MANNERS: He learned how to use the doggie doors to go out within the first hour he was here. He goes in and out as needed.

LOUD NOISES: He fears fireworks and storms. He chose to sit with his foster mom on New Year’s Eve. He was shaking and for the first time wanted to be held.

Huey continues to make progress, but does have quirks and needs a special adopter who is ready to work with a more complicated pup. He needs someone who understand his fear issues and allows him to be himself and accepts his love of all things paper.  He is not a cuddly lap dog,  but enjoys being near you. We are looking for an adopter with some leadership skills and patience to settle him in. Huey’s trainer will stay involved during his transition to his new home and be a resource for support as he settles in.

Apply today to learn more.

BREED ESTIMATE: Shi Tzu or Shih-Poo
APPROXIMATE AGE: ~  9.5 -10 years old
COAT TYPE:  Long/Low shed - Requires regularly grooming
OTHER INFO: utd on shots/neutered/microchipped
LOCATION: Charlotte, NC


FOR MORE INFO OR TO ADOPT: Please go to and complete the application.

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Worthy Dog Rescue is an all-volunteer, foster-based rescue that primarily adopts to families in the DC Metro area.

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Thank you for considering adoption and choosing to save a dog’s life!

Adding a dog to your family is a rewarding and life-changing experience. Dogs enrich our lives and have the amazing ability to give and receive love unconditionally. They can be your loyal companion and friend, and a watchful playmate for your kids, but they are also a serious, long-term commitment. They will depend on you for their health and well-being, and require an investment of love, time, and money for the rest of their life.

As you search for your new dog, please remember that there is no shortage of dogs who need saving. There are far more dogs waiting to be adopted than people who are willing to adopt them, so if the dog in the picture who you’ve imagined bringing home isn’t available, there are thousands more amazing, loving dogs just hoping for the chance to be your dog. We ask that you keep an open mind, stay flexible, and we will do our best to work with you to find a great match for your family.

We strongly encourage anyone thinking about adopting a dog to do your research and make sure you are prepared for the commitment. If you have thought about what’s required and are ready to adopt, here’s what you can expect when you apply to adopt a dog from Worthy Dog Rescue.



    To start the approval process, the first step is to complete our non-binding adoption application


    If applicable, we check vet references to ensure that your pets have been kept current on care, and a copy of your lease to ensure that adopting doesn't violate your rental agreement


    Once your application is submitted and reviewed, and your vet provides a positive reference, a Worthy Dog Rescue volunteer will contact you to schedule a phone interview to discuss your application


    A Worthy Dog Rescue volunteer will schedule a time to visit your home, in person, to meet you and verify that your home is a good, safe environment for one of our dogs


    Upon approval, if the dog you applied for is still available and a good match, we will schedule a time for you to meet the dog. If not, we will work with you to find another dog who will suit your family.


    The approval process can take a week or two depending on your availability and our volunteers’ schedules. The rescue is run by a team of volunteers from your community who love dogs. We are just regular people with jobs, kids, and lives whose time is as limited as yours. That means that during periods of high activity or seasonal vacations the process may take a little longer.


    Worthy Dog Rescue cannot guarantee that the dog you apply for will be available once you have been approved. We do our best to work with adopters and meet your needs, but we do not adopt dogs on a first-come, first-serve basis. All applications are screened to determine the most suitable match for the dog and the adopter. We want to place dogs in good homes as quickly as possible, so the dog can start their new life with their family, and we can free up their foster home to save another dog in need.

    We understand how easy it is to become attached to a dog you’ve found online, but sometimes the dog you apply for may already be scheduled to meet another adopter, or it may not be the best fit for your home for a variety of behavioral reasons. Our dogs are fostered by one of our volunteers, living in their home as part of their family. This allows us to get to know the dog, what they need, their level of socialization, and the type of home that will best suit them.

    Our goal is to place dogs in loving, responsible, and committed permanent homes. We take great care in finding good matches for our dogs and adopters too. We look forward to working with you to find the dog that will be with you and your family for many years to come.


  • Must be at least 23

  • All applicants who live in a rental property must provide contact information for their landlord, and have approval from the landlord to have a pet at the residence listed on the adoption application

  • Applicants must allow Worthy Dog Rescue to conduct a home visit to confirm that your home will be a good environment for a new dog

  • All animals in the applicant’s household must be spayed/neutered and up to date on all vaccines before consideration

  • All adults living in the home must meet the dog and be in agreement about adoption

  • Applicants must be willing to keep their new dog and current family pets as indoor pets

  • All adoptive families will provide all medical care and treatment needed for the dog including, but not limited to, yearly medical checkups, vaccines, and preventative heartworm medication

  • Dogs will be adopted only as a personal companion and not as a gift, working animal, or guard dog

  • A fenced yard is ideal for dogs, but is NOT a requirement for adoption unless specified

  • Because young puppies require intensive training and care, we cannot place puppies younger than five months of age in a home where someone is consistently absent from the home for long periods of time

  • In the event an adoption does not work out, applicants must agree to return the dog to Worthy Dog Rescue rather than rehoming the dog themselves

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Worthy Dog Rescue believes that public adoption events are unnecessarily stressful for the dogs and the foster families who care for them, and that our structured, personalized adoption process leads to a more consistently positive outcome for both the dog and the adopter.

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Worthy Dog Rescue is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping dogs in distress, especially those living on chains, in pens, or in neglectful and abusive situations. Our mission is to provide a better life for dogs, while working to address the root problems of animal overpopulation and improve animal welfare. We do this through community outreach and by supporting and educating dog owners in underserved communities, by sponsoring spay and neuter programs, and by rescuing and rehabilitating dogs in need.

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