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Domestic Shorthair
Orange or Red (Mostly)
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From Peaches' current owner -

The background is this: In mid-2019, we adopted two cats. One is wonderful and we have no problems with her. The other has behavioral issues that we're not able to properly manage.

She used to be a scratcher, although I will say that she hasn't scratched anyone in a very long time. Overall, she's a sweet cat. Meows to say hello, that kind of thing. 

But a couple of months ago she bit my daughter. This was not a nip. My daughter needed to go on antibiotics, we had to fill out a report to the state, and the wound bled for 5 days (maybe because it was right beside the nail of her thumb - a difficult place to heal). 

The cat also pees on couches. This does not seem to be a medical problem as she doesn't pee on carpets or anywhere else. She destroyed four of our couches and we disposed of them, and for about three months just had no couches. During that time, she peed fine in the litter box. So it does seem to be a problem specifically of couches that she likes. We replaced one of the couches eventually, hoping that over the months without them, she'd gotten out of the habit, and she immediately started peeing on it again. 

We've restructured our lives around her - we're very careful not to pet her for too long in case she snaps and scratches or bites, and we are again without furniture. We've also gated off sections of our home so that she is only able to go into the kitchen and basement area, where we again have no furniture and so she can't cause any destruction. 

This is very difficult for us and has caused us much anguish, not to mention thousands of dollars. We don't feel we have the capability to care for her properly, and we feel she might do better in a different environment. We've replaced another couch in our main area, and we've gated it so that she can't get into it, but we have two kids and if they leave the gate open and she gets in, she'll again destroy that couch. It's a constant source of stress, not to mention, I am not sure I can trust her not to hurt someone coming to our house - my 5-year-old niece, or my parents, for example. 

This is a difficult decision to make because she really is, in many ways, a sweet cat. But we just don't feel we can manage this any more. 

She is a beautiful cat, with very soft fur. And like I said, for the most part, very sweet. 

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Theresa Clifford
PO Box 950, Trexlertown, PA 18087

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