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My name is Talking, loving bird: JoJo!

I'm being cared for by
Nature's Gifts Kitten Rescue

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Small blue checkmark Good with kids
Small red x Not good with birds

My story

My name is JoJo, also called Joey. Since I have two names, I made up the name "Joey-Jo" to combine both of them. You can see that I'm a pretty smart girl to have created my own nickname.

This is NOT a regular adoption. If this ad brings in an appropriate person or family, you MAY get me in the future. If no one applies who is perfect, my mother and I will look elsewhere. I'm going to be VERY, VERY picky when choosing my next home. I am just trying to find someone who may want to inherit a wonderful companion when my mommy can no longer care for me.

Of course, in reality, I do more care-giving for her than she has to do for me. I always make my mommy laugh, and I tell her how much I love her (especially when I want a treat of fresh fruit). Sometimes I sing a song when I see that she has especially good fruit, like berries. I ask and answer questions, and I get louder if you don't answer a question when I ask it. But I never scream. I sleep in mom's bedroom, but I have never wakened her. I only start talking when she is wide awake and getting dressed. Like I said, I'm a pretty smart girl.

If you are interested adopting a funny, friendly, loving, intelligent, talky companion some time in the future, I would like to get to know you to be sure that you will provide the kind of home I deserve. I do not intend to move until something happens to my mother. But I need a back-up home in case a medical emergency makes me homeless.

Since I have been raised as an only bird, I don't think I would enjoy being in an aviary situation. I want to continue being part of a family, like I have been all of my life.

By the way, I am a very pretty girl of a very well-known species, not an "Other/Unknown", but mom said I am not allowed to reveal my species until we do some screening. She wants me to have a family who wants me for my personality, not just because I'm a member of a particular species.

Because I am such a good talker, Mom does not allow me to use a phone because I might use up all her minutes. So I can only screen via email. She's pretty busy sometimes and does not let me have the computer every day. It could take me a week to respond. If you might consider being my next family, please tell me:

1. Your family situation, including home, animals, kids, working/school hours.

2. Why do you want me and what do you consider to be the most important characteristic of a companion bird?

3. Describe what I would do during a typical week in your home.

4. Discuss all current and previous companion animals of the past 10 years.

You can email me at:

Nature's Gifts Kitten Rescue

Contact info
Pet ID
Dara Tarolli
Near Sawmill Road & I 270, Please call for directions, Columbus, OH 43235

Their adoption process

Additional adoption info

Potential adoptive parents are carefully screened! We need to check vet references.

Please email, including your phone number, or call. Include ages and descriptions of everyone in the household, including both 2- and 4-legged children. We also need to know who would care for the baby if you are no longer able to keep it. I try to return emails and calls immediately, if possible. If I have missed contacting you, please call or email again.

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We do our best to make appointments for you to see the kittens at your convenience.

Email for more information, including your phone number, or telephone. Please include ages and descriptions of everyone in the household, including both 2- and 4-legged people. It is also important to know who would care for the baby if you cannot keep it.

More about this rescue

When you see the tremendous need for the care of stray and abandoned animals, you have to do what you can do to help.

Nature's Gifts is a rescue (kittens live in a home as companions), not a shelter (often rows of caged cats). The babies get lots of attention and love as the feline children of the family. Hand-fed babies tend to be more affectionate to humans because their true mother is a 2-legged human.

Our latest orphan baby, Tina, needs help. We are asking people to donate a dollar or two for precious Tina's medical bills. Click here to view Tina's information.

Kittens are trained to come when called and to avoid running outside when a door is opened. They also start to receive training to stay off kitchen counters and other pieces of furniture.

We are an Ohio non-profit corporation registered with the Secretary of State and approved by the IRS as a 501(c)3 charity. We have been on adoptapet for seven years.

Statistics for our rescue are available on

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