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We've never tried to adopt a trio of bonded brothers-in-arms, but the cosmos would weep if we ever tried to separate them. In all of our cat rescue history, we’ve never seen 3 cats, not related by birth, have such strong chemistry and become such fast and sincere friends. This is the story of Mojo, Loki, & Sylvester....


Mojo- 11 years old now, was bottled raised as a kitten and is a giant teddy bear who loves to be brushed.  When Loki joind his family as a kitten, he took Loki under his wing and “mothered” him.  Mojo loves kittens.

Loki - 5 years old now, has always looked up to Mojo. They are insperately bonded. Loki is a major lap cat, who requires lots of daily cuddles. Sadly, their adopter lost her home andthe 2 boys came back to ForeverMeow.  


While in foster at ForeverMeow, Sylvester came in as a medical foster case. Sylvester was separated from Mojo & Loki by a screen door in a separate foster room for 3 months.  During that time, they became close friends - through the screen. And then the day that Sylvester was better and able to be let out of the room, Mojo and Loki immediately welcomed him and embraced  him as one of their own.


Sylvester - 1 year old now, thrived with Mojo and Loki.  Previously in a busy home with 

multiple cats he was shy and withdrawn. With Mojo and Loki he has learned to be 

a confident happy young fellow. He loves to sleep in bed with you.


A ready-made cat family!  


Be prepared for 3 affectionate cats to be all over you - on your lap, sleeping with you - if you adopt them.  


They love people and demand lots of love and attention!!!


More information:

When the granddaughter of ForeverMeow’s founders visited recently, she stayed with the boys in their foster space for 1 week.  She was inspired to write the following profile about the boys...



This big fluffy kitty has been a dedicated father for many years, raising multiple kittens and taking others under his paw including his own best pals, Loki and Sylvester. The first thing you will notice about him is his size and the second is how much love he has to give. He is a notorious biscuit maker and even kneads the ground with excitement when you pet him before he can get to a blanket. He loves to flop onto his back and expose his fluffy stomach for scratches. If you pet him long enough, you may get a glimpse of some happy drool. Mojo has been a caring paternal figure for most of his life and is ready to give all his love to whomever wants to care for him. The minute you look at his sweet chubby cheeks, you can't help but smush them. He is a very well-behaved cat but is not shy to put a soft paw on your leg to let you know he wasn’t done being pet. 



The most medium-sized cat of the trio, Loki is a notorious love bug (especially during the night) but still shows a lot of curiosity for the world around him. At first meet, he has a tendency to be cautious and shy but it only takes a number of minutes to gain his trust and be offered the opportunity to pet him a lot. Loki was raised by Mojo from a kitten along with his sister who never had the bond that the two boy cats shared. Loki loves to tunnel under the blankets if you will let him but is perfectly content to cuddle on the top of the covers throughout the night. Anywhere he can get sun exposure is his favorite place to be. Loki loves to roll around in sun spots and let his black fur get warm. Loki loves high places to perch and observe, a result of his natural curiosity. If you enjoy a cat who loves play but loves to cuddle more, you will love Loki. 



Sylvester is the baby of the trio. Being only a year and a half old and a survivor of FIP, Sylvester is the most cuddly kitten you will ever find. He has the most adorable vampire teeth which can sometimes make an appearance if he gets overstimulated with petting. Not to worry, he is just a baby and give him a little space for a minute to relax and he is completely fine. This baby will cuddle with you as close as he can possibly get. He loves to curl up in a tight ball in your arms while you watch tv and roll his head around in the nook of your elbow. He was not raised by Mojo or Loki but the two have taken him into the family during his treatment for FIP. It is heartwarming to watch the three interact. Mojo and Loki clearly have so much love and patience for their goofy brother. Sylvester is incredibly shy at first but once he feels comfortable there is no going back. In fact, he is a master of hide and seek so before you think you have lost him open every cabinet. This kitten is ready to spend his life loving his owner and playing with his brothers. 


You will probably never meet a group of cats who love each other and have such distinct personalities. They aren’t cliquey- they have such an open heart for human friends and are waiting for the right owner to add to the family. Being with these sweet cats feels like a community. If you feel out of place, these cats have a place for you. To watch these three navigate life and challenges together is so special which is why they cannot be apart. Whoever ends up with these sweet cats is preparing themselves for a life full of love and excitement. 


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All adoptions include: spay/neuter, FVRCP vaccination (core feline vaccine), rabies vaccination (if old enough), FIV/FeLV test, deworming, microchipping, an initial free veterinary examination at a specified veterinary practice, and lifelong cat behavioral support from a Humane Society of the United States certified cat behavior counselor. To help recover our cost, we suggest an adoption  donation of:

- Kittens  1 year                     $89

- Adult    1 year - 10 years       $75

- Senior 10 years+                    $0

REQUIREMENTS: Unless specifically indicated, INDOOR pets only and NO declawing - all of our cats and kittens use a variety of scratching posts and other scratching devices.

Please note, we often get multiple applications for the same cat or kitten. Unless there are over-riding constraints or requirements, e.g., one of a bonded pair, we always give priority to the order in which we receive a completed application.

ForeverMeow is a 501(c)(3) non-profit cat rescue, registered with the California State Attorney General. ForeverMeow is a certified adoption partner of: Riverside County Department of Animal Services, Palm Springs Animal Shelter, Petco Foundation, and PetSmart Charities, and a Best Friends Network Partner.    

Nearly all of our cats & kittens are rescued from Coachella Valley shelters, or to avoid them from entering the shelter, and since 2013, we have rescued over 1,200 cats and kittens.


July 9, 2024, 1:29 pm

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